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    Capital letters. The difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse & helping your uncle jack off a horse
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    Being a film buff I probably have a lot of memorable lines from films (I would not call them famous - hardly any of the above are). In this case I prefer the philosophical approach. One that always touches me when I hear it in the film Its a Wonderful Life, is spoken by Clarence Oddbody, the Guardian Angel sent down to put George Bailey (played by James Stewart) back on the straight and narrow. He had wished he had never been born, and his wish was granted, with the result no-one recognised him, and his good deeds of the past were unknown in the town he lived and worked in. At his wit's end, still not realising that he really had never been born (his own mother didn't recognise him, and the brother he saved from drowning did actually drown because he wasn't there to save him) Clarence told him that "every man's life touches so many other lives". How true this is. Sit down and think what it would be like if you had never been born, and the effect it would have made in some way or other to the people you know, married, was the father of, worked with. Worse still, perhaps, you would not be a Nottstalgian.
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    I think there's a few little devils on Nottstalgia.
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    It pees me off that things we classed as normal are now hijacked by weirdos to represent something completely different. II made me gay opening my Christmas pressies or having a few beers on my birthday. Not now. The rainbow has been hijacked as a gay symbol. I used to consider myself a rainbow chaser, always after my ultimate goal. Not now by God.
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    the roundabout where vernon road meets radford road and western boulevard and valley road basford
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    Re: Lincoln Street crossing. I've posted this before somewhere, but it sort of shows how the earlier alignment might have been. The photographer is on Vernon Road; the lorry going away is going down Lincoln Street and the car poking its nose in is coming from David Lane.
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    Just bought myself a photog course, pity there's not a local photog group around me where I could learn more from others with experience. Still, I'm a fast learner on my own when I have to apply myself.
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    Someone give this guy a like PLEASE!
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    Running Horse, White Lion, Rose & Crown maybe...... Mmmmm I'm struggling now. Alma was full of druggies, odd balls and general detritus even in the early 70's.
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    #40. Chulla, I would have double liked your post if there had been a facility for this!
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    I'm BROWNED off with all this P.C. nonsence. What next I soon won't be able to cal a spade a spade.
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    I once came last in a spelling centost
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    #77 our youngest grandchildren are only 4 and 5 so they are not grown up enough yet to be amazed at my childhood toys, I'm pleased to say. They love playing anything from Snakes and Ladders to looking for worms in the garden. When we find a worm we carry it to the other side of the garden and pretend it's going on its holidays! I used to do that 65 years ago. Another 5 or 6 years and I expect they'll be glued to their phones ....
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    Thanks friends, mates, chums and fellow Nottstalgians for giving me 2,000 likes. At least I know that most appreciate my posts, although one or two have been waffle. I know I've always attempted to inject an element of humour into my posts. So glad you like them. To those who don't, then go and reproduce with yourself !!!!!!! LOL
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    I absolutely adore classic cars also any old form of transport. I would love to own something like a Morris Minor but funds won't allow. Beside, I already have an old banger.
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    one of camms collapsibles
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    I think it was maybe some kind of general bus / coach parking area. NickA has found one of the relevant photos; here's a couple more. On both, the signs on the walls include Barton, Skills, and Hall Bros.
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    That horrible juddereing when reversing the car.
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    Yes, you don't mess with a German Shepherd. Way back, one of my earliest jobs included debt collecting Hire Purchase arrears. One day I visited a house on Farnborough Road, knocked on the front door and was asked to come to the side gate which was opened. Before I could do anything, an Alsatian bounded out and sank it's teeth into the first bit of flesh it came to. We managed to prise it off and I had a trip straight to QMC where the teeth marks and damage were inspected by several nurses. After a tetanus shot and a dressing I returned to base and reported to my boss that I had been grievously chaveled by an Alsatian. He asked if it was a large one and I told him ' Yes it was, before the bloody Alsatian got hold of it '.
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    I have a small museum of 20th century tat if that's what you mean I collect other people's junk.
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    Congratulations Malcolm and you had a good tutor in Carni... However, it was a big shock when I started using the Instant Streetview and navigated around the centre of Nottingham and along the two main thoroughfares that we once used to enter the City; Arkwright Street and London Road. I have watched with sadness the changing face of the City over the years and read, mainly on this Forum, of the changes that have been visited on it by enlightened planners (?) but this Streetview was something else again! Apart from a handful of sites that I remembered, everything else has gone - changed forever. Places that have been discussed over the past year - gone. I know you cannot stop progress but that Streetview tour was something else again! At least the good old Trent was still there.
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    Don't say that, it isn't true, it related to the morals of the time, whatever they were supposed to be, left overs from another age I suspect. Compared to some of the teenage filth that I get in the bike centre, or meet on my patrols around the Nature Reserve, we were angels, would we have ever considered hurting anybody, threatening anyone, being abusive, ripping anyone off, destroying anything, particularly related to the natural world, or stealing anything ( apart from railway stuff that would have been destroyed anyway ), no, we wouldn't do any of that, bottom line was that we did actually have a moral/social conscience that doesn't seem to exist anymore.I can actually think of some of our associates at the time who were actually quite devious and dishonest, I won't mention names, but you and I never stooped so low, naughty but nice is how I look back on things.
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    At school, they told me I was dyslexic. And I spent a couple of school years going to these 'special' classes for writing. 9 years on and I would say my spelling is ok. I hope so... Because I somehow got qualified to being a preschool teacher haha m)
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    My skin is white (ish). When i'm cold i turn Blueish, when i'm embarrassed i turn red, when i'm sunburned i turn Brown. Who are these coloured people?
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