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  2. Forgot about sterilised milk people used to have when I was a kid in the 1960's, I'm presuming UHT has taken over from it as I haven't seen any for decades. Mam hated it but Dad & myself didn't mind it. IIRC it didn't go sour so quick as fresh without refrigeration. Remember the floating white cream on fresh milk before we had a fridge...
  3. That's it, we're in the playoffs. Let's hope we remain there, or even better. Come on Cloughie, give em a shout ! Were's Direby btw ?
  4. No we don't... I'm not saying anymore. (For now )
  5. I hope there's more to 'religion' than whether the old pews are still in the church building! 'The church' is actually the people - the body of Christians, with Jesus Christ as their head... I think older church buildings are often interesting places where one can admire the architecture etc but they are NOT the actual church... that is a much deeper thing. We don't have most of the pews in our building anymore and it gives us much more freedom to use the building for other groups and activities for the village well as for worship services on a Sunday. Lovely.....
  6. Chris, if you do a search on this site for ‘Royal Ordnance Factory - Nottingham’ you’ll have lots to read.
  7. Chris, I remember my Dad going to Hillsborough and /or Villa Park with Alan White to (obviously) watch a game but don’t think I ever met him. A Nottstalgian who hasn’t posted for a long time, BeestonMick I think, was at ROF and probably about your age. He posted a football team photo I think. Try searching the ROF threads .....
  8. I don't recognize the name, was he an apprentice at that time ?
  9. Sorry to see that the pews have gone. It looks like a theatre. Our village church has had a bar type counter installed for post service refreshments and now it looks like a fish and chip shop. If that's modern religion God help us!
  10. Despite living in Nottingham most of my life, I'd never been in St Mary's until last week so I had no idea what it was like inside. And turning 180 degrees...
  11. Union of Democratic Mineworkers v National Union of Mineworkers 3pm City Ground Nottingham. Good luck to Notts down the smoke.
  12. My brother in law worked there at that time: Roger Warne.
  13. There's a very big, old thread on that subject which mentions dozens of pubs.
  14. radfordred

    Brian Clough

    Was going to start another, another, another, another new Brian Clough tread, but I think we have enough "When you get to a certain age, there is no coming back" Brian Clough R.I.P. X
  15. Welcome to Nottstalgia Chris. My Dad Geoff Moss worked there at that time. He also played in the football team but it would have been before your time. He was friends with Alan White, wasn’t he Lord Mayor at some point, or at least something to do with the City Council.
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