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    Sorry to hear this Mandy.......met him a in the 60s..........at the Railway club Bulwell, good performer very popular, what was his wifes maiden name ? think i knew her,,
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    Hi, not sure if this is allowed, but this is to announce that my uncle Reg Guest sadly passed away in the early hours of Wednesday morning. He was a true legend in the music business and he will sadly missed by all of his family and his many friends. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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    Well that work ethic is getting to be something we don't see so much of anymore. He sounds like me. I'll have a go at anything. Crawling under cars, fixing appliances. I even built a sunroom on the back of our house. Got it inspected and everything done right. Truth is I'm cheap!
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    I'm off to Northumberland for a few days on Thursday so I will be missing for a while. Have an errand to run for a 94yrs old Jewish lady whose family escaped from the Nazis to Scotland and stayed in Peebles (Borders) during WWII. I'm going to the house she lived in to try and get permission to take some photos for her.
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    Boots Shop, Arkwright Street.
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    Remember this place on Manvers St?Just down from king Billy.
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    Timothy Whites on Hockley.My Mam left the brake off the pram..when shopping in here..i rolled onto the road apparently..that knock on the head explains all! The bell had rung and called time on this Street..Baileys were going..and Cravens Thrift Store ...and the Tesco has gone.Nottingham Pram Co.stiil clung on.
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    Doctor!! He is now..this as a young bloke is how i and other lads i knew felt. Belfast, Bread Strikes and Bulwell...JCC sums up the Tory trap.
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    Yes, they did fantastic pizzas in that Pizzaland. Just the way I like them with thin bases and loads of topping. There was also one on Clumber Street. I hate thick pizza bases!
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    Never knew we had a Pizzaland in 1977?
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    I don't think they bother cleaning anywhere these days. All the soak away grates on Hucknall Rd are chocked full, with no chance of any rainwater getting through .
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    Full agreement Brew but when they leave all of their unwanted good are left in front street or dumped, what does that cost the council. The mess they leave town center in after drinking all night again cleaned by city council, I am talking about Newcastle but is seems to be the same in every university city.
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    The Oriental Cafe & it's ballroom interior 1903
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    And just for cliff-ton 3 Co-ops in Clifton, Vernons st anns well rd Vernons Denman st Vernons Hucknall Vernons Willoughby st Vernons Hyson green
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    On several old directories, Eddy's are shown as 116-118 Alfreton Road. Today it looks like this - the Hi-Fi Centre and ENL.
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    Coop house Nottingham coops broxtowe lane (2) coop Bulwell coop wollaton coop carlton rd (2) coop strelley coop house Ilkeston coop house Mansfield coop Arnold coop woodborough coop house long eaton............and probably many more............
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    Burtons was more than a fruit and veg shop.It was an upmarket shop selling all types of fine food. In the 80s it was taken over by Fine Fare.
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    Wasn't there a fruit and veg shop on long row in the council house building? Burtons rings a bell, anyone? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Worked two Christmases at Pork Farms factory in St Annes in the 60s, rendering lard, boiling polony, and linking sausages. 12 hour shifts, 6 'til 6, with fantastic pork-oriented breakfasts and lunches.
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    Macfisheries, Burtons the Tailors, Pork Farms also used to be very common at one time.
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    #5 Catfan God there's a name from the past, Alex Owen, we rented our first colour tv from them, it caught fire first night ! but they replaced next day with a new one, which lasted a couple of years.
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    Fords ! the family store. Alex Owen, TV rental shops.
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    And Selectadisc. Now that really WAS a Nottingham institution!
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    Oriental Cafe? It was close to the corner of Friar Lane, which you can just see here.
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