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    Just found this picture of me aged 16 with twins I used to look after sometimes.. My mum made my rock and roll print skirt and I LOVED it
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    No wheeled transport or Clough statue in sight & check the council house out?
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    Who's going to trust PB again ? Sign up & pay now & then forever be held to ransom when they decide to jack up their prices again ? I don't think so.
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    Nowt to complain about todays breakfast there,spot on Rog
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    That OK thanks. I have powered speakers. Just easier to ask here than fiddle around the back of my old desktop to find where they are plugged in. I hadn't thought about Bluetooth though. I will look into finding out if my laptop that when I have had me dinner
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    #102 Don't they get all wet and sticky? And don't the bubbles go up your nose?
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    We used to a very obnoxious woman customer she always moaned about the price, quality, measure of her wine, one day she turned up with her own goblet for us to serve her wine in, the things we did to and in that glass before we opened up, it always made me chuckle when I watched her drinking out of it Moan at your peril.
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    Kev, she wouldn't recognise you from your avatar on here - you pink panther, you!
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    I think the situation with Photobucket is that your photos are still there, and you can continue to upload photos there free of charge. What's changed is that they are now charging you to get your photos to appear on sites like this one. If you don't pay then your Photobucket photos won't appear any more, but they will still be there on Photobucket - subject to any changes in the future of course as caftan implies!
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    Conjunctivitis.com it's a site for sore eyes.
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    #16 #19 Strange I felt the same as you both, only knowing one person on here and living in Italy couldnt contribute much in the way of up to date happenings. No worry I was quickly " accepted" . So welcome both and post post post. You'll soon feel at home.
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    I don't really read LONG posts and would rather read short and sweet, interesting and/or amusing posts. I do like to see photos too.
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    #84 LL, I have this morning received the same message in my E-Mails. I know I will never use PB again, because I am disgusted at the way they have conducted the change. They have caused so much damage to peoples businesses etc across the world with their thoughtlessness and rendered so many posts on forums like NS pointless without the pictures accompanying them. Once I am certain that I have saved all my personal pics to my memory stick, I will close the PB account.
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    Much better all round Mick,It only took about five minutes to register,change password,upload a picture and put it on this site,brilliant,thank for the headsup Rog
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    Gem, I'm afraid I sometimes dip in and out of the forum several times a day and I often multitask by watching TV at the same time! Of course there are lots of days when I have to do other stuff but rarely a day goes by without my having a look to see what everyone's up to! I hate to think I'm missing out on anything !!....... this sounds as though I don't have much of a life, but on NS I feel I'm talking to friends and that's very important to me. Some people have met each other in person since joining NS so I suppose it could feel to 'guests' that we all know one another, but it's always good to get to know even more people who are interested in Nottingham and can share their memories. There are several people who post on here who are happy to never meet up personally - and that's fine, too. You never know when one of your memories will strike a chord with someone else so please keep on posting because we all have something to offer x
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    Perhaps we should consider what has happened to the memory of the late great Fred Dibnah in his home town and compare the two. For all his many faults, Cloughie did put Nottingham on the map, it wasn't just about football either, he was a national institution, well, for just being Cloughie. All the great footballing success happened after I'd moved down to Essex, it didn't stop here, everyone talked about him all the time. I remember going to watch Forest play Ipswich at Portman Road, my neighbour hadn't a lot of interest in football, he just loved Mr Clough. He insisted on coming to the match with me just so he could see the man in the flesh. I recall getting a place on the front next to the dugout, old 'Big head' came along the touchline, he must have been in a good mood, talking to the crowd and signing autographs, this was in the Ipswich side by the way, even they loved him. My mate was overcome, he didn't watch the match, just Brians antics at the side of the pitch. Quite frankly, he was the only football manager, that, come rain or shine, whoever you supported, whatever you did, or where you lived, everyone loved him, because of his eccentricities or whatever, the only other football manager that to me has come close in terms of public affection was Matt Busby, and that was for obvious reasons. In some ways, I'm glad he never became England manager, whoever I talk to, Spurs, Arsenal, Braintree United, they all think he should have done, but by not doing so, it's perpertrated the myth of what might have been. Not putting up a statue to the man is unthinkable, I'm sure that a penny on the council tax to pay for it wouldn't be a problem, get on with it Nottingham, put him next to Robin Hood, just don't ask Tracey Emin to tender for the job. This is what happened to Fred Dibnah, great man, stalwart of Bolton, but what did those scumbags at the council did for his memory. You still see his programmes repeated on many channels, but I can't watch them anymore. His fantastic house and industrial heritage were ignored by the council as a museum, they didn't want to know, a scheme for a statue was also ignored by the local council. His wife was chucked out of the house, it was left to be vandalised. Most of his artifacts were stolen, the house has been constantly raided. All those lovely drawings that you see on the TV have gone, ignoring legal battles, his mates took away his steam engines, lacking all their stolen plates. His famous old landrover was left to rot, it's probably been torched by now. The house was eventually put up for auction by typically money grabbing agents, a glitch in a site plan has left it's sale suspended for a year and it's probably been wrecked even more. Meanwhile, his wife Sheila, without council help, raised herself enough money for a statue. The council wanted to shove it away from the town centre, outside a derelict church and opposite Tesco's, nice place to honour the memory of a great British Hero. Eventually, sanity prevailed and the statue, paid for by the public, was erected in Bolton Town Centre, quite right too. As for the rest of this great man's life, it's become a shambles, think of that when you watch the next repeated episodes about this truly great Briton, his memory totally destroyed in his home town, that amazing workshop and industrial museum he created, all gone, what a bloody disgrace, it was a unique place, just ignored by the powers that be. It should be one of the Heritage sites of this country, they probably shoved the money into a Bolton Ethnic Centre instead, makes you puke doesn't it.
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