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    More like 'Hows your yesterday' but just wanted to share my day with you as it's a while since I had anything Nottinghamish to write. Yesterday we had cause to head to Nottm, we didn't visit anyone because Chris is recovering from the virus that is doing the rounds and didn't want to pass it on. We just dropped Granddaughter off at Nottm University, she had to attend a seminar. She has a place offered, if she gets the grades. She is hoping for Warwick but is more than happy with Nottm. After dropping her off, we headed for the Embankment to enjoy our picnic, then drove to Mcdonalds for ice cream. I know that fast food is not to everyones liking, but if you haven't tried their ice cream, just give it a try. Delicious. Must say, the Embankment looked grand. Such a beautiful sight. There were at least four boats, eight rowers and cox in each and some single people sculling. Not much mess from the birds, people strolling, some cycling. The cafe was open. The whole place looked lovely and the sun was shining. I felt a pang of jealousy because I can't visit the river more often. Yesterday, our visit reminded me of how the Embankment is something to be proud of. Wonderful to see. So many memories of the area in my time living in Nottm
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    Lunch in Wethers Bulwell,,,very nice 2 for £8 something,,,,noticed a couple of changes on Main street,,,Catfans charity cafe is now a Barbers,, £9 a shot didnt say owt about pensioners price so assume £9 the same,,,i will be sticking to the lovely lasses in ''Geezers'' at £5.20. The other change which is pending,, Outlet closing down,,been there some years now. Purchased some nice 'Skinny fit' jeans in Tesco which will go with the casual jacket had given me a couple of weeks since. Usual ''Bump into's'' 2 blokes i played football with back in the 60s,,one lady i was at school with,,and a couple of cousins........Got a couple of ladies ''Tittering'' in the lift at Tesco,,,,1st floor ladies lingerie 2nd floor Glass and China ,, going down.......... All in All a very pleasant couple of hours in the finest town in England..................
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    Erm, Most of my memories are spent around the paddling pool,. Relations living in the meadows, so spent family times playing with cousins on the grass, picnicking days. and doing a bit of talent spotting around early teenage years. We never had any money, so the Embankment was always a place you could spend a few hours for nothing. Mam would sometimes be with her sister at her house and we would all traipse there for water or sucker money. Loved the Milk or Banana Suckers.Mmmmm. Just a thought. Are there any toilets there anymore. The ones in the gardens are long gone. Even as a youngster the toilets were always priority for me!
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    Why has no one picked up the baton Ian 123 left,I miss all the historical pictures he posted and his memories of Nottingham from the 60's/70's (aren't they what this site is all about?) come on you lot get posting your memories and funny stories before this site dies altogether Rog Edit, I know he's only on holiday but come on!!!!!!
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    I have a thing about three wheels Rog
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    Lambretta "Lambro" LI 175 1959 - 1965.
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    The foreman and I went in a bubble car he came whistling in to the garage and up to the work bench only to find there was no reverse gear couldnt open the door to get out I had to climb out the roof and shove it backwards we also got a bond mini car going it would spin round and round in its own length blanked all the garage out with smoke meeowed
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    He's human now !
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    Have to agree it don't warrant a big diva type announcement, it can be done private. Anyway good luck youth.
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    Could have been from meadow lane? Notts Clownty fans coming back to earth?
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    Be nice Col,, remind me nearer date,,
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    Let’s get this ‘Day Trip’ topic back on track as I’m old enough to remember when half the back page of the E.Post listed all the different rail trips available that weekend. (full page at Bank holidays) As a railway fireman I also worked on quite a few, the first one I remember was Easter Sunday 1950 when the Ilkeston Labour Party ran a trip from Ilkeston (run round the train via Bennerly Junc.) to Rhyl. Nth. Wales. 10 coaches & a ‘Black 5’ in charge. Bit of a ‘hic up’ at Crewe as no conductor to Rhyl waiting , 20 minutes before one turned up looking forward to the overtime he would be on! Nice day at Rhyl (muddy beach?) but had to go in the Conservative Club for a drink as the Pubs were shut on Sundays! On the return we dropped the conductor off at Crewe quite ‘chuffed’ with his ‘soft’13 hours at Sunday rate whilst we arrived back at Ilkeston just after 12.00 then ’empty stock’ back to Nottingham for a 22 hour shift! But the day trip that sticks in my mind was the first match of the 1959 football season, Forest at Blackpool and Jayne Mansfield switching on the Illuminations, which in those days went all along the seafront. 3 trains going but 1 was a summer train not returning until Sunday afternoon. We were the 2nd. excursion picking up at most Erewash stations to Codnor then over Butterly, Ambergate etc. and a conductor again from M’chester into Blackpool. Not due back until 11.50pm so my driver went to the match whilst I went to bed for a couple of hours. We still had time for a stroll onto the seafront to see the lights switch on when this big black car stopped in front of us, I couldn’t see the back seat passengers face due to the roof line but, believe me, Jayne Mansfields claim to a 44”bust was no exaggeration! Management knew from the tickets sold that 2 trains couldn’t manage the number of day trippers so had “arranged” a duplicate to us, unfortunately given our same number & timing. So at 11.50 pm we sat & watched him leave, then backing onto ‘our’ train we told the station foreman of the ‘probable’ error only to be forcibly told to P---Off”, he’d been on duty 12 hours and he’d dealt with 33 extra trains that afternoon! Passing thro’ M’chester the conductor shouted “you are Nottm. men aren’t you ‘cos somebody was flashing a light back there”! Too late to stop we carried on about 4 miles to where the conductor was due to leave us anyway and there in front of us was the duplicate train with the relief crew to Nottingham now 4 miles behind! With hindsight only one train should have been late into Nottingham but that night 2 trips had a longer ‘day trip’ than expected. So did we as by the time we got back, took the train to the sidings & returned to the Loco it was 8 am, over 26 hours after signing on on Saturday morning!
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    Not much wrong with this Forum in my opinion - I read the Topics I'm interested in then hit the "Mark Site Read" button !!
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    Article and photos from Post website https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/local-news/gallery/take-look-how-parliament-street-2536866
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    That's the scary part, Rog. I occasionally read or watch stuff relating to what some might call conspiracy theories. I don't necessarily believe them. I am naturally curious. Some are downright crazy. Thing is we should have the right to read what we want without coming under suspicion.
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    Bloody heck,he's only packed in being part of the admin team, he's still a member and I've noticed he's posting more stuff now, good on yer John Rog
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    Read a book once called Supernature by Lyall Watson, in an early chapter it was about some guy on a train in Russia reading his newspaper,two men sat opposite him,suddenly they got up and arrested him, for what he "Thinking politically" after reading something in the paper . Be careful what you say and read on the internet, or even Think Rog
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    Ben I have a major problem my wife understands me and tolerates me. She must do we have been married 52 years this June, we met when we were both 17, she does roll her eyes regularly I just don't know why. As a Hucknall girl born and bred she knows many people in Hucknall , when walking through town she complains that I am always stopping talking to people ,she says she doesn't mind but most of them are women. I use to always be in bother when I was younger but I found out you had more fun being a lover not a fighter. I knew I was past it years ago when she said I could go out when I want , where ever I want and with who I want. But they have got to keep me, I couldn't decide if she was being nice to me or otherwise. We will have to have a meet up in wethers soon for a coffee, all invited.
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    I bet your tales are authentic Ben. Unusual for NS.
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    You may think ''what does Donna make of some of the things i say about other women on here'''? well she just laughs and calls me a 'Twat' When i told her i was off to Norwich for a few weeks (home at weekends) she just said OK love,,,tried to provoke her by saying ''had a few flings there ya know'' yes i know duck youve told me before''' you do realise if they still alive they probably in their 80s and can't even remember you''' Cheeky Git........lol
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    Colly410, here's few pics for your wife of some findings from an historical dig at Tattershall Thorpe Lincolnshire when I worked in the quarry, it is of an early settlement well timber lining, they had to use timber linings because with the ground being sand and gravel once the water seeped through the sides would collapse Hope they are of interest
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    Sherwood Rise tunnel.
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    Why did they tear down the pedestrian bridge from The Royal Hotel...to The Concert Hall?
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    Afer chatting with Compo the other night..posting this: it certainly must have been a great vantage point..Alas when i began working in this area...all was gone and weeds replaced steam.
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