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  2. It's a grainy, early colour photo and, looking again, she seems to be wearing an orange top under what looks like a school blazer so perhaps she just put the blazer over civvies. The blazer looks navyish with a sort of oval badge on the breast pocket which looks lighter blue and white.
  3. I remember at least one in the old central marker that bought and sold trade ins. Got a few bargains there. I wasn't into hi-fi in those days so put up with a few pops and crackles.
  4. Mid blue and white stripes. Navy cardigan. I'm pretty sure it was not checks, I made a striped dirndl (sp ?) skirt in needlework and a sleeveless white blouse and was allowed that for my uniform. Can't think who had blue check, Guilford and Players were green check. Blenheim was red check, as was Manning. I think Forest Felds was blue check? That about covers local schools and 11+ schools.
  5. In all the years I was buying LPs (and I had 100s), I've just realised for the first time that I never looked to see if there were any record stalls on Vic Centre market. I remember at least a couple on the old Central Market.
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  7. Just to add that Donald and Hilda Pollard with their two daughters, Su and Jean, lived at the first house on Prospect Terrace. On the left as you walked up were 5 or 6 Victorian villas. Nice houses. Small gardens at the front and a yard at the rear. My contemporary at Berridge, Lorraine Seymour, lived with her family towards the other end of the row. These properties were demolished in the mid 70s. A shame because they were solidly built, decent houses. Some years later, an unremarkable brick box was constructed around the site of the middle of the row. Wish they'd left well a!one.
  8. Katyjay, what was the summer uniform for gjrls? I recently saw a photo of my cousin, Cynthia, who was born in 1946 or 7. She lived on Paignton Close. Not sure whether she went to Crane. She seems to be wearing a blue blazer with a badge and a blue and white check skirt or dress.
  9. There was a record stall in the Vic market, think it was called Pendulum.
  10. Welcome Ajay, did you go to Crane? If so, where did you live? I went many moons ago, before becoming mixed. Lived on Amesbury Circus.
  11. I'd seen the Mapping but hadn't realised it can be dragged out to the Nottinghamshire County boundaries. Click spanner on top left for enlarge. Click and drag on box within the map bottom right to jump to and area. Map takes time to load depending on your device and connection.
  12. Haven't noticed any undue commuter parking up there. As an aside, there is some nice mapping on that site referenced by Stuart's post if you click on Public Consultation.
  13. I had a vague memory at the back of my mind about the subject of Friesland in Radford. And there was indeed a thread on that topic.
  14. Are you taller now? I note you specialise in generalisations. Personally, I no longer have faith in cynicism. We men of principle need to stay true...
  15. Just to say I know nothing whatsoever about football, even in Bobber's Mill.. though my Grandfather and great Grandfather occupied the Railway House at Bobber's Mill Crossing for years around the time you are researching. Welcome to the madhouse and good luck with your research!
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  17. CT's suggestion seems to add up. Notts Olympic's ground was on Churchville fields, (that area also known as Friesland of course). I don't know how that area lies but Notts Olympic also played at the Gregory Ground, Radford Marsh when Churchville fields were water-logged, according to 'Lost Teams of the Midlands' Mike Bradbury. You've probably already seen that though soccerdata. 'Fields' might suggest a bigger area than plot 1088 though. The area on south side of Churchville/Outgang Lane looks quite large?
  18. I read some ballet dancer said it's good to have a good stretch now and then; took their advice.
  19. As you all know.. I've never been one for complaining but..... As soon as I got out of bed this morning I was barely able to walk. Something causing pain in my left leg. No idea what, or whether I've injured it, but I don't recall doing so. Wondered about more serious stuff for a bit but it is only painful when I stand or walk so, probs just a sprain or summat. Whatever, I still had to go out and cover my Runner Beans with fleece for the third time as the wind increases. Rained on and off all day. Managed a bit more decorating until a migraine set in. I tend to just get the 'aura', a slight headache and a washed out feeling so nothing like as bad as many folk. Still.. enough for me to call it a day. See how tomorrow goes.
  20. Considering Nottingham had been hit with cholera, I am amazed people were allowed to build new houses without decent sanitation. In some cases, three or four houses would share the same waste soil depositories. ( waste soil was how they spoke of it in those times.) Within five years of being built two houses on Curzon Street were found to be a health risk. In those days they must have had serious issues to be highlighted in this way. Yet still they continued building houses in the same manner. Sorry, going off topic.
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