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    Just pack a rucksack with a days food and drink, and get on the first piece of public transport that you want, and go to where you want, Because where ever you go in Nottinghamshire you will find great things to photograph.
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    This is a fascinating thread. Thank you for all your efforts Engineer.
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    Anyway i only went for classy birds,you know,them that bought their own chips
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    And riding about on those mobility scooters
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    Competition isn't necessarily better than the main operator. it's just over a year ago that Premiere buses went into administration. They had a number of services running as an alternative to NCT in various areas. To me, their buses/coaches were a ragbag collection of what seemed to be anything they could pick up at vehicle auctions; most of it looked old, scruffy and rough. Premiere didn't bother to repaint them into any kind of corporate colour, so there was no consistent branding or logo. They operated in random colours, and often the only identifying mark was a hand-written piece of paper in the front window giving information on the route and operator. Seemed like a bunch of cheap, amateur cowboys.
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    Let's hope the weather stays reasonable this year for them. It was so distressing to watch last year when the parents were covered in snow trying to keep the babies warm.
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    It'll all come out in the wash. Or maybe the Humber. Sorry.
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    "Next time you stroll in front of a car with your hands in your pockets...be warned...It may be my brother.He hates Jaywalkers!"
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    There can be all sorts of theories but I think there are people over in those parts who know more than they are letting on. Time will tell.
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    Newstead abbey has some fantastic views
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    And marked 'The Co-opus Co-opus Internment Co.'
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    I believe my school walk was around 3/4 of a mile, rain, snow, fog sun.... Gas street lights and the feller who came weekly on his pushbike with a short ladder to clean the lights, wind the time switch up, set the on and off times and change the mantle when necessary.. Night watchmen, who stood guard over holes dug in the roads. Policemen, who patrolled their beat, on nights checked shop doors to make sure they were locked. Sunday's, when everything was "dead", very few shops open, except off licenses and sweet shops. Streets where hardly a car was seen and safe for us kids to play on all day. In fact kids out playing....LOL
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    Telling the rent man "Mams not in" while she was hiding in the kitchen..
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    See blog at http://rowlandemett.blogspot.co.uk/ plenty of commentary and great photos Check out the Rowland Emett Society website (www.rowlandemett.com) Also there's a Facebook page run by Enigma1st
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