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    Bit of grim news here. I'll try to make it concise. On sunday after church my right foot felt like it had gone to sleep. I dragged it to the car. Then I had a hard time getting the key into the ignition. Probably shouldn't have driven home, but I managed it safely. During the afternoon I tried to play the organ. I couldn't. Right hand fingers are not obeying brain. Gave up! Went to the doctors on Monday a.m. Had bunches of tests. Blood pressure and heart rate high. Yesterday I went for an MRI on my brain. (Apparently I still have one) Came home with a CD full of pictures to take to the doc when I go for more tests today. Pesky thing won't play on my computer so I couldn't sneak a peek.. Btw. I'm making more typos than usual. I'm trying to correct them but some sneak by. I'm telling you this not to elicit sympathy but just so ya'll know whats going on. I personally suspect a small stroke and I think my doctor does too but he will not commit himself until all the tests are in. I don't blame him. I am keeping cheerful. I don't feel ill in any way except for the dragging foot and disobedient fingers. Ears still flap and tail still wags. I tried the organ again yesterday afternoon and did a bit better. Still too many mistakes though. I'm able to drive ok so don't have to get mrs L to drive me to appointments.Though she's fussing at me a lot. That's about it. I'm hoping for a good outcome, but if things go South Mrs L has my password etc. she has instructions to let ya'll know. I'll keep you posted as I learn more. Dave
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    Having a right Grumpy day today............but must admit feel better after venting my anger at some IDIOTS,, all my own fault really...got up late and...i had let my Parking Permit expire at City Hospital,, First to get it was chap in a 4x4........my ticket was rejected and had to back out,,chap in 4x4 started beeping and shaking his head.........told him with the aid of my ''talking thingy'' to go and make love to himself,,, I didn't know where to renew my Permit,,,and time was running out for my appointment,,eventually saw a sign''Security and Parking''......Security man said ''why you let it run out ?'' couldn't believe him and told him same as 4x4 man,,cut a long story fairly short,,eventually got a form from him,,but made him fill it in,,due to my shaky hand/finger. 'time running out now,,hate being late for owt,,so went down a one-way street the wrong way to get to my parking area,, got out me car and some clever-dick'' said to me ''do you know you've driven down a one-way street the wrong way ''? ''YES'' said i,, now go away''..........eventually got to my appointment on time,,and shared my experience's with the lovely staff in there..........Same as i said all my own fault really but must admit enjoyed informing a few Assholes about the sens,,...........
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    Our useless cats are still sniffing around the pantry but they are too late. These useless cats that have cost us almost £2000 in vets fees and insurance have not been able to catch a mouse. Yesterday I bought a mouse trap. Well, two really since they came in a twin pack for £2. Baited them up with some peanut butter and 3 hours later one was tripped. Problem solved. What a lesson in cost efficiency. £2 for traps that work in 3 hours vs £2k for cats that didn't work in 3 months!
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    who snuggles up to you for a cuddle tells you its hungry and follows you around because they love you. Not a mousetrap !!! no contest.. One of my cats doubles as a furry hot water bottle in cold weather, whilst ginger moggie is a podiatrist. He licks my feet and chews my toenails if he thinks they need cutting! Sometimes he gets a bit over enthusiastic and bites my toe! Yes, they cost a lot in food and vet fees but they are worth every penny.
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    PP. your mousetraps may catch the mice your cats can't but......who snuggles up to you for a cuddle tells you its hungry and follows you around because they love you. Not a mousetrap !!! no contest..
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    Are you sure someone hadn't spiked your drink with LSD ?
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    Too right. It generally comes from Brakes and is heated up in the microwave. I once took a sneaky peek into the kitchen of a fine dining restaurant and saw rows of microwaves. How else can they bring the stuff to the table so quickly? As in all things you’ve got to see through the con.
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    I wonder if there are any other people who can't log in on their computer. Vicious circle......they can't log in to tell us they can't log in.
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    Not likely to effect me. I long ago dismissed 'fine dining' and haute cuisine as pretentious claptrap. I may be a philistine but at least I'm not a hungry when I leave a restaurant.
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    I always believe that food is for eating, not for looking at.
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    I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner with all the vids/photos (and even emojis) that are put on here. The poor site must be feeling a bit stressed/overloaded! Question of the day: How many emojis are equivalent to one photo? For quite a while now, my iPad will only play the sound, not the pictures of all videos posted on here - is that a related issue?
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    Just tried a single Emojii with no text s a test. Press submit and the whole screen goes blank.... With many others having the same trouble the problem is server side not clients.
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    Remember those pictures that used to appear in the weekend supplements where if you stared at them long enough they resolved into a 3D picture? Well, whilst staring into space this morning waiting to wake up properly, I discovered I could do it with our living room rug! As that is likely to be the highlight of my day, you can see what a saddo I am!
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    Thanks LizzieM, What is a typical tasting menu and what is pricey? I guess the prices will now go up towards those of Heston and Rick Stein. I don't mind paying for a good meal in pleasant surroundings with attentive but not intrusive staff but I am over designer food with tiny morsels on oversize plates or served on stuff left over from a building site
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    Still on the subject of hairdressing. A couple of weeks ago I drifted back to my hairdressing days and changed hair colour.
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    Plains Road looking towards Nottingham. The road on the left is the top of Westdale Lane.
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    Keep positive loppy, we're all rooting for you !
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    Are you sure you're not talking about the Ponderosa (discussed elsewhere on the site) Lizzie? Lol. Saus' cobs to die for back in the sixties. Just near Clifton bridge. we always dropped in when our first call was out that way
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    A compulsory fifteen quid whether you like it or not and I would be determined not to like it just for the pleasure of the hassle with the head waiter!
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    I though we might give Sat Bains a try purely out of curiosity, although now he has elevated status you might have to put your name down at birth. The testing menu looks a bit vague and not especially tempting but the crowning statement at the bottom - 'a 12.5% discretionary gratuity will be added to your bill' was a bit cheeky and a misuse of language. So sorry Mr. Bains - you can stick your tasting menu at £120 up somewhere you can't taste it! It looks like a bowl of chips in the old Sherwood bus depot will be the height of my gourmet experience!
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    Nancy, Ella, Billie.......Sigh! No more for me. My only regret in life
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    A well known fizzy sugary water company in Adelaide has just closed its bottling plant. Those that do the number crunching say that the plant had no room for expansion and the facilities were old and there were expensive logistics problems. What does this mean? All of these beverages 99.9% water some 19 million cases per year will now be shipped by truck from either :- Brisbane 2,000 km away Perth 2,700 km away What about the environment and food miles, no matter, the bean counters say it will save $20 million annually from 2020 and the site on the edge of the Adelaide CBD will likely be sold for housing. We seem to be hell bent on destroying Spaceship Earth one way or another.
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    We’ve eaten there 3 times Oz and it was well worth the experience but pricey. Each time we’ve had the Tasting Menu, about 10 courses but tiny exquisite portions which our waiter describes as he brings it to the table. Last time we were there, 2 or 3 years ago, we were offered an extra course mid way through the meal, ‘Quail’s egg’. Being cheapskates we thought we’d have just one and share it, LOL. It’s not easy sharing a quail’s egg. The restaurant is tucked away under Clifton Bridge and surrounded by pylons, not the nicest surroundings but with Sat Bains’ reputation he really doesn’t need to be in the middle of town. We’ll go again but it really is a Special Occasion dining experience.
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    Relief..been sat at home last 2 hours worrying,, Wife took my lovely old Cat Lilly'' to the Vets,,,she is 15 and beautiful,,but last year or so has gone all skinny,,thought it was her end.........but she's had an injection and a trim and Vet reckons she's ok for a bit longer.........wife said she bit the Vet and was ''swearing'' all thru her trim,,thats one of the things i love about her,,she's always been Nasty. You may be wondering why i didn't go with them ? truth is i'm a Pussy mesen and couldn't put myself thru it,,thought they would put her down,,and just couldn't face it,, I'm hard really ya know...........lol
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    I stopped smoking in 1993 and stopped drinking in 2005. Chris reckons I've just got to master cream cakes and swearing now!!!
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