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    Lizzie Alan's memories of Connie! My memories of Connie Alvey go back to when I started at EY in 1949. She was Manageress of the Canteen and had about three other women working under her. The Works Canteen in those days was in what later became an engineering workshop at the side of the covered yard, opposite where the directors cars were parked. When I returned from RAF service in 1955, a new canteen had been built on the site of the old tennis courts to the left of the building as you look from Castle Boulevard. The directors and senior management still had their own room where they were served by canteen staff, i.e Miss Alvey if memory serves correctly. In appearance she was quite austere and bore a strong resemblance to the actress and friend of Noel Coward, Joyce Carey (Google search for info). The new kitchen in the canteen was open so we could see food being prepared and dished up to customers and my abiding memory is of Connie walking around the kitchen supervising the staff with a cigarette hanging from her mouth. THIS WAS WHERE FOOD WAS BEING PREPARED! At that time this activity was perfectly acceptable as just about everybody smoked One of her assistants, Hilda Pashley, whose mother also worked in the canteen, smoked while dishing out the chips! Happy days!
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    Never missed a Goose Fair once while living in Nottingham, in my younger days after the fair we would go on the little park before starting that long walk back up to Mansfield Road. I have visions of picking up nuts on that walk ,"were there nut trees or have i imagined them?". The Church opposite has some nice memories for me ,i was bridesmaid twice there in the 1950s, then down to Vicarage street so mam could have a cuppa at nannars. Can anyone remember a little shop right in the middle of where Huntingdon Street met Mansfield Road, we used to call in, and i have Jellied eels stuck in my mind, so not sure if they sold them in little containers. And just down Alfred St North before you get to The Mechanics Arms there must have been a blacksmiths or some thing similar and that is where my Granddad worked, Frederick Johnson in the 1950s, any one know him.
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    Been a lousy year for the veg garden here. Just too wet, Tomatoes rotted on the vine before they got ripe, same with Green Peppers. Each potato plant produced one spud, if you were lucky. We were in a drought last year so we were glad of the rain initially but it has hardly stopped for more than a day at a time. Reminds me of summers in Nottingham when I was a kid.
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    AYUP Compo! I have just remembered. I know this sounds a bit like sacrilege but it's an old trick me dad taught me. Get some beer and half fill some empty margarine tubs or suchlike and put them in the garden so that the top is flush with the soil. Try to put a bit of a cover over them because of the rain, but allowing the slugs to get in. The slugs are like us. They love a good booze-up. Trouble is they drown in the stuff. So p-----d they can't climb out. Another trick is to put grit around the tater plants. In the old days of coal fires me mam used to put ashes around them. Slugs can't move along that kind of surface.
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    More than a few pictures of the place at various stages of its life http://www.derelictp...ottingham&sa=Go
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    I don't remember it but if a room in our house was untidy my Mum would say "It's like Jackie Pownall's in 'ere"!
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    Absolutely disgusting.....33 kids in one class...what chance have they got???....Here's my class in the fifties. 46 of us...all as thick as pig muck...we didn't know what 6x8s was or 7x7s without a calculator.We didn't know who Oliver Cromwell was or Nelson or Churchill. And none of us could spell...or punctuate a sentence...or knew how to write a letter....or knew where milk and cheese came from. Thank God for small classes and fantastic teachers like they have now.They all know where the local mosque is now and the phone number for Real Lawyers if they have an accident at school.And of course if one of the teachers tries to tell them how to behave...they can tell 'em to F*** off and claim compensation for stress. Rule Soddin' Brittannia. especially if you're on the take like royalty...aint that right Fergie me old tart.
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