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    Another busy day but the end is in sight now. In fact I've left it running as a 'soak test' (albeit still a dry installation - they are planning to fill the pool tomorrow). I've overcome a few minor snags and at present, the petals go up and down, the three top pendant things rotate, all four clock faces are going (maybe a few minutes out - I just set them roughly). The bell rings and the music plays (I've left volume at around half for now). Tomorrow I expect to fit the orchestra players and to fit the butterflies to the cobweb wheel (just realised I might need to take wellies). ........and still the red start button to connect and test. All for now E
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    Robbie, I have said it before and I will say it again....please do not stop posting your photographs. I appreciate how much work it takes to put pictures on this Forum but the enjoyment that I and others get from your photographs is immeasurable, mate! I reckon that you are going to go down in Nottingham history as a latter day Reg Baker so, stay with it. Firbeck, your input is just as valuable and as Cliff Ton has stated, if we posted an appreciation every time you or Cliff Ton, Stephen Ford, Enigma and every other stalwart on this Forum posted a picture, we would be drowning in it. Please, just accept that I and other Nottstalgians that I have discussed the various photographs with fully appreciate your efforts and look forward to your next offerings. It is the photographs that help make this Forum what it is today. So, a very sincere thanks to you all for the enjoyment and, more importantly, the contribution to the next generations of Nottstalgians so that they too can enjoy the history that you provide.
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    I personally love all of the Photo's that are put on Nottstalgia. For me it is mainly Robbies Nottingham Photo's of time past. Bcause they do take me back to the Nottingham that I love and left behind. I have never been interested in Trains or Buses but when Firbeck puts his train photo's and stories on, and Stephen puts his Photo's and descriptions of bus routes on. They both have so much enthusiasm, that they make their stories so interesting, and I always read them and actually enjoy them. Please, Firbeck, Robbie, Stephen keep adding your interesting stories. You are all appreciated very much.
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    A lot of premier footballers get (I wont say earn) more money in a month that I earned in my working life
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    Similarly I don't press the like button unless I REALLY like it. Fact is I like most of it whether I press the button or not. Similarly I don't care too much whether people like my posts or not. I am happy to know that you are reading them. I prefer a comment to a click of the like button. Now lets keep the pictures coming.
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    i am not a great one for pressing like button, i apologize for that, the members who put the effort into photo and story lines on this site are invaluable, perhaps some, like myself, have lost so much of nottingham from their past, and a lot of that past they did not know, quite a few of the photo's i have seen on site have jogged my memory and been very important to me. Please do not stop putting these treasures of our lost past, (buildings, vehicles, steam engines, people)on view, i do not personally know you but my thanks to you all is immeasurable, perhaps a bit over the top, but it is how i feel, again many many thanks for the site, the pictures but mainly the members, god bless all of you, THANK YOU.
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    I love the photos too. I know what you mean about not feeling appreciated. I've often spent lots of time researching family members for people, not just on here, but on other sites too, and sometimes it's difficult to get a thank you, although, on the other hand, some people are very grateful. As you say though, it's still worth it!
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    To add to what Robbie says I agree that just because someone doesn’t tick “like” for something or comment on it, doesn’t mean they don’t like it or find it boring. There are a lot of things on here which I like or find interesting, but I don’t make a comment on them all. If everybody specifically commented every time they liked something, the forum could become an unbearable gooey, love-fest with everyone telling everyone else how wonderful they are. You’d end up having to battle your way through the praise to find anything new to read. Whenever I’ve posted a photo and it generates any comment, I assume that means a fair number of people have seen and noticed it. They might’ve thought “I remember that” or “That’s interesting”, but they won’t have left any comment on it. I don’t go away thinking everyone hates me and wishes I hadn’t posted it. The reason most people look at this site is to be reminded of Nottingham in the past, so they will be looking at all the photos - and memories - for a blast of nostalgia. Different people will have different favourites, but I think that everything (almost) goes down well, even if there isn't always an outward sign of that.
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    Just checking yesterday morning, to see if any of the Falcons had been back, unlike last year, when they returned quite often to the ledge to eat or sleep. I missed them fledge, and I haven't seen one since. I always have a look daily, I can check your weather out at the same time. Just this cheeky chappy scavenging around.
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    To a point I also agree with what you are saying Firbeck, http://nottstalgia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14172&page=0 is it really worth all the time and effort in uploading photographs when you may feel your efforts are not appreciated? And in your case you are also providing the history of the shot. In my situation it’s the time involved getting a photograph onto this site. As to the slides, without a scanner I have to use my slide projector, photograph the slide, upload onto the computer, resize, upload onto the host site and then onto this site. Even a longer process with the 21/4” square negatives, I go to a mate, when he is available, 15 miles away who lets me scan a few on his machine. All this does take a lot of my time which I should employ elsewhere. If it wasn’t for a few members who l feel are genuinely interested and enjoy my photographs I certainly wouldn’t bother because there would be no point. I also I accept a lot of my stuff I upload has no interest to anybody on this site but who knows months, years later somebody may show an interest. I do often ask myself is it really worth it? And the answer in my case is yes it is. I don’t upload photographs to gain browning points or try to finish top of a league, as Fynger said on some thread recently this is not a competition. Although many of my photographs are boring and lack quality I believe most do bring back memories for people and that is all that matters and for that reason I will continue posting. Through other member’s photographs and experiences this site has brought back many memories for me that otherwise I’m sure would have been lost forever and you can't tick the like box on every thing posted otherwise it becomes pointless. I don’t think a posting is not liked because it doesn’t receive a tick in the box or a positive comment but as you said it is always nice to be appreciated.
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    Meanwhile, Danny Kent extended his lead in the Moto3 championship, becoming the first British rider to win four races in a season since Barry Sheene, and Chris Froome won the Criterium de Dauphine, the traditional warm-up race for the Tour de France. Two British sportsmen who get on with the job, don't earn mega bucks, don't make the headlines for the wrong reasons, and don't act like spoilt prima donnas all the time.
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    But still fans travel over there to watch the game - why?! Must cost a fortune
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    I believe the public hhave finally caught on,football and specially the Premier league is no longer about pride in your area or even country,its about Cash.
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    I'm the same, Benjamin. The team is built up in the media into something they're not. No hopes for the team as they are
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    In response to this... I'm the exact same..couldn't care less these days..I'm convinced it's because the players aren't really all that interested either.
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    Had me scratching my lugs!
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    Country File is on tele in Nottingham at this moment The Falcons are on! #207 shows the falcon that was featured on Country File, being put out of the window. Haha, now we know what happened!
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    Three pints yesterday three pubs Organ Grinder Generious Britton Swan in the Rushes Three beers all from Nottingham Sanctury(Blue Monkey) Harvest Gold(Castle Rock) Legend(Nottingham Brewery)
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    #2 That's earwigs
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    Forgot its on today, ITV 5PM,...............We used to look forward to all England games,whats Happened? can't get enthused any more,is it just me ?
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    Living in Nottingham till 1967 & Loughborough there after(after a short period in London) my drinking was Home /Shipstones & Marstons. Nothing wrong wirh any of those beers.
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    Not long now! Ingerland Ingerland Ingerland!
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    Wheels of Fire - Cream (Double album)
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    Had a very busy week on the clock. Finally connected electric today; looks promising. Will be doing more building/testing tomorrow. Petals are on but I need to connect them via the rods to the gubbins below. If you're passing you might just hear the bell ring and Rameau playing. If you see the top things rotating, it's a sign that I am around (probably hot and bothered - it's like a sauna in there!) Still on target for Wednesday's official switch-on (must connect the big red button soon).
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    You can also add me to the list of people who appreciate seeing the posts and photos of other Nottstalgians. The photos that Robbie, Cliff Ton and others put on Nottstalgia will be enjoyed by us and others in the future. Every one of us plays our part in making Nottstalgia what it is with our photos and posts on so many topics. When new people join Nottstalgia they quickly learn what a friendly place it is to spend their time. Last year I scanned every photo I had and downloaded them onto my computer. It's hard work and time consuming so I can appreciate the thoughts of Robbie. My thanks to you all.
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    Did you hear the story of when electric trams were first introduced (I have a feeling this was not in Nottingham). An elderly lady approached the tram terminus with great trepidation. Standing some way from the new-fangled contraption, she called to the conductor, "Will I be electrocuted if I put my foot on the rail?" "No, lady" he replied, "That is, not unless you put your other foot on that wire overhead at the same time."
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    It could be looking for its family.
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    Very sensible comment, Cliff Ton. By the way, just from the other side, I did comment on Firbeck's Wilford Power station post and I respond to many of Robbie's fine pictures. I also see many members expressing appreciation for pictures such as these, on a regular basis. Don't feel unloved Firbeck and Robbie, please keep them coming.
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    On the topic of children's homes, I went to St Mary's on Derby Rd in the 50s and I remember the class being taken by charabanc to Colston Basset to visit the 'poor children' at a big mansion which I think was a Barnardos home. Very 'soft focus' memory of unfamiliar trees, grass, sunshine and a large white building. Coming from grime covered Radford, a white building was a real novelty.
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    May I suggest that Slugs were probably your culprit. Slugs love lupins and any other soft tissued young plants. Perhaps a handful of slugs pellets would help in the early days of establishment. If you are worried about the other things being poisoned by the pellets, you can get wildlife friendly slug bait for yer garding centre.
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    Horse & Jockey before demolition in 1931 to be replaced by the later version; and the clearly-visible shop next door should keep Benjamin happy.
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    Bulwell attracts a lot of scum from the surrounding areas Andrea, sadly, then a lot of people assume they are Bulwell residents, they are not.
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