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  1. Echo the sentiments regarding Broad Marsh, it's simply terrible, an ugly carbuncle and an embarrassment to the City of Nottingham. It's interesting to note the urge to create new retail premises in the city centre when it's clear that few areas appear to be doing well, for a number of reasons. Take a look around at our once fair city which is apparently, somewhat amazingly, in the top few cities in the UK we are told. Broad Marsh - poundshop city. Hockley - a lovely and characterful area that the council are doing their best to empty of trade with their road systems and parking fees.. West
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  2. For anybody whos interested i found this video of Mablethorpe Station on Youtube:
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  3. No bu99er ter blame then Michael.....................it really sounds like the gods were looking over you both that fateful night, & sending cupid to sort it!!
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