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  2. Hi Joanne, I saw you about 6 weeks ago at the Embankment club near Trent Bridge. Very impressed, hope to see you again when this is all over.
  3. Perhaps it’s a very regional thing, they live in Haltwhistle but don’t know where she works. Fingers crossed for you MD, very frustrating for you Im sure.
  4. LizzieM - I'm trying to get back and cant get tested. Its not media hype at all.
  5. There is no need to be outside to take exercise. Climbing stairs or just walking round the garden will do it, it will also make you give up the will to live! Allowing people out is, like the clapping, the singing and the rainbows a clever construct to help with morale. They create a sense of involvement, an idea that we are all in this and gives an impression of togetherness, unity and purpose. Going out for exercise does in some small measure make life seem like it is carrying on as near normal given the circumstances.
  6. Hi, I just rediscovered this message. Since this meeting I set up a facebook page My husband and I have 20,000 followers and lots of videos in there. Please take a look and listen. I hope you are staying safe during these uncertain times :)
  7. @Tuller Thank you for the link. I just remember his making us all laugh in class. What a remarkable career he had...... I've put the link on the Carlton le Willows Facebook group and people are already responding. ........ but it's made me feel sad....
  8. Well done Mrs Red. Keep up the good work. Best wishes xx
  9. Ok, firstly, i am hoping that everyone is staying in good health and abiding the guidelines. Now for the crux, just been watching the UK info about what what you should do, so the nhs, i know are doing a fantastic job, say in their advert, or imply, that going out for exercise is a necessity!! Why is it?. If someone can answer that for me, then i would be grateful. Can't people exercise at home?. Any reply would be welcome!!
  10. If he's a kid it's odds on he has a social media account...
  11. Got the big guns ready for tonight, that should get the curtain twitches out.
  12. How true is this ‘lack of testing for NHS staff’? I was talking to a friend in the North East today whose wife is a nurse. He says she’s being tested every few days and suggests it’s all media hype.
  13. How do you know he's a child? He might be older than you! Don't be fooled by the writing.
  14. Hello MargieH and thankyou for the welcome.Have been trying to send a link re Beverley .trying again now ..fingers crossed
  15. Mrs Red been delivering the meals for the vulnerable, made by the Army & processed by volunteers at Harvey Hadden.
  16. Well done Rob.L. I am still waiting to hear, does seem to be taking a long time.
  17. I feel I'm living something of a charmed life at the moment. My little household unit is obeying the government' restrictions and life (for us at least) carries on as normal. There are no reported cases of the virus in Grasse or its environs (including le BsL). The weather is amazingly nice and it's even possible to take a dip in the pool. I do hope it will remain like this. My sympathies go out to everyone suffering from this horror, even if not directly. Especially Italy - we're only a few Km from the Italian border which is very worrying.
  18. There is 358 house our street, then again he could have been just passing, I'm looking for a kid on a skateboard. Come on Rory
  19. Hope you find Rory RR. I bet that lad will remember the kindness for the rest of his life. Got my fingers crossed here.
  20. Hello Waddo and thanks for the welcome though have to say my link to Mapperley fairly tenuous, that being a walk to and from church (x4 on Sunday) plus the annual school cross country, knee deep in mud, around Woodthorpe Park.
  21. I've got to find Rory, my lad said give him his beloved all steal BMX bike, can't see him doing 360s bunny hops & footjams in his suit anymore?
  22. Best breakfast wine? Judging by my last trip to Glasgow, it has to be Buckfast.
  23. So that’ll be one box of dog biscuits, two tins of Chappie, and a squeaky ball?
  24. I saw Cathy come home on tv when it first came out. Mid 60s. It scared me at the time as we'd just bought our first house with a big (to us) mortgage. It shook me how quickly they went from relative comfort to a real mess. Made me appreciate my job more. I think it shook a lot of folks at the time.
  25. I'll send the dog round with our shopping list Rob x
  26. I know I usually throw in a joke to lighten things and today is no different. I have been self-islolating and would like to know if anyone knows of a good breakfast wine? * But there are some serious frustrations. I am a retired nurse and have volunteered to join the COVID register to return to work. Nothing seems to be happening. I am relatively symptom free but would like to get tested and find work immediately. From what I can tell it is a communications issue in that when you reapply they pass your details on to local hospitals (who are crying out for staff) but this is not working. I have called repeatedly but to no avail. Not even to say how long you have been symptom free. Or a repeat test. Nothing. Get me into the front line. *Asking for a friend
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