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    Fetching water, Chapel St ca: 1950 Leonards
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    Hi, I apologise for not being on here much recently but I've got a new job at the B & Q garden centre, which, in relation to my other charitable, voluntary works, has kept me very busy, it's also THAT time of year up at the allotment. I should be flogging away at the garden centre today but I've come down with a really savage dose of gastro enteritis which has laid me low for the past few days. Last weekend, I managed at last to set up my PC and my all singing and dancing scanner which allows me to upload slides and even sort out my old black and white negatives properly. I've got thousands of slides, many of Nottingham and steam trains in the 60's, I've dragged out a tatty old box to experiment with and came across this one, I took it in 1968, interesting to note that every structure visible in the picture has now gone:- This is just the start, how I'm going to find time to get these all sorted I'll never know, also in the box by the way are some ancient slides of Crich Tramway Museum when it was just being set up, I'll leave those for another time, I need to find those trollies and trains.
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    Chapel St Leonards ca: 1950
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    A Cromwell Tank - from my father's album. He transferred from the RAF to the Royal Armoured Corps and was preparing to go off to Burma, 1945.
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    My missus says, and I agree with her, hurry up with the royal baby and get the politicians off the T.V. screen.
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    They are no more of a drain on the country than the feral yobs that hang about smoking roll ups, drinking energy concoctions and playing scratch cards. I know which I'd rather subsidise !!!!!
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    littlebro, it's not quite as easy as that. The Rover Company at Barnoldswick and Clitheroe in Lancashire had the job of manufacturing the production version of the Whittle W2B/23 engine. This engine was invariably referred to in reports, etc, as the B23. The Air Ministry told Rolls-Royce, who had by then taken over Rover's work on gas turbines, that the designation B23 looked and sounded like a bomber aircraft designation. Rolls-Royce then appended its R to the B23 to produce the RB23, and gave it the name Welland. All subsequent engine types had the RB prefix. It is generally understood that RB stands for Rolls-Barnoldswick, but the fact of the matter is that the B suffix came with the design from Whittle's Power Jets company. First there was the W1, then the W1X, then the W1A, then the W2 and then the production variant the W2B.
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    I see in the new Sunday Times Rich List, the Queen is placed with £330 million, an awful lot of money. But compare that to Simon Cowell at £300 million, Jamie Oliver at £240 million and the Beckhams at £210 million. What have they done for their country?
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    Crikey managed to get a photo on here..... My class photo from Portland Rd junior school, 1949 or 1950... not sure
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    #7 I have seen some great photographs on Nottstalgia covering a multitude of subjects but for me littlebro, your dad's photo is far the best I have seen for a very long time. Brilliant.
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    Yes. It was at Bobbers Mill, at the start of Aspley Lane, across the road from the Wheatsheaf pub. Previously it was a storage facility for Players. It is still there, on Ascot Road, I think it is. By the way, do you have the book I co-authored telling the story of the Meteor tank engine, published by the Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust?
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    They are c..p the whole lot of them,.......they dont care a monkies about you and I , so why give them the time of day, our hard earned money and any status in a world of poverty, unrest and Ill health .......
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    In spite of extensive searches on the internet I am unable to locate the site of the Tank engine factory that RR swapped with Rover for their gas turbine facility in Barnoldswick. The factory was located in Nottingham but does anyone know where? Thanks Canuck
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    The Rolls-Royce facility at Balloon Woods was its engine-testing site for engines that had been repaired at Garden Street - the old Radford Mill recently demolished. Feel sure I have said all this not long ago. The finest tank engine up to the recent modern types was the adaption of the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine to power armoured fighting vehicle. It is a wonderful story, how it all came about and how Rolls-Royce, with its vast experience of motor vehicle transmissions, suspension, etc, made the Cavalier tank into the Cromwell at its Clan Foundry site at Belper. RR was responsible for the first 3000 engines, which were made by Henry Meadows, after which they were manufactured by Rover, Morris, and Jaguar Cars. The Bobbers Mill factory was a repair/overhaul facility, though it did manufacture a batch of new engines. Production ended in 1962 by which time over 14,000 had been made. Horsepower began at 600+ for the Cromwell, Centurion and other vehicles (the engines did not have the Merlin's supercharger) and ended at 800 for the Conqueror. Anyone interested in learning about the Meteor engine and its installations can get a copy of the book THE ROLLS-ROYCE METEOR - Cromwell and other applications from the publishers, post free, for £15. Address: The Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust, PO Box 31, Derby DE24 8BJ. Email: julie.e.redfern@rolls-royce.com
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    Thanks for that picture firbeck. It brings back so many memories for me,as a lad and teenager. Jumped off the bridge with my mate just there. Fished regularly near the power station outflow as a kid.
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    Many thanks to everyone for your input - just got to decide which to go for now! Thanks again!
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    #105 TBI I don't resent privilege for what it gives others (your silver spoon comment) but yes I do believe that constitutionally selecting a head of state from a single blood line is an anachronism in the 21st century. The UK monarchy is an expensive drain on the taxpayer. The Queen and her family cost over 100 times more than the costs of the Irish president. Also the Palace does not fall in with other public institutions in setting and working to a budget and operates to different rules to everyone else when it comes to tax obligations. The monarchy enjoys power privileges over the legislature for instance the princes consent (or royal veto) gives the Queen and the Prince of Wales an opportunity to influence the shape and content of a bill before it reaches Parliament. That is aside from Charles' regular attempts to directly influence the policy of Government Departments. I agree that if there was a referendum tomorrow the monarchy would likely be retained but we have never had a proper national debate with all the issues & arguments aired, when I believe support would shift markedly towards support for a democratic alternative. I believe the climate is already changing especially amongst the young and I foresee this momentum increasing when the present queen passes. On Kate and William's new baby needing luck once born could any statement be more ridiculous. Compared to the life chances of the other 2,199 babies expected to be born that day in the UK I think that the royal baby will prosper just fine.
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    Yes Blondie, there are exceptions in all walks of life ! Like Bulwell, just a very, very tiny handfull spoil the whole area !
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    My old workplace before I was transferred to Cotgrave to finish my apprenticeship, in 1968.
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    I love them all as flowers can say so much, if we did not have flowers our lives would be so dull.......... Walking in a woodland in the Springtime covered in Bluebells is mind blowing and any new buds etc makes me feel very emotional, as do seeing well stocked gardens, roses, climbing plants and hanging baskets in the Summer............
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    We have a Japonica (Japanese Quince) growing up the front of our bungalow. Over the years it grew to an unmanageable bush, but was ablaze with flowers for a week or so each Spring. Last autumn I had a serious hack at it and just left the main stems. We wondered if it would flower so profusely again this year. Judge for yourselves.
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    Must have been nicked by 'outsiders' passing thru catfan.
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    Back view of the Rose of England yesterday from outside the Victoria Bus Station. looks a bit sad.
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