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    Please don't 'throw in the towel' Mick; you've built (and bought at your own expense) something special here - a unique mine of information for all that is Notts. I'm sure that the majority of members (and the anonymous viewers) are behind you. The few dissatisfied ones can choose whether or not to stay with us.
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    Mick, please stop scaring us all and threatening to take our favourite toy away. We'll be good. Well I will. I'm sure most others will too. Those who can't behave and be appreciative can go and sit on the Nottstalgia naughty step or, even, be locked in the Nottstalgia cellar!
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    Hi Gordon and welcome, you won't know this but Annswabey ^^^^^^^^^^^^ is our very own resident expert in these matters.
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    I don't like the new format but I do like nostalgia so just keeping reading and posting maybe one day it will be a "eureka" moment. Stick with it Mick because I and many others will miss you.
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    I don't like it either as I am too old for change....
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    Welcome to Nottstalgia Gordon. Stick with the forum and keep posting, you'll learn all sorts of things you never knew about Nottingham and you'll find that MOST of us are friendly!
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    I thought the title referred to portions being too large, which they are nowadays. Just because there is a lot of food on your plate in a restaurant, doesn't mean you have to eat it in one sitting. Where we live us surrounded by over-55 communities. Folks don't eat so much the older they get, so the restaurants don't bat an eye when you say you'll share a meal with another in your party. They'll bring an extra plate, or even split it before bringing it out. I very often only eat half my dinner and bring the rest home for lunch the next day. We very rarely have dessert, maybe if it's someone's birthday, then we order 1 dessert and 4 forks. Portion control goes a long way, especially now that middle age spread is there!
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    Sometime in the late 1960s I worked very briefly for a company called 'The United Rubber Company' in Fletcher Gate. They made 'surgical stockings', or more properly 'surgical support hose'. One of my most bizarre experiences ever. All of the stockings were knitted on hand powered machines, by men. As you entered the workroom from the back you were greeted with the sight of two rows of men, standing with their backs to you and doing a sort of 'shimmy' as they pushed the carriage of the knitting machine left, right and back again. The men were all on 'piecework' rates and so weren't too willing to stop to show me what to do. I like to think I'm not stupid, but I never did quite grasp that job. Basically you were just knitting a tubular 'hose', but you had to add in 'silk' and rubber thread at various points, as well as adding or removing stitches to create the shape of the calf, knee etc. And as for trying to make a heel!! I lasted about a week. Col
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    Mrs C & I ventured into Morrisons in Cromer for lunch one day. Immaculately clean restaurant, no screaming kid, no noise & plenty of space. Quick service followed after ordering our snap, all tables spotlessly clean too. Steak & Ale pie, mashed spuds, peas & gravy washed down with a cup of tea £5, plenty to eat & tasted great couldn't fault it.
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    I know some ladies like to give it a name, but cubbyhole? Well I never! While in a the supermarket getting me paper this morning found this 1.50 euros! Good books or what?
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    Hey, you want to see some of the 'women ' in Bulwell and Broxtowe, they need assistance getting their cheeks through the door frames. The one in Broxtowe Lane has no paint on the frame just below waist height due to the continual chafing.
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    Yes, 2.2 so-called Christians are wrong, as are millions of Koran readers and any other cult/creed/or whatever followers of religions. Religion is the most popular invention and the most popular hobby.. As I have said before, people will believe what they want to believe. That is Ok so long as they do not try to convince others of their belief, OK so long as laws are not based on religion and OK that young children are not coerced into believing what their brainwashed parents tell them. History written in advanced, LL? I thought the scriptures were written some thirty years after the death of Jesus. Like I always say, just a book written by well-intentioned people, with not a single shred of evidence that any of it is true. CF, LL and Melissa; when you all die your existence in every form will cease to exist. What is wrong with that? You will not be aware of it. Who would want to spend an eternity in heaven wishing that you were back down on earth. Read the books of Richard Dawkins, and watch and listen to him and Christopher Hitchens on YouTube, and if it is at all possible do so with an open mind. Oh, and there is a wonderful anti-God lecture by Stephen Fry. on YouTube.
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    Looking at 'Britain from Above', they describe this as 'The Forest Lace Finishing Works, Bulwell' which may be the place you are referring to. Easy to locate because of the viaduct.
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