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    I wear mine out of respect. Nothing more, nothing less. If folks see it as being PC, then so be it. It's something I've done since starting work. If I was homeless, and down to my last ten bob, I'd STILL buy a poppy. They died so that I could live in so called peace, and relative freedom. Simple as that !
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    I enjoyed working there, except when someone cut themselves on bacon slicer. They had an amazing canteen, the sandwiches had more filling than bread! I also worked for a while in a factory at Beeston putting fancy trimmings for furniture and clothes on cards. Think it was called jenning or something like that, didn’t stay long though as it made your hands sore. But I got the fringed trimming for my jeans for nothing, a must if you were a “mod”.
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    My father used to say it was a very effective way of thinning out the population and, in my opinion, it needs thinning out drastically. We've become parasites who are destroying our host but if you express that opinion, attack from all sides is usually the result. It's a consequence of uncontrolled breeding and increased longevity but the effect on the planet is catastrophic. Maybe dad was right!
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    Me neither but I wear a poppy...just an ordinary one...every year out of respect for those (members of my own family amongst them) who died in both world wars. I, personally, would never wear the glitzy versions of poppies which have become common in recent years, nor display a plastic poppy on the front of my car. Something in me isn't happy about the current rash of poppies on lampposts. Yes, it is the centenary of the end of The Great War but I don't think that's any excuse to turn the symbol into 'bling' and neither of my grandfathers would have approved of that. I believe, as with most things, it is the intention that counts. You either wear it as a mark of respect or you wear it because it is the politically correct thing to do. Only you know why you wear it and that's all that matters. Otherwise, my philosophy is echoed by the late Harry Patch. Don't go to war.
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    Car dealers are the modern day equivalent of horse traders. A generally untrustworthy bunch of people.
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    It was my ambition to work on the biscuit counter in there when I was a child. I loved that biscuit counter. Can smell it now. They got rid of it. Had to go into teaching instead!
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    I’ve spent nearly all my life typing (and still need to type daily as we’re still running a business here) and when I get an email, usually a long interesting catch-up email, I decide to answer it ‘soon’ but never get around to it. Instead I will pick up the phone and call that friend who I haven’t seen for months or years. We chat for an hour or more and I love it. Texting is ok if there is no time to talk but I much prefer to have a proper chat.
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    I hear on the news yesterday that some schools are encouraging the children to wear "white peace poppy's" as opposed to the red rememberance poppy's we are used to, any comments? please keep them sensible Rog
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    Three GC's that I regularly use on a day out near Doncaster, are Walkers Nurseries and GC at Blaxton just off the A614. A good selection of everything, and a good cafe. Branton Farm Nurseries towards Doncaster. A great selection, and reasonable prices, but a minimal cafe. Then Tickhill GC. Massive shop, and reasonable plants. A good cafe. All in all, a good day out.
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    ^^^More like ten quid, I would have thought these days, due to inflation^^^
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    As you know, I always deeply respected Bob so what I say next is not intended to attack a good man who is not here to defend himself. If you asked Bob to define his religion he would answer, as he did to me once. "I'm a liberal Christian." Trimmed to it's basics we might translate that as, believe what you want. Jesus was a good man try to follow his teachings. A slippery slope. At that point God becomes a God of the gaps. What we can't explain by our science must be God's doing. I'm not trying to start a religious debate so don't block me. I'm just trying to explain that seeming anomaly as best I can. So we might say Physics is exact science, but where the Bible seems to disagree the Bible must be wrong. Needless to say we had some lively, even acrimonious debates in his later years. That is probably enough said at this point.
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    Barrie, when you see that you have a notification - it will be either the little bell or the envelope - just click on it. It will then take you to the post that someone has liked or open up a private message from someone. I'll send you a private message now so you can open it and reply to me, then you'll see how it works
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    Garden Centres have shown they are profitable and enduring, many being old-established and slowly being taken over by larger chains. Not only that, they are one of the few retail concepts that are actually thriving. A destination whether it's sunny or freezing. Food and drink to consume and purchase, fancy goods, clothes, stationery, furniture, seasonal goods, conservatories, summer-houses, things for the kids etc. Oh I nearly forgot the actual horticulture and associated equipment. I see them evolving and increasing their ranges much further. In these days of retail uncertainty, how often do you hear of one closing down?
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    There's normally a local GC to suit everyone's tastes. Timmermans, a good cross section of everything. Brookfields, expensive and poor plant selection. East Bridgford, more of a shopping complex, and before it, Frosts, again expensive and poor plant selection. Dukeries, appalling. Wheatcrofts, poor selection, and coffee shop. Hollybeck, brilliant coffee shop, and reasonable prices. Southwell GC, reasonable. Reg Taylors, outrageous prices. Jacksdale GC, good. Reuben Shaws, reasonable cafe, good plants. Floralands, reasonable prices, cafe brimming with kids. Moores, good selection. Bardills, reasonable prices, good selection, and very friendly staff. However, appalling service in the coffee shop. Trowell, good all round selection of everything, and a good cafe.
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    Just after I took this picture I had to use the wash wipe because the little so and so did a poop up the window Rog
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    Could it be one of your socks on the washing line with the sun behind it? Rog
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    To be honest I am ashamed of the state of my sheds,they seem to be overrun with useful (to me) stuff,to the untrained eye they are full of rubbish. This is the shed I keep the trike in,just enough room for it to fit down the middle, This one is the garden equipment shed,lawn mowers (2) pressure washer (1), toolboxes with tools (2), portable gas fire (1 but there is another one stored in the front conservatory), cine projectors (2) don't know why,never used them never will, drain rods and various ends (2) fuel cans (5) golf balls (2 carrier bags full) don't know why,never played golf,never will, golf clubs and bag (1) As if thats not bad enough there is a bit of overspill storage in the green house I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get rid of everything I dont use,the garden tools shed is about to be replaced with a new one in the near future. I know, I'm a junk hoarder, don't let Mrs P know Rog
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    I've often thought about getting a leather flying helmet and goggles to wear when riding my trike Rog
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    Mine are only prescription drugs Rog
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    And baseball cap wearers drive Toyota's ? Rog
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    Thing is those clocks were never accurate !
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    Think they are two stroke engines,about 40 - 60cc, horizontal as opposed to vertical engine similar to some lawn mowers,sounds like it needs shimming on the bottom, mainly aluminium components, thats about all mate,good luck with it though nice little project Rog
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    Post 122 LizzieM don't feel inadequate because you're not, any one who makes an effort is more than adequate in my book, well done any effort is positive effort no matter how great or small Rog
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    You guy's are just brilliant,and the encouragement given to each other just shows that the Nottinghams helpful and friendly spirit is far from dead what a close knit community Nottstalgians are,Yesterdays steps were 8974,didn't bother walking around Sainsbury's so sat in the pickup truck watching the young ladies walking by,(some of them raised my heartbeat though ) Mrs P at the gym this morning while I put up the new ceiling light in the living room then I think it's a walk round Newark for an hour or two so will see how I fare today,keep stepping guy's you are doing brilliant Rog
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    Thanks for reply Bing, I was beginning to wonder if these schools existed with not being replied to, what years were you at Fairham, I was there 64-68, Fleming house Rog
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