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  2. Sorry Dave but teddy boys came a while before Mods & Rockers. Tebby Boys came in with "Rock n' Roll" with a brillcream DA and long sideburns Jackets that came down to top of the knees, with velvet collar, and drainpipe trouses, shoes winkle Pickers so long I'm sure that their feet did not go to the end of the shoe or brothel creepers, year approx 50s. Mods and Rockers were later 70s Mods had very short hair, baggey trouses, and braces to hold up there trouses plus they all drove scooters. Rockers used to wear leather Jackets and leather trouses big boots and they were o
  3. CT I replied on how’s my day because I couldn’t get back in to answer you. Barrie I used to go around 1963 , used to go Sundays and Thursday evenings on a 2 hr ride so we’d have missed each other.
  4. Just watching Dianna Loss, oh dear.
  5. CT I can’t get back onto the topic you put Google maps on but I looked Trowell rd up and it must be right as from 14 to where the “ Paddocks” stable was is about the right distance. It was opposite Glaisdale now that I’ve seen it. No doubt the road was named after the stables( Wollaton Paddocks) They had been there for years. Thanks you solved a mystery.
  6. Thankyou Ian it was a ceremony for all 80 yr olds whose birthday is/ was this year. I have to wait til November.
  7. Thanks all the same for the information Dave even though it didnt go anywhere but it was appreciated.
  8. Clint bestwood err i mean eastwood for me in them spaghetti westerns , but never ever did see any spag bol !
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  10. Remember a guy knocked on my door once , trying to change my Gas supplier , he looked a dodgy character, i said i am not interested mate , in reply he said ," well can i come in for a cup of water " I said no you ruddy well can't, He said " you wont give me a cup of water " I said look mate if its water you want , what you doing selling gas ? You'd be better off selling water , that way you'd have your own company bottle !!
  11. I had a bedsit in west bridgeford once that was like a fridge , in the winter it was sooo cold , every time i open the blummin door the light would come on brrrrr !
  12. Remember the craze in st anns well , there were groups of lads running around , and one come up to me and said are you a mod or rocker ? I said nah mister i am a mocker , i was only a nipper back then , imagine teddy boys beating up 8 years old ragamuffins such as i , tough as toffee the lot of em !!
  13. I stayed up too to watch and thought the last hour or so of Macca was stunning . Glad I did as can't see any of the footage on BBC iplayer yet. I wish now I'd recorded it ! As Lizzie says , the band were note perfect , how they can play a 3 hour concert without producing a "bum" note amazes me . The keyboard player in the background gets little mention but he's spot on with the various effects and especially love the Hammond organ type sound on "Let Me Roll It". Some criticised McCartney's voice but for an 80 year old to belt out nearly 3 hours of songs was incredible and we shoul
  14. Well i am cheered right up now folks !
  15. Congratulations nonna beautiful pictures. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
  16. Yes, and also the stage version which I thought was even more emotional
  17. @MargieH have you seen the film warhorse ?
  18. What ever is going off tomorrow DJ hope everything goes off well we are all pulling for you take care and a speedy recovery CHEERS.
  19. Did a double take then , Marcus rashford , for a moment no22 Radfordred !!
  20. I used to like seeing Kate bush album covers , poor lass always looked like she'd been dragged thru an hedge backwards !!
  21. @radfordred i reckon the council are taking the Pi$$ !!!
  22. Yeah remember those , also it sounds abit risqué to say you've sucked a fishermans friend doesn't it ???
  23. Good luck COL, hope all goes well for you lad !
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