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  1. Hi All Sorry to drag up an old post but I have just fount this very interesting blog about the Leen & surrounding areas , sorry if others are already in the know , but I thought it would be nice to share this with other people http://internetcurtains.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/river-leen-greenway-bulwell-basford-car.html
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  2. I don't think you will beat Derby Road area for a selection of decent pubs. Lot of pubs right in the centre of town of course and ,abe quite a bit busier, but not as nice as the pubs on Derby Road. Another traditional pub crawl in Nottingham Is Mansfield Road: The Forest Tavern (The Maze) - music pub The Loft - bit deserted Fade/Hard to Find Cafe -nice bar The Lincolnshire Poacher - one of Nott's best pubs - real ale plae, same small local chain as Vat & Fiddle The Nags Head - Average boozer with big screen The Golden Fleece - decent pub with free music The Peacock - unexeptional b
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  3. OK , in this picture is Tescos as it is now. The purple (ish) line shows where (From memory) The Twitchell ran, the beige line is the old course of Foxhill Road.
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  4. Hi snakeyb I'm rarely to be seen anywhere near Nottingham at New Years but I can tell you a little about the pubs around Derby Road that you mention as I use those at other times of the year. The Hand and Heart, Derby Road is in my view one of the very best pubs in Nottingham. Partly fashioned out of caves it has a mixed clientèle, good service and nice surroundings. Drinks a little bit on the pricey side (for Nottingham). A must visit if you're up that way I'd say. Hawksleys, Derby Road is practically next door to the above and is a bit of an acquired taste. Sports bar upstairs with a big
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