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    Well I hadn't intended contributing to this thread but do you want to know how many staples I've got in my tummy?!! Actually I'll spare you the details but I want to put on record that my experience of the NHS has been excellent. A year ago I was an emergency case and operated on within 2 weeks. On Thursday just gone I was back in QMC getting tidied up so I can hopefully lead a normal life again. My consultant told me at the start of June that he would be able to perform the operation 'in July'. I was called in for Pre-Op in June and then at the beginning of July I rang his secretary who told me I was in the diary for 27th July and a letter was about to go out in the post to me. I'm here on a ward being well cared for and recovering. I have nothing but praise for the system.
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    Went to Sainsbury's Arnold today. As usual a foreign bloke asked me if I wanted my car washing, and as usual I told him 'no'. Then I thought, it's not been washed for over a year, and I am in no fit state now to wash it, so I said 'OK'. When we came back to the car park - wow!. Talk about clean and shiny - like the day it left Longbridge. Not a spec on all of the glass and he even blacked the tyre walls. Five quid well spent.
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    Electric cars will NEVER replace conventional "fossil" fueled cars in our g/kids lifetimes. The battery technology we have at the moment is a problem, lead acid batteries pose an environmental hazard when dead. Rare earth to make lithium batteries is limited, read rare earths!! Thomas Edison and Henry Ford made not only the first electric car, but also an electric tractor. AND, what batteries did they use?? NiFe (Nickel Iron) batteries, which will last for many years, in fact there are still some batteries still working and producing the designed output!! They are a fraction of the weight of L/A batteries, have no environmental problems. Only problem with them is the electrolyte needs changing after a couple of years. Another good thing about NiFe batteries, they do not produce explosive gasses!! So, why haven't we got them as auto batteries in every car, truck tractor to start the engine??? THINK MONEY!!!! L/A batteries have a limited life, then you have to buy a new one, NiFe batteries last virtually for ever, very little profit from them!! Next, could the UK grid supply all the energy to charge several million electric cars twice every day??? I doubt it, then there is the problem of limited mileage and having to sit around for several hours while the dead battery is recharged, not a very good prospect, especially for those living in rural areas.
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    And well and truly 'pi55ed' off no doubt !
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    Why couldn't they just pick up the phone & give a call ? No need to send mail.
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    When I lived on Glapton Road in the Medders some kids would run up & down the entry at the back of our yard. This annoyed me so I knelt on the wall & wee'd over them as they ran past - I got every single one of them, it was a great laugh, well for me it was. Their Mam's turned up at the door with their wet kids telling my Mam what I'd done. I then received a traditional good hiding in front of the wet kids & their Mam's. I was well & truly grassed up that day..
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    This'll not get baby a new bonet, Dad always said it,when being idle for a while,
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    Upnah House was a villa built/designed by Henry Sulley in 1877. The RAF had it for a time before the High School took it on. That's all I can find. I have been inside. It must have been a magnificent town house in its day.
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    You may not be going mad after all. By the late 1960s, things had changed a bit.
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    Re: Brincliffe on Balmoral. This from the 1950s fits everything in Jill Sparrow's photo at #131.
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    I'm sorry to read about your daughter, Commo and can understand the stress that both of you, and other members of your family, must be going through. I hope she gets the treatment she needs and I wish her well for the future.
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    Commo, I am so sorry to read your post, perhaps your daughter ought to make a phone call to the consultants secretary and stress the situation. I do think four months since discovery that your daughters cancer has returned and no follow up with an operation date is diabolical. I have found that sometimes a phone call can get things moving. I do hope her letter comes today, if not, it is worth trying the phone call, the letter could be in the outbox on the secretary's desk waiting to be signed by the consultant and in my case, with the call, I got a result on the phone, and I was told a letter of confirmation would be in the post waiting for me when I return from my holiday tomorrow. My thoughts are with you and your daughter and sincerely hope she recieves her letter today.
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    My dad used to come out with some absolute pearlers, that'd never be allowed of today in this overprotective and cleansed PC society !
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    Feeling a bit lethargic I once said to my son "I don't know if I want a s**t, a shave or a shampoo". He looked round my head and said "hair looks ok", then stoked my cheek and said "don't need a shave. You'd best go to the toilet." He ducked quickly though, in case he got a clip round the tabs!
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