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    In view of recent events, I've amended the title of this thread.
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    Actually, any butter that is nicely salted. Sod what the health police think !
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    Have to agree with you FLY its over lets look forward. Food shopping yesterday and we brought some hot cross buns, I love them toasted with lashings of butter , how do you like them.
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    Mrs Fly is extremely expert at interrupting Radio Nottm or Radio 2 when out in the car. It'll be silence for several minutes, then sod me, as soon as the traffic report comes on, she'll natter something totally irrelevant ! Watching quiz shows on tv are a nightmare, as I'm constantly whizzing the bleddy thing back in order to catch an answer. Grrrrr !
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    My greyhound does something similar. In the middle of a film he'll go to the French window and look at me in that pleading way. I'll get up and unlock the door and open it then he'll stand looking out for a bit, say, 'Nah, I'm not bothered.' and go back to his bed. Grrr!
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    There is a plumbing firm in my area whose van I often encounter when I'm out. I remember sitting behind it one day at the traffic lights and reading: B Sole, Plumbing and Heating. I wondered if B was short for Bob which was short for Robert. That would be R Sole, Plumbing and Heating! I laughed so much, the bloke in the next lane looked at me as though I was potty!
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    Must admit hated my middle name when at school (Benjamin) i now love it ,,also Ben or Benj (carnie always calls me Benj) my Dad and Grandad were both Benjamin,,and if i'm half as good as them i'm well pleased.
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    I can't see why people make such a fuss about eating spaghetti. I just roll it around my fork and put it in my mouth. None of this spoon and fork rolling rubbish, totally unnecessary. I must say, though, that I have sometimes seen Italians using the fork and spoon method. If you find spaghetti eating a problem, try linguine - it's like slightly flattened spaghetti and it behaves itself better when being wrapped around the fork. Perhaps better, though, is the fact that the Italians, ever resourceful, have invented probably hundreds of pasta forms which don't take the form of long strands (and I don't mean children's style alphabetti or spaghetti hoops) but proper serious shape designed to hold the sauce. Two that come to mind without a thought are orecchiette (little ears) and conchiglie (seashells). Both of these are sort of cup-shaped and hold sauces most effectively.
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    Just returned to the UK after Christmas and New Year, could not post anything due to internet problems but I have just read carni's post and all I can add is A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MEMBERS XXX Looking forward to next meet up when ever or where ever.
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    Another composite of various aerial photos. The dark building towards the rear centre is Victoria Station. The light-coloured road coming in diagonally from the lower left is Shakespeare Street. Trinity Square still has the church. The factory at the front edge is Lambert's on Talbot Street. Market Sq http://nottstalgia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14584&hl= Castle Gate http://nottstalgia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14629 Parliament St http://nottstalgia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14651 City Ground http://nottstalgia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14744 Oxclose Lane http://nottstalgia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=15078 Basford http://nottstalgia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14973
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    Last year, Tesco were doing Belgian chocolate hot cross buns. Sounds strange but they were scrummy. Try em, Trogg. FLY would probably like em too.
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    My great great great grandad was a Benjamin. Farmer at Lambley and local worthy. It's a good name! My middle name is Elizabeth. It was my grandmother's middle name and her mother's name...going right back through the line. I prefer it to Jill but Jill is better than what my sister wanted to call me...Wendy! Dad always called me Liz. Miss that.
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    Why when I am watching something interesting on tv do my two dogs decide they need to go out desperately but not at the same time and then either just have a look round and come back in or just sniff all the garden and come back in. This process can be repeated at least twice during a film. I have tried letting them out before I settle down to watch but they just look out the door and go and lie down again! I’m sure they plan it between them
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    Crikey folks, just lets forget Christmas now, and get on with our lives as best we can. It's done, over, finished ! The birds are tweeting, and spring is on its way.
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    Fly2...thought exactly the same thing! Cousin had the same coach as Rebecca. Uncle had to do the Notts\Mansfied trip. Maybe her Grandparents?
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    You're probably correct Lizzie. Forever the optomist. I normally jump the gun !
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    The Adlingtons resided hereabouts.Belgrave Square...off Goldsmith St. Enjoy..!!
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    Yes, you can see them on Britain From Above. The Belgrave Square houses were three-storey Victorian semis, set up above pavement level with a Bulwell stone-fronted wall. There were other similar houses in the same block between Chaucer/Goldsmith/Clarendon/Talbot Streets. They seemed largish residences, some may possibly have contained apartments, set amongst warehouses and factories, especially the dyers which would have been a bit smelly. Demolished mid-60s it would appear.
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    Table manners, spaghetti, the Mafia, ankle chains, unsavoury toilet habits, and it's pronounced Suthell ! Thats the beauty of NS at times like this. Variety, banter and good natured posting. Are we in for a welcome scenario for 2019 ?
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    Here we are again at the end of another year. I want to wish you all on Nottstalgia a 'Happy New Year' for 2019. There have been a few members my self included who have had illnesses over the last few months, I wish you all a good recovery and hope the next year is better for you. Special thoughts for those of our members who have gone through heartaches these last months. You know we care. Thanks everyone for your support when I have had my health issues, you lot do cheer me up. Lets look forward to another years enjoyment on NS. Thanks Mick2me. for keeping the site going. Happy New Year All xxx
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    The pub named after the stage play.
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    According to PTP, on Sneinton Road, and demolished in 1958.
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