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  2. Very diplomatic Brew! I've just ordered a couple of metres of 'antique gold' 3 core 'retro' flex and a matching torpedo switch. The flex is modern plastic insulated stuff, with a fabric covering. I'll post a pic of the restored lamp when done.
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  4. Old men selling newspapers on the street just had the worst 2 days of my life for some reason i could not reply to the threads every thing is ok now.
  5. Yes, letsavagoo. All that frontage, right-hand of the ramp, was originally Moons garage/car showroom and extended the whole length of the building. When Moons closed, the first section (right-hand between the pillars where you can see the door in the middle) was bricked in. The rest was still open and it became the Shakespeare St Service petrol station and car wash. When they closed, sometime '80s onwards I believe, the other two sections were bricked in and the blue shutters installed. Just to the right of the ramp, the other side of the wall was the petrol station office/kiosk where the petrol pump attendant was. As CT said, everytime a traffic car used the ramp it used to make a right racket, but if you were in that office, it used to shake the shelves too.
  6. Yes Bob came from Scotland a small fishing village he went on to leave hooleys and ran a pub in basford I believe he had a new house somewhere on the new estate near Apollo drive Bulwell there we fitted a 1500 got engine in a red cortina gt
  7. A1 Factors was on either the corner of Mozart Street Or Warner Street , went in there years ago with my dad
  8. This is really interesting and I'm curious to know where the shop on Radford Boulevard was! Was it the one on the corner of Landseer Street? On Google Street View it is shown as being called Boulevard Gift Ship with (electrical contractor) above the door. Was this Doug's shop?!
  9. There was large ground floor parking with access via Peachy Street and the fuel pump was in the back yard. I never knew it before it was bricked up at the front. In fact, until I read the relevant post I thought it had always been closed off at the front.
  10. I knew Bob Darling. All the family went back to Edinburgh eventually
  11. Col, What you describe is a class 1 appliance and needs to be earthed so must have a 3 core flex or cable. The fuse is to protect the cable not the load and 0.75mm cable will carry around 6 amps ** so 3 amps will be fine. ** Cable calcs take many factors into consideration but for a simple table lamp we can safely assume 0.75mm will be fine. Note I don't advise you to go ahead but neither do I discourage you. You're a sensible chap so I leave it up to you.
  12. I think that your probably right CF, it rang a bell somewhere, just couldn't make the connection and that seems like the best I'll get.
  13. No problem here but I do connect through a proxy server. Could that be the reason for better service?
  14. Brittons had a yard ? on Union Road. Green Bedford TK wagon, petrol engine. "For Brittons sake eat more fruit" I think the phrase was.
  15. I lived next door to the Howarth family. Tony worked at Howitts printers & Iris worked at the Sunblest bakery on Hucknall Road.
  16. Might ring a bell cos' it's the name of a film actor as well.
  17. Margie, I'm using a tablet, but there's no sign of any star that I can see. Not that it matters, like I said, I don't sign out anyway. Cheers. B.
  18. Ooooh, I went out with Tony Britton for a little while, then I was rescued by the man I married .... otherwise I might have spent my lifetime selling spuds. Tony was a nice lad though, he passed away a couple of years ago, I think he was living Mansfield way.
  19. Hello everyone! What a relief, I was beginning to get withdrawal symptoms. Hopefully normal service has been resumed
  20. I understand that the V shaped cut will only delay the inevitable Col. The surgeon said it would mean he won’t need a knee replacement for 15 years.
  21. me too. Thought the international hackers had paid us a visit. Amazing how alarmed you get when you can't find NS - like waking up to no BBC
  22. Only just been able to get back on since Sunday, nice to be back missed you all.
  23. @Beekay re bookmarks.... when I'm on a site /page that I want to return to, I click/touch the star at the top of the page. When I then open Google later, it will appear in a little square under the search space if it's something I'm often returning to... OR if I click/touch the star at the top of the Google page it will appear there - the star creates bookmarks!! At least that's how it works on my iPad...
  24. Tony Britton rings a bell but can't for the life of me think why, perhaps a bit more detail would waken the brain cells!!
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