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    One of my favourite poems, written by that little known Nottinghamshire youth, George Gordon Byron, is The Vision of Judgement. It deals with the arrival at the pearly gates of King George III who, as some will know, was considered a bit potty! What? What? Its opening lines have been running through my head since the sad news about my friend The Dalai Chulla yesterday and I've thrown together a little tribute to Nottstalgia's Poet Laureate making sure, of course, that it rhymes! A Vision Of Chulla St Peter sat a-dozing by the celestial gates. His keys were rusty and the lock was dull. So little trouble had been given of late; Not that the place by any means was full.... Then, one March morning, Chulla rang the bell. St Peter jumped, sprang up and thundered "Well? What dost thou want? You've gone and woke me up!" "Just landed... from Rise Park. Ay up, me duck!" St Peter peered into the newbie's face: "Seen you before, my lad, I'm sure. You're one of them there monks. Likes wearing robes and sitting on the floor. Clear off! We don't allow your sort in here, Unsettling Catholics...and drinking all the beer." "Shurrup!" the newbie snapped. "It isn't true. I am no more a Buddhist monk than you. It's all malicious gossip, lies and rumour. Young Sparrow's got a twisted sense of humour." "Ye gods! Don't mention her name in my presence. She's barred for several lifetimes as a penance For pulling people's legs," St Peter quoth. "If she's a friend of yours, then b*gger off!" "She's not - and my name's David, by the way. I've been quite well behaved, if I may say. Not done no harm and always raised a laugh. Now be a decent chap and let me pass." "Oi, just a mo," the Saint replied, "we haven't mentioned Sin. You need to be deserving, Dave, you can't just muscle in. For instance, can you offer any skills or erudition? Up here, we have high standards. Must consider my position. That idiot, Lord Byron wants a poetry competition! There's Shelley, Donne and Betjeman already in the queue. Does that sound like a project, Dave, that might appeal to you?" "Not arf," quoth Chulla. "Just you let me at it, sire. I think you'll find my verses never failing to inspire Unlike the rhymeless rubbish writ by Sparrow, Bard and Blake, Wot don't make any sense at all, for pity's sake! I could set up a social club, of sorts, With film shows, slides and singsongs...just a thought. Or an instrumental evening, don't you know, With music by Ravel...his Bolero A goodly crowd would draw... And keep that pesky Sparrow from the door! For, as you say, her sort would lower the tone." "A dreadful girl!" growled Peter, with a groan. " In actual fact," sighed Chulla, "I've got a lot of mates And they're none of em spring chickens, so they're headed for these gates. There's FLY and Rog and Catfan...and Mrs Catfan too. There's me sister and young Loppylugs, who'll bring a hound or two. And not forgetting Nonna or Bubblewrap and Ben... Though he's so busy with his women, he's not due til 3010! Then there's Carni, Trogg and Lizzie, not to mention NBL, The Pianoman and Cliff Ton: they're all getting owd as well. So I was thinking, Pete, it might be sense to make some preparations. A well-stocked bar, some easy chairs and, for the decorations, Some scanties clad in mini skirts, just dotted here and there, So Ben knows he's in Heaven and he's not been sent 'Elsewhere'! The saintly Pete was grinning now and nodded to confide That the place had got so boring, he would happily have died... But since that was impossible, twas time for something new, Yet the inmates can't be bothered: they just lounge around and stew. "I was going to place an ad in The Celestial Equerry For an Entertainments Officer cum Booking Secretary But since you've pitched up, Chulla, it seems we've found our man. Your friends don't sound a bad lot...but the Catwoman is banned! We'll supply you with an office, a desk, a chair and phone. You've earned your wings, youth! Step right in and make yourself at home!"
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    It's not often I put personal stuff on here so here goes, a few years ago I found a woman daft enough who would marry me , some of you have met Margaret at some of the meet ups and yesterday was the day we tied the knot. We were married at Arnold Hill park (registry office) and had a brilliant reception at Papplewick Village hall. The day went very well and I would like to thank all of those that sent me personal messages of congratulations. Dennis.
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    I looked at the chulla Member offline tag today with great concern. Unfortunately my fears were confirmed. I did not know until today. Never knew his real name. The shock of learning about his death truly touched me. I always bottled out of meetings because I am innately shy, but I wish I had met him. I feel he would have made me welcome. I was often in Nottingham at the time of a meet but couldn't summon up the courage. Now an great opportunity has been missed. He always seemed to me to have a very incisive mind, and he knew what he was talking about too. Decent men are rare. I will miss his contributions to NS as he was very influential in many respects. Also, I wish his family peace following his demise, and I do hope that they find some comfort in knowing that he was respected by people he never knew in person.
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    Thank you, to everyone that attended Chulla's service today. It was grand to see so many Nottstalgians, I think I met you all, except Radfordred. Wished you had introduced yourself. Lovely wake afterwards, and couldn't have wished for a nicer day.
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    We thought the service for Chulla was quite fitting - and it was good to hear more about his life from his friend David. You spoke well, too, Katyjay. It was good to see so many Nottstalgians there - at least 15, including some spouses, I reckon. I shall really miss Chulla's posts on here...... continuing thoughts and prayers for Linda and all the close family members
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    Chulla made many contributions to Nottstalgia, but perhaps his greatest was to bring order and sense to organising meet-ups. In the pre-Chulla days, meet-ups took weeks to organise - if they could be arranged at all - because nobody could ever agree on dates and locations - everybody wanted something changing. Chulla took hold of the subject by the scruff of the neck and devised the system of fixed dates and places. From that time forward it was a case of “this is the time and place; be there or miss it”. And from then on, all meet-ups went according to plan and were a great success. That came about through Chulla’s ability to organise and arrange a rabble of different people. So we can remember him as someone who brought Nottstalgians together in the real world, as well as on-line.
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    'All's well that ends well' can sum up our Christmas Got a lively Mrs PP back home from hospital this afternoon and we had and excellent take away with family this evening. I am so happy
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    This is what happens when you take a few old photographic postcards, and then play around with Streetview. Not everything gets ruined all the time.
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    Hard to follow such fitting comments and posts. The shone brightly from early that morning..as i steamed & pressed my clothes with a mug of Yorkshire and Radio Nottingham. Lizzie picked me up and butterflies and tears were present in both of us. Wilford Hill was ablaze with warm sunshine when we arrived. Den Shaw held out his hand and welcomed me..decent bloke Den. Mary1947 also chatted and underlined the sadness of such a day. Benjamin gripped me hand like all Bestwood blokes and greeted Lizzie and myself...having a dance before glegging my cashmere label in the crombie. A pleasant and young looking RadfordRed stuck out his hand and an immediate exchange of past gigs attended took place..smashing to meet him. Col/ DJ360 came up and we shook hands- both agreeing that we would have preferred to have met under happier circumstances. Carni looked lovely and we hugged..though both sad. Chris echoed that Dave will be so missed. Margie...like Paul mentioned that Chullas passing has left a huge void on this site and in our hearts. My mate Terry rocked up..looking dapper with Marion...shame Peveril and i shook hands here on a sad day. Brew,i met for the first time and hope next time we can exchange memories at a happier occasion. I must apologise for missing others..Colin and Waddo and Commo i heard later had attended. Once again/ sorry. The service was a fine celebration of David Birch's life..i thought i would cry- as i had been doing since hearing of our loss.But i listened intently to all what was said of our Chulla- and i am glad that all his achievements were acknowleged to all present. So many organisations will deeply miss such a man with authority on aviation and other subjects. I felt in all honesty privaleged to have been aqquianted to Dave. Kath and Dave's Wife Linda and Daughter Barbara..must be so proud- making the loss even greater. The function at Rolls Royce after was full with friends , relatives and Nottstalgia members...all in support of our 'Meet up Man'. Sorry if the post is long- but a massive charcacter like Chulla deserves a few lines. Great to see our NS members...and regret at missing others. Ianx
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    What a wonderful send-off for a really lovely man. During that service we Nottstalgians learnt so much about our mate Chulla. We knew he was an incredibly bright and warm man but I doubt any of us realised just how intelligent the man was. Apart from his posts about old films, music, poetry I had no idea he was an author with many published articles in ‘Air Britain’. I think his friend and colleague Dave Piggott said he’d had 94 publications which is brilliant. Plus he was an international authority on aviation. We will miss Chulla so much, especially those of us who became close to him in the short few years we’d got to know him. Fly high Chulla, the World has sadly lost a good un. My thoughts and love to his family. x
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    I am deeply upset by this loss- of a man who gave so much to this site and individuals alike. We had a very frank conversation at our last meet...10 minutes of close chat..whilst he puffed his pipe . Chulla / Dave: i am doing just what we spoke about. The sites loss, a gaping hole. The meetup thread- he took control. Knowledge on subjects, To which he'd tell- And the Jimmy Stewart film, he loved so well. I have to say my life was fuller, Having known the man We all called Chulla. Recently we laughed about things and this artist and song popped up in conversation...i thought it apt. RIP.
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    A junior boy’s memory. In the late 40s, one Saturday morning, this young lad and his brother would be squeezed into a taxi along with baby brother’s pram and all the luggage plus mam and dad and set off to the Victoria Station. Once there and through the sacred reverberation of the booking hall, the entrance to the trains opened onto to the metal footbridge over the platforms and lines, and there below us, a shock, a mesmerising panorama like nothing else, as far as you could see, a monstrous industrial underworld of clanking and shouting, hissing steam and wafting up to us, the tempting enticing sweet smell of locomotive smoke. A struggle down the steps with the cases and pram to the platform level and we were engulfed in its titanic busy-ness, a tannoy barking out indecipherable orders, smart adults walking quickly here and there, cigarettes being lit, unheard conversations drowned out by the noise, a wink from a passing porter, his laden trolley rumbling along on cast iron wheels towering above me; this was the centre of the universe, this was the mechanicals which operated the world. And there, the most important man in splendid uniform with white shirt and black tie, with mere whistle-blow ordered the lumbering trains about their business. Dad took me to the end of the platform to see the engine. As we approached there was a malevolence about its clicking, hissing and ticking, it seemed keen to be off somewhere, its huge body was so impatient that it was scorching hot if you got too close and if it had an eye I’m sure it looked sideways with disdain at this little mortal. And just to prove its superiority it let out a deafening shrieking hiss in a geyser of steam which, save for the roof, would have blown a hole in the sky. Mam’s waving us back to get on board. The noises subdue as we move into the carriage, dad stowing things in “our” commandeered compartment as doors thump shut. A sigh of relief from mam, and that station master signals the ok, there’s a contemptuous toot from Leviathon at the front and with a gentle jolt the “Master Cutler” is taking us on our holidays, eventual destination Broadstairs!
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    I have been sitting here with my finger poised waiting for inspiration to come and I can't find the right words, nothing is coming into my mind. All I can say is I feel so sad but also so glad to have got to know Chulla for the short time we had. Seeing everyone today showed how much we all thought of him in our own way. It appears he had such a knack of being natural, comical and caring and he endeared himself to us all. Chris and I already miss him on NS and think we always will. The service today was very appropriate to how Chulla shared his beliefs with us. Thank you to Linda and Barbara for letting us join in today and share the farewell for Chulla. I hope this post is OK, I wanted to write something and have found it hard to put into words.
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    I know I already said happy new year, but the boys insisted they should have a say. So happy new year from them too..
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    The last week has been pretty horrendous, with a dear friend in hospital, seriously ill, and all manner of other things going wrong. Last Sunday, I removed my friend's 2 cats from the house and took them to stay with my friends who run cat rescue locally. Within 36 hours, Humphrey, the 12 year old tabby, managed to dig his way out of the pen and escape. No sign of him has been in evidence for a week. Today, although I wasn't planning to, something made me drive over to check my friend's house. As I walked up the drive, I was amazed and more delighted than words can say to see Humphrey sitting by the door, miaawing for food! He's a bit thin but otherwise unharmed. Apart from a day at the vet when he was neutered, he has never left the village where he was born. I'd love to know how he did it. Humphrey is now safely back at cat rescue, bribed into the cage by a tin of sardines in tomato sauce! If you had offered me the crown jewels, I could not have had a better Christmas present than finding Humphrey!
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    Happy and relieved to know that our son is relaxing in an hotel at the bottom of Kilimanjaro. We’ve just had a chat with him now that telephone reception is marginally better. All 8 of his climbing group made it, but lots didn’t get to the summit. He said he got a really bad headache as he reached the top, due to lack of oxygen. He reiterated that this challenge has been the most difficult thing he’s ever do.
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    Good Afternoon All, Just thought I'd pop in, it's been a while for no other reason than just the stuff of life just gets in the way an awful lot. Anyway I shall be adding cobwebs to the broomstick ready for takeoff on Tuesday to celebrate Samhain Quite a busy year this year. We have been at Poolsbrook near Chesterfield and have been lucky enough to get through the promotion process, so next year we will be winging our way up to Altnaharra for 6 months as wardens from March......You have been warned Compo!!! We have been up to check out the site, at the edge of Loch Naver. Beautiful. Cannot wait to get up there. As we have a daughter and her family based at Lossiemouth it will be a double blessing. We have had quite a few trips up to Scotland this year on our days off, the last one being this last weekend to try out our new motorhome which will be our main residence at Altnaharra next year. Two days at Moffat and then a stopover at Barnard Castle have almost convinced us that we will be able to downsize from our caravan and awning to a 2 berth motorhome. I shall try to keep you up to date of our Scottish adventure next year. It promises to be quite a bit different to what we are used to as the water is provided from a dam which we have to maintain. Grass cutting is kept to a minimum by the grazing sheep, and often deer though I will have to tidy up the pitches after them....if you get my drift. There is no toilet block on site and the nearest shop is 20 miles down a single track road. So it should be an interesting year up there. Lots of preserving in the kitchen department. Poolsbrook has had a seemingly endless supply of sloes, blackberries, rowan, rosehips and crab apples so my pantry shelves are groaning under the weight of many jellies, chutneys and some blackberry gin. Sloe gin will be in production next week. Hope you are all well, Blessings
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    Up at the crack of dawn this morning and checked into The Park Hospital at 7am. Into theatre before 9 and back into my room an hour or so later. Felt fine, had two pots of tea and egg mayo sandwiches that went down very well. Seemingly no problems at all but just before discharge a nurse removed the cannula and my precious blood was squirting out all over my hospital gown and sheets! For the second time in recent weeks I’ve been asked if I was on blood thinners (same thing happened in QMC)..... the answer fortunately was NO. Got a follow-up consultation with my man in 4 weeks time so fingers crossed that what he did today has sorted me out for good.
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    At our weekly sequence dance it's usual to provide a glass of sherry or a cake on your birthday. Last Wednesday was a bit special as the lady was 90 years young and she provided a very nice buffet but we hadn't realized just how 'special' until the E.Post reporter arrived to take a photo of not just the 'birthday girl' but also the 10 other 90 year old ladies who grace the dance floor each week. 11 out of a membership of 45 approx. ain't bad so as Bruce would say"Keep Dancing"! The EP man was a bit officious so this is the best I could do:-
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    Linda would also like me to thank everyone who came, she was touched by such a showing of love and respect for Dave.
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    I wasn’t able to be at Wilford Hill, but Chulla clearly got a suitable send-off. It’s appropriate a large number of Nottstalgians were there. Chulla was the main man for getting a lot of people together in the same place at the same time on a large number of occasions. Nottstalgians who have met other Nottstalgians probably owe that to Chulla. He will be a hard act to follow.
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    It was a wonderful service, and a fine eulogy from his friend David. It made me feel as though I knew Dave personally. It was also good to meet Kath, although would have liked it to be under better circumstances. Hopefully I will get to meet more of you all at one of the meets. R.I.P. Chulla.
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    Things you don’t see anymore (times 2) A 1945 photo of my aunt, wearing a turban and scrubbing her front door step on Queens Grove, Meadows. She dug her heels in and refused to move when the council re-housed the street’s residents, I believe she was the last person to move out of the Grove
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    So sorry to hear of his passing. A lovely man who contributed much to this site and its members. Always a pleasure at the meet ups. Will be fondly remembered by all.
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    This is such awful news. I am deeply saddened. Obviously my condolences to all of his family. I think Dave was one of, if not the first 'Stalgian', I met. He was open, friendly and instantly likeable. We shared a bus back up to Rise Park after one of my first attendances at a Meet Up, with him helping me to grasp the changed geography of what to me used to be 'all fields'. We had quite a few conversations via the site message system, where his wisdom and humanity shone though. Also met with Dave a couple of times in the William Peveril in Bulwell, over breakfast with our Ben and once with Katy. I will remember Dave as a cheery, enthusiastic, funny, intelligent and knowledgeable man. Occasionally a bit 'spiky', because he knew his own mind. But never enough to fall out. In other words.. a friend. I shall miss him. RIP Dave. I hope no one minds if I post this. It's how I remember Dave. 011 by colin berresford, on Flickr Col
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