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    Well you guys are going to think me a little crazy or ecentric but today I drove 180klm (108 miles) round trip to buy some English style pork pies, 2kg of Cumberland sausage and two rather nice slices of dry cured gammon ! We heard on the travellers grapevine here of a couple of expats from Stockport who have set up in business in partnership with a local pig farmer, producing these products to satisfy a demand of ex pats living here who still yearn for he real thing and not some aussie inferior copy. They have a small farm shop and supply to local farmers markets currently, but their business is booming and one of the owners told us he thinks they have created a monster ! He looked physically worn out ! We had a great day trip out and bought the said wares and sampled a pork pie to die for for lunch, and had some sausages for tea, the rest are in the freezer. We were not dissapointed ! Has anyone else done something similar for a food fancy ?
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    Fast becoming a knackered old git, I remember snow and freezing temperatures a few years after WWII, temperatures which today make folk shiver with cold and shock. Who amongst us remembers scraping ice of the inside of their bedroom windows?
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    Just finished looking at a bunch of pictures of the storm surge damage around the UK. Hope all our members are safe. Take care ya'll.
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    Maplins are selling a converter on half price offer £25 from £50 untill christmas.(A06JR)
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    Sorry about the delay in responding to the above. I lived in Mosta about two hundred yards down from the "whisper" nightclub and very close to Graces Bar. My haunt was Johnnie's Bar opposite the entrance to the Dome. Lived there from 72-74. Just round the back was the place where lots of penny settlers from U.K had settled. Sir Stanley Matthews wasn't all that far away and neither was Claire Bloom. There was a very troubled soul also lived close to Johnnies Bar. He would occasionally call in for a drink when lots of my mates were in for a drink of an evening. He would buy a round and sit quietly. After the fourth or fifth bottle of cisk or Hopleaf he would begin gently insulting the men. If he didfnt get the right reaction he would start in on the ladies. He would keep on and on until eventually some one punched him. That was what he wanted and off he would go until the pressure built up again and "in he came, bought a round and sat quietly until..." Strange people.
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    I thought I was mad driving 40 odd miles to Lincoln for Fish & Chips !
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    You can get them transferred to dvd on ebay for a few quid. Especially if you tell the seller that they are Blue (peter) movies.
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    Once went out with the Labour party speaker van late at night asking people to vote Conservative
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