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    I enjoyed working there, except when someone cut themselves on bacon slicer. They had an amazing canteen, the sandwiches had more filling than bread! I also worked for a while in a factory at Beeston putting fancy trimmings for furniture and clothes on cards. Think it was called jenning or something like that, didn’t stay long though as it made your hands sore. But I got the fringed trimming for my jeans for nothing, a must if you were a “mod”.
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    My father used to say it was a very effective way of thinning out the population and, in my opinion, it needs thinning out drastically. We've become parasites who are destroying our host but if you express that opinion, attack from all sides is usually the result. It's a consequence of uncontrolled breeding and increased longevity but the effect on the planet is catastrophic. Maybe dad was right!
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    Car dealers are the modern day equivalent of horse traders. A generally untrustworthy bunch of people.
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    It was my ambition to work on the biscuit counter in there when I was a child. I loved that biscuit counter. Can smell it now. They got rid of it. Had to go into teaching instead!
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    I’ve spent nearly all my life typing (and still need to type daily as we’re still running a business here) and when I get an email, usually a long interesting catch-up email, I decide to answer it ‘soon’ but never get around to it. Instead I will pick up the phone and call that friend who I haven’t seen for months or years. We chat for an hour or more and I love it. Texting is ok if there is no time to talk but I much prefer to have a proper chat.
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    I always used to buy and wear a poppy but not in recent years. It has now become a symbol of ‘political correctness’ to wear a poppy. Look at people on the TV. Everyone seems to get a poppy pinned on them before they go on air. We see characters wearing poppies on soaps who would never wear one in real life. I will never subscribe to the philosophy of political correctness.
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    Quite agree FLY2. To forget is to risk allowing it to happen again.
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    ^^^More like ten quid, I would have thought these days, due to inflation^^^
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    Barrie, when you see that you have a notification - it will be either the little bell or the envelope - just click on it. It will then take you to the post that someone has liked or open up a private message from someone. I'll send you a private message now so you can open it and reply to me, then you'll see how it works
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    There's normally a local GC to suit everyone's tastes. Timmermans, a good cross section of everything. Brookfields, expensive and poor plant selection. East Bridgford, more of a shopping complex, and before it, Frosts, again expensive and poor plant selection. Dukeries, appalling. Wheatcrofts, poor selection, and coffee shop. Hollybeck, brilliant coffee shop, and reasonable prices. Southwell GC, reasonable. Reg Taylors, outrageous prices. Jacksdale GC, good. Reuben Shaws, reasonable cafe, good plants. Floralands, reasonable prices, cafe brimming with kids. Moores, good selection. Bardills, reasonable prices, good selection, and very friendly staff. However, appalling service in the coffee shop. Trowell, good all round selection of everything, and a good cafe.
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    Just got round to reading your post DAVIDW it take's a lot to upset me I have a very board back, I just like the discussion that we have, I would never take offence, its just good old banter.
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    Reading about our Ben and sheds I thought it would be an idea to have a seperate topic related to sheds,don't think one has been done before but sorry if it has, anyroad, what do you get upto in the shed,(ladies and gents) is your shed a worshop,a place to relax and put your feet up, a place to escape the rigours of life or is it just a wooden building in your garden where you keep spiders and other creepy crawlies? Here's a project I got upto in the summer while I was waiting for some spare parts for another project, this is an old Sufflok iron foundary engine as found on Qualcast and similar lawnmowers, it had not worked for years so I took it all to pieces as us men do, cleaned it up, painted it and re built it, mounted it on a nice piece of varnished wood, put some petrol in the tank and it fired up, a lovely little toy and all the work done in my shed (which is a tip by the way) Rog
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    Just after I took this picture I had to use the wash wipe because the little so and so did a poop up the window Rog
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    Could it be one of your socks on the washing line with the sun behind it? Rog
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    I've often thought about getting a leather flying helmet and goggles to wear when riding my trike Rog
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    Mine are only prescription drugs Rog
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    And baseball cap wearers drive Toyota's ? Rog
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    Thing is those clocks were never accurate !
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    Thanks Mick, I did wonder, at first I thought it was the 68 terminus near the top of Farnborough road but with no sign of Pastures avenue I had to think again, didn't all the terminii have those clocks Rog
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    That one looks to be on the Clifton estate Rog
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    Ray Pettit,now there's a name from the past, brilliant welder Rog
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    Think they are two stroke engines,about 40 - 60cc, horizontal as opposed to vertical engine similar to some lawn mowers,sounds like it needs shimming on the bottom, mainly aluminium components, thats about all mate,good luck with it though nice little project Rog
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    I'm surprised there is no one on this site who attended these schools in the mid-late 60s,it seems nearly all other Nottingham schools are covered with the exception of these two, Rog
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    Post 122 LizzieM don't feel inadequate because you're not, any one who makes an effort is more than adequate in my book, well done any effort is positive effort no matter how great or small Rog
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    it's fantastic the amount of encouragement you get from the comments you guy's post on here,really spurs you on to do a little bit more, I was going to finish the afternoon off in the office but after reading your posts I've decided to have another walk around the site and do the paperwork later, thanks you guy's Rog
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