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    Wall to wall Referendum Debates
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    About this time of year the local council get out their JCBs and clean out the roadside drainage ditches. Any plants growing in the ditch are grubbed out and dumped. In anticipation of a local ditch being "Cleaned" I went out the other day and rescued a few Shuttlecock ferns to replant in the upper garden: This is an Ash tree that I rescued from a similar ditch clean-out 22yrs ago:
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    I can remember that murder in a cafe in Basford in the early 1970's, when a young woman murdered her husband because he was horrible to her, she wanted to get rid of him and bring in her lover to live with her, who was an Irish guy called Brendon..............It was gruesome, carefully planned and she nearly got away with it, just made one slip up, she hit him over the head and put him in an old chest freezer in the backyard, left him there with old bikes, carpets etc covering the top, she thought he would just rot away - One day the neighbour's complained of a strange smell and Eastcroft was called in, then he was discovered..................I was called in for jury service, she was found guilty, although she protested her innocence, she got 15 years........Later in 1986 we moved into Basford, we bought Ingham's old shop, modernised it and she began trading with us, she always stared at me and I often wondered if she recognised me, obviously I kept a low profile.........Hope she is not on this Forum.......
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    #77. Miss J L Baker perhaps nonnaB ?
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    I think our hopital's are wonderful, I had the best treatment last year when I became ill.........nobody must ever call the NHS to me.....
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    The way to kill moles is to bury them alive....
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    Following Forest around the country and Europe for thirty years between 1970 2000, were some of the happiest, exhilarating and downright fun times of my life. I wouldn't have missed them for the world.
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    N.Ireland lose 1-0 to Germany,...but still could go thru,........like England no star men nowadays,oh for a Georgie Boy............ sat with a Scotsman at Breakfast this morning,.......asked him ,when are they playing ?..........his reply went summat like this Seeyoufuckingshitandabobandapeejimmyf'*ckingprickthatuare...........could't say fairer than that could he...............lol..
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    Picked me first tomatoes of the season today. I'd have taken a picture but ya'll know what Tomatoes look like. Had one in a cheese sandwich for lunch. Just about the earliest I've ever picked any.
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    i took it as a joke Margie - like I used to bury worms alive as a kid.
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    The same bloke killed Linda Mann, her mum Kathleen and family once lived next door to us in Hucknall back in the 50's - they moved to Keyworth in 1960.......
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    No he was warpped in a plastic sheet and put in a chest freezer....I remember it well as I was on the jury......
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    A friend of mine said the same thing, as she sat there in the corridor, he yelled down the corridor, 'don't come back till you've had a bath'. This would be 1971.
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    Mr Cochrane looked after SWMBO when our son was born. She was sat in a corridor awaiting her first appointment with him when the door opened and a red faced woman appeared followed by the words "Now go and wash and don't come to me in that state again" or something close to that. When it was her turn she went in with some trepidation and came out with the opinion that he was probably the nicest/gentlest bloke around.
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    Why do we have to kill things ?.....
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    I've been watching lots of the footie. Given that I'm actually about as interested in footy as I am in catching Rabies, this doesn't say much for the rest to the TV on offer. TBH, I can watch tournaments like this and the World Cup because they have a definite ending and don't go on for too long. Can't get into the league stuff though. The idea of traipsing about the country following your team as they go up and down the table just doesn't appeal. And don't get me started on Hoddle...... Col
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    #102 Cheers youth I've still got burn marks on me legs from me Mams fags .... them bleddy bloodsucking leeches .... once got one on the end of my ... & once got one between my toes.
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    Glad that we've all progressed to the next round safely.... England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales............................... Oh hang on a sec
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    I see that England play Iceland in the next round at the Euros Ron Hodgson says that if they are good enough to win they will then go on and play either Tesco or Sainsbury's
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    FFS don't start talk like that, we've not kicked off yet. Yoooooooooou Reeeeeeeeeeeds !
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    RIP. Today, I shall be giving some Stax and Atlantic vinyl a good airing. Col
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    War free times will never occur, especially in the Middle East where they have been fighting since the dawn of creation. The EU hasn't prevented the current ongoing conflict. Neither has the intervention of the invisible NATO forces.
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    I just thought how nice was Bubblewraps post #10482 on "Hows your day",to recall going to fetch his new little sister home from hospital, what a lovely memory. It got me thinking back to when I was 12yrs old and Mam was expecting a new little bundle any day. We went to bed one special night and on waking in the morning, Mam called us into the back bedroom. She had had her baby during the night, there were four of us children asleep that night and we never heard a sound. Midwife, Dad, Crying baby! never heard a thing? I remember my sister and I bending over the Crib, absolutely loving the little bundle that was our new five pound two ounce little sis. Here is the nice little surprise. Among all of the "Oohs and Aahs", mam said" Now look the other end, and there, just as cute was another five pound bundle of joy. Twins! No one had any idea that there were two babies, not even the midwife, until one was born and the other on its way. How great is that. I am sure that most of you have had "Nice little surprises" in your lives. I hope so. Lets hear about them, it would be interesting to share your memories.
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    A Scotsman walked into a bar, normally there would have been an Englishman, Irishman and a Welshman, but they were all at the Euros!
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    I did say it 's hard to explain........... I'll have another go:- I think that if the plant kingdom goes suddenly from none flowering grasses and trees etc to all the different floral species that we have now, then something gave them that little 'push' in the right direction (And I'm not talking about modern day horticulturalists!).
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    I've just been in the garden and had another look for the sawfly caterpillars on the only gooseberry bush that still has leaves on it. I found about 6 or 7 of the little wrigglers so I carefully removed each leaf they were on and put them on the bird table. At least they'll have a last meal before the birds come down for breakfast! Unless they decide to go on a long walk back to the bush, of course! I feel a bit sick as I first started to pick them off with eyebrow tweezers, but one of them got nipped in half in the process. I felt really bad
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    I'm not really considering myself a pagan as such (Although I've been called similar a few times!) but I'm more inclined to believe that there is something there pushing us along, a bit like a "Mother Nature" guiding us through evolution. It's hard to explain what I'm meaning, but when you learn that at one time we just had green plants, then there was a mutation to create that first flowering plant, but then, by a complete miracle, another mutation happened so that there could be a cross pollination, that's the little push I'm talking about. Things like Mistletoe couldn't survive without birds wiping the sticky seeds off of their beaks onto only certain types of trees to complete their 'symbiotic relationships' etc
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    Compo, I've looked for caterpillars under the remaining leaves but can't see any. It did say on one site I looked at that there can be 3 lots in a year, so maybe I missed them? I've given up with the gooseberries this year so I'll sort them out next year. I'll pick them off and put them on the bird table - I don't like actually killing them but that action doesn't count as the birds need to eat!
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    Don't, you'll give him the hump - boom!, boom! Oh, get in there Morton!
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    Michael, you don't go to meet ups and you don't have an avatar, so can only assume you resemble Quasimodo.
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    I played cricket with Pat, left us in the lurch for a few games!!
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