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    We have a policy of no politics on Nottstalgia, and this thread is now going too far in that direction.
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    I’d wait and see how Kai is as the week progresses Stavertongirl. All animals have episodes when they’re not feeling 100%, (and you say you were under the weather yesterday too). Our dog is quite a hardy little lad and we rarely take him to the vets, just an annual check-up and a booster jab for whatever it is. However he does have his ‘off days’ causing worry. Recently we were away and felt the need to visit a vet with Jack as he didn’t want to go out for a walk and seemed to have something stuck in his throat. After examination, she rammed her hand down his little throat, temperature was fine as was heart etc she said he’d probably got kennel cough. Prescribed antibiotics, £110 thank you very much! A couple of days later he was fine, no ‘kennel coughing’ either. He’s getting old, I am too, there are days when I can’t be bothered to go out! The xrays will cost a bomb, if I were you I’d wait and see. Hope you feel better today too.
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    The way things are going, I might have to start following Clifton All Whites
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    I'm with Phil and Margie. I like Corbyn!
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    Be guided by kai. If he seems fine and there is nothing obviously wrong, hold off. As you say, there is no benefit in putting him through the trauma of x rays if he seems normal. I have great respect for vets but, these days, they do seem to have a tendency to rack up the fees for tests which are not always necessary. If kai needs attention, he'll let you know.
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    I bet his IRA sympathies go down well in Warrington, even 25 or so years after the bombing atrocities.
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    Although I dont usually get involved in political/religious discussions (they can get quite heated), I do think Corbyn and his cronies are quite dangerous. I agree with Fly and dread the thought of him being in power.
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    Supporter of the IRA, refers to Hamas and Hezbollah as 'our friends' probable anti-Semitic, yeah quite right, what's not to like about him...
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    He will lead us into the wilderness with his endless borrowing, and our standard of living will nosedive dramatically ! He might want to save the world, but he's not doing it at my expense !
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    Can you still say all whites? Did they have to change the name a few years ago. You can still say New Zealand all blacks though.
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    Corbyn is a politician with principles, to his credit he sticks to them. I prefer his consistency to those who lie and change their minds according to personal profit or popularity.
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    Steady on Melissa. I was being sarcastic. I can’t stand the bloody man!
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    For decades Corbyn was a backbencher. He had no influence and his idiotic views didn't really matter. Now there is a very real chance he could be PM. God help us if that happens.
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    I will see how he goes on this week, nothing the matter with him at the moment, he is chasing a fly round the garden! I must admit I miss my vet from Doncaster, he had looked after many of our dogs and I trusted him. This new vet you end up seeing a different person every time. The first one said he had good movement in his back legs and didn’t say anything about arthritis, then the second one did as she had his leg extended fully backwards saying he wasn’t comfortable with it, don’t think I would have been either to be honest. I sometimes think the pet insurance is a two edged sword, covers you against the very high vet fees but sometimes think once they know you are insured they just throw everything at you. It has cost (the insurance company) nearly £300 up to now. Don’t get me wrong I will pay whatever is necessary to make sure my two boys are okay but just dont want unnecessary things done just for the sake of it.
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    I first looked up Haddenham and Google Maps took me to a place in Bucks. But, looking up 'The Three Kings' has it in Haddenham , Ely. No hiding place Margie....
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    My cats have duvet days when their noses are sticking out from under the quilt, they open one eye, look at me and the message is clear. Why not? I have days like that too...increasingly!
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    He wants a united Ireland. Can’t see that going down too well over there!
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    I wasn't really interested in the outfitter's, as such. Just wanted to see if what was in the display case had been changed since the last time I'd looked. Every time we walked to Garden Street, used to drag my mother to look in the windows of a shop on the corner of Hartley Road and Norton Street which sold baby and children's clothes. The windows were covered with orange cellophane on the inside to prevent the sun fading the clothes which were displayed on large baby sized dolls and were changed almost every day! I was around 3 or 4 then but I've always been nosey! There was a shop on Friar Lane which had a marble fascia and my sister always embarrassed us, around the early 60s, by impersonating Harry Worth's antics with his arm and leg! We just used to walk away and pretend we didn't know her!
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    Here’s your viaduct Nonna! I took this as we left Castagnole in Feb 2016.
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    I've had the same email because I have a flickr account, although I hardly ever use it. They've obviously been watching the Photobucket fiasco. Now that PB have backed down (to a degree) and are only charging a small amount for hosting, flickr have obviously decided it's safe for them to do the same thing. They aren't going in heavy handed the way Photobucket did originally.
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    Margie H and MelissaJKelly your not on your own, count me in. I wouldn't go so far as liking him and his methods, but I have do like the broad principles he holds.
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    I think it may be just you and me, MelissaI!
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    Get Sean Derry back as manager........then fill the team with local players ,who will do it for pride.....must be 20 players among the local leagues who would fill the bill,,,,can't be any worse than paying silly money to managers and players who just don't really care about the 'Worlds oldest league club'' EDIT............now,where's me Boots...........
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    Seems like 'upgrading is usually a euphemism for we are going to start charging or if you are already paying it is going up.
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    Not surprising though is it? It’s a pretty cruel occupation, being a football manager. Hardy should sack all the players too and start afresh in January.
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    Of course, Carni. It's GDPR...Great Dud Pie Rumpus!
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    Update on Mince Pies. We received a phone call late October from the Supermarket head office. (Very sorry, I had health issues that took priority and I forgot to update NS ). The call was for my permission to allow them to pass on my details to the pie makers, due to the 'Privacy laws', they had to have my consent before they could do that. We were told it could take up to ten weeks before we heard from them. Watch this space, my reckoning is about early December.
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    This is Hawthorne's which was on Clumber Street and might be the one Jill was thinking of.
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    Same train different aspect . The whistle of the train brings a lump to my throat.
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    Looking at the walls of the station it could be a steam train from around here. That colour is the colour here of the stations. I did put the link on of these historic trains. Cant remember where though
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    Last night I was putting the final toppings on the pizzas ready to go in the oven when there was the most terrific bang . First I thought it was the pellet stove , then the window but no it was the oven. The interior glass exploded. Course the guarantee has expired but a new glass shouldn't be too hard to find. My daughter had to put them in her oven while I cleared up the glass. Just thought is anyone interested in steam trains. Yesterday we had a display of historic trains . One travelled here from Turin. The train station was closed a couple of years ago because a tunnel caved in But now they are reopening the line only between here and Asti. Don't know if it's already on you tube but if anyone is interested I can post the short film on NS
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    I did the Bilbrough and Strelly runs too in 1960 - 61. Minver Crescent in the snow was no joke. There were two of us did the deliveries, the other lad had been there a while and showed me the ropes. I got one and threepence an hour! I remember a lady who lived in Norton Street just round from the shop. She would unwrap all the parcels and then, if she wasn't happy tell me to take it back and tell Buxton what was wrong and what he should send back. She always gave me a tanner tip, I think she was sorry for sending me back to face him. That job gave me my first taste of what employers are really like. He used to bring his son into the shop - fat as a butchers dog! , and he used to try to boss us about. He,d be about 70 now if hes avoided the physical degeneration of obesity.
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    What's not to like about him?
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    I like Corbyn - and I don't care what he looks like, so there!!!
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    Have you seen what happens to candy floss (cotton candy) when it gets wet?
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    Possibly TBI. I’m just thankful he came home and was still around long enough for me to remember him. Being his only grandchild he made a real fuss of me, he was an accomplished artist and he sat me on his knee at the kitchen table down the Meadows teaching me to draw.
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    Referring to my post about my Grandfather, I didn’t realise til today that his name and other information was engraved around the edge of his war medals. Having always thought he was in the Sherwood Foresters and feel sure I’ve seen him mentioned in the regiment information at Nottingham Castle, but on the edge of the medals is ‘ 75184 GNR . E. O. CROFT. R.A.’ Indicating that he was in the Royal Artillery.
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    Just a steady 35 min on the rower. Shower. Porridge. Dress nicely for the service at the war memorial at the end of our road. Super day yesterday with all four generations of our family celebrating grandsons 30th.
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    re: poohbear in #3 That's what I thought. I didn't expect the Bestwood area to be full of hidden history and architectural gems! This map of the early 50s shows my point about the Andover Road area already existing, but empty fields in the Beckhampton Road area. And note how places like Top Valley, Glade Hill, and Hazel Hill were used for the "new" roads. And I've just noticed the legendary Rigleys wagon works is shown here.
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