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    Just seen this http://www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/article/22225/Visiting-Nottingham-Castle And thought of you!! (Shame it's not next weekend!)
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    I always though that they were supposed to fight like cat and dog. How wrong a person can be
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    Hope you enjoy them as much as us, it took me nearly two hours to make them and five minutes to eat them. mmmm Lovely. Worth every minute.
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    Just had a massive thunderstorm directly overhead. I went out to get a picture of the Rainbow that was forming , it took me that little bit longer as I had to change lens. Bugger missed it !!
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    Forest fires are a natural feature in Oz and have always happened, either caused by man or by dry lightning strikes..I recall country fire departments dreaded lightning storms during summer, so climate change my arse... Same here stateside, but fires here have got more intense since the tree huggers got controlled burns out of fire season banned. It's ironic that tree huggers use wild life as an excuse and politicians buy the crap, most wild life in small controlled burns escape any danger, but in an out of control intense fire, lots of wild life die and cannot escape the fast moving flames.
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    I still maintain that late night alcohol is responsible for a large number of those cases. Come home from the pub, browse the net, find something about Nottingham, sign up, ...........and then wake up next day and forget you ever did it.
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    Well,I've lived here since 1968 and it's happened on a regular basis. Climate change my arse. Baz
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    "Worth every minute". Every minute of preparation or every minute of scoffing.
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    Melton, you don't need to bother with the old computer, all you need is the hard drive, I've recovered data from one of my wifes old computers that got drowned in a flood a few years back, some data was lost, bu I recovered all the important files she thought she'd lost. The computer was dead, CPU screwed, Motherboard was corroded....I removed the hard drive and piggy backed it to another computers hard drive...Didn't work at first, but eventually came to life and I accessed the files, they were copied to CD's and her hard drive... If the hard drive has bearing failures, there are companies who specialize in recovering the "platters" and copying the data for you. Most are reasonable in charges..
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    There's more! Plantagenet Street. Ford Street St. Mary crossed around about the white building. And Plantagenet Street from the other (Lamartine Street) end. Hope they've been of interest. If anyone else wants current photos of old locations I'll try to oblige (if they're not too far away).
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    I am glad you raised this. One problem we WILL have, and I hope its a long time in the future, is we will lose remotely hosted images and information. If you would like to give us access to your photobucket account, we can keep it going. Otherwise, posts made without a valid image, in years to come, may end up in the Trash Can! In respect of comments made in this thread, could you imagine, finding a forum on the internet with conversations by our Grandparents. Complete with their Flickr, photobucket, Youtube, etc content.
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    Sorry but cannot agree, just before we emigrated 25 years ago there was the devastating Dandenong range bushfires, East of Melbourne, cannot remember the name, black Friday or Monday or similar. There has been bushfires for eons in oz, as said the Abbo's have been using fire for years and years, its the greenies and bad fire management prevention, thats the problem. We are currently on the NSW/VIC border near the Murray river, earlier this year a tornado went through and wiped out a swarth of forest bordering the river for around 75 klm's, today I noticed the fall trees are still lying on the ground - why ? the greenies have a policy that all trees that are storm felled must be left where they fall, whether into the river or around it, why ? to protect the wildlife ! For a start its a fire disaster waiting to happen, secondly its a total waste of hardwood timber that could be utilized, but no, the termites are eating it ! rediculous! I'm talking old growth hardwood forest here not new plantation timber.
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    Same problem down here in Victoria, bazza (#2). The burn-offs are either restricted or the smokies are too frightened to do preventative burn-offs due to a few getting out of control and leaving the State with massive compensation claims. Labour over rode the State Government and kicked out the Alpine cattle men because they did not listen to their claims that the summer cattle grazing kept the fire risk down. The Dandenong Ranges is well overdue to go up in flames and is just a time bomb waiting to happen....and if it does, the smokies are not going in due to the danger of being trapped by fallen trees that the idiots in power will not let be cut down. You cannot cut trees down on your own land unless it is a danger and then, you must plant 10 more. Roadside vegetation is waist deep, trees overhang roads but we cannot remove anything because it is the home to a speckled red tit or similar. Peoples lives are being put at risk because of bloody wildlife! At least the Abos did one thing right early in the piece....they burnt the countryside on a regular basis in the name of blackfella fire control. Later, our pioneers burnt small areas here and there on a regular basis to prevent fires in summer. Two hundred years down the track and our bureaucrats sit on their fat backsides, watch homes, livelihoods and people burn and then say.....we will form a committee to look at ways to prevent this from happening again. The Committee comes back in six months and advises this and that must be done....bureaucrats say that will cost money and everything is forgotten until the next community/house/person is incinerated and guess what the bureaucrats say with much breast beating.....we will form a committee to look at ways to prevent this from happening again. All the time, the advice of the people on the ground who have lived in the area for all their lives and are experienced in these matters are ignored. And how do I know this? I was involved with State Emergency and relevant Disaster Planning at many episodes over the years and know about the idiots who regard mere public servants of whatever rank as morons who have no idea how to run things or are incapable of proposing methods to prevent future disasters from happening.
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    I can still do it too
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