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    Sir Henry "Tim" Birkin and a supercharged Bentley at Brooklyn 1932 .
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    Looks like a riot on the streets of Nottingham . Worse ! It's the University ragweek and students re-enacted War of the World's and a Martian invasion ! 1927
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    1936 . Pupils of Cottesmore School ,excavating at the site of Lenton Priory.
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    Had an old air rifle given to me last weekend for a small task I did on someones van,anyroad got round to looking at it tonight,fair enough it's a bit crabby looking and there are rusty bits along the action and barrel,the stock is in reasonable condition buy will need a good clean and possibly a good oiling with walnut oil,an even closer inspection and I found a serial number,I had a good idea it was a BSA cadet or cadet major so checked the serial number on the BSA web site (wonderful thing this internet) it turns out it is a BSA Cadet Major from between 1949 and 1955,wow an old gun,it's in .177 calibre,I will be careful how I clean this classic rifle,not to much restoration because as it is it has a lot of character,my task for the Christmas break,nice one Rog I will post some pictures at the weekend and during the restoration process if anyone interested
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    Deshaw, I think they probably cease to exist!
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    The history of the ROF in the Meadows would make a great book (maybe someone has already done one. I've just read Bombs to Butterflies all about the depot at Ruddington. Interesting reading!
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    You'll be OK Margie, You're probably a bit like Elvis at the moment "All shook up huh; huh, huh". You have three tasks waiting for you there., if I were you, I would mash a pot of tea, sit down and write the cards, blow the rest until tomorrow.
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    If you travel faster than the speed of light, don't you get to where you're going before you've started out?
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    And another from the roof of No2 factory radford
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    Another off the roof of No 2 factory radford
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    Off the roof of No 2 factory radford
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    Don't think so Ian, as long as the non central things going away from the central things speed relative to each other is faster than light speed. I suppose they'd vanish to each other even if they were receding at 50% of the speed of light from the central thing as the non central things receding speed to each other would be the speed of light, or one was going at 25% & t'other was going 75% the receding speed between them would still be light speed. Any combination as long as it = 100% light speed or more would result in the receding things vanishing to each other. I've a funny idea Stephen Hawking said the above can't happen in his 'Brief history of time' book. Why it can't happen I can't remember, perhaps Chulla can remember? I can't find the flipping book, It's probably vanished into another dimension like other things in this house seem to do on a regular basis, grr grr...
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    Re: #13; that's on Priory Street, Lenton and is presumably the column still visible today. https://goo.gl/maps/5obr7UkLHak
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    Of course! Of course! - anything is possible. Like flat earth, the 'nothing faster than the speed of light' concept may become another archaic notion.....
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    If it's any use the caption says the Bentley was owned by the Hon. Dorothy Paget .
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    Many years ago I awoke suddenly in the night and exclaimed 'That's it, that's it!. I grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil and wrote down - E equals em cee squared. I sent this off to a chap in the swiss patent office to see what he thought of it. He got back to me saying 'Mein Got! I think you have something there Mr Chulla. Call it Chulla's paradox until I think of a better name'. I never heard from him again. You do believe me Colly and PP, don't you.'
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    1923 . Birkins Lace factory .
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    Haydn Road 1934 . Footbridge collapse outside the Meridian Factory
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    It's a paradox I think. I know that when 2 things are moving away from each other the light waves between them are stretched (red shifted) to a lower frequency. What happens when the speed between the things moving away from the central thing gets to higher than light speed? You'd think the frequency would go negative, but AFAIK that can't happen, so I suppose the light from one thing would never catch up with the other, so they'd no longer exist to each other as far as each is concerned. No sleep for me tonight & it's all Chulla's fault, lol.
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    I don't actually remember the place (PTP says 1944), but Willerby's were obviously in a pretty upmarket location. And note the building on the far right, which was - and still is - Burton's at the bottom of Friar Lane.
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    Not all of the cards have paintings by the artist so far shown. This artist specialises in portraying Bentley roadsters.
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    We lived on Bathley street near to Bunbury street,number 47 Bayford cottages (sounds nice dunnit) anyway when I were a kid of about 5-6 my uncle worked as a curator at Nottingham castle and as such wore a uniform,one of my earliest memories of my time down the meadows was wearing his uniform hat,a nice shiny peaked affair with a thin black leather band around it,I remember standing at the cross roads junction between Bathley st and Bunbury st pretending to direct the traffic,not much around in them days (mid 1950's) I also remember watching the "trackless's" (trolley buses) going in the sheds on Bunbury st and of being quite frightened about the depth of the garage pits that the trackless's drove over.another thing thats sticks in my mind was a young family who lived in the next lot of cottages/terraces going towards Arkwright street,the dad of the family had a tandem cycle with a small side car that he took the family out on at the weekends,funny the things that come to mind when you are rambling. anyway just a few thoughts I would pass on that was part of my early memories Rog
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    How many other Nottstalgians have a road named after them?
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