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    It's a bit like telling the world of illegal activities and then crying foul when someone happens to mention it! It's not big and it's not clever.......
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    ID, you mentioned it initially. You made comments last autumn about being broke, and you now mention a Spanish Purchase. How can that be my fault ? Everyone else reads most things you know ! You cannot expect to post personal details, then stick your arms up in horror if anyone else mentions them.
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    What a crafty girl you are, SG! I used to do a lot of knitting and crochet but don't do any now. When my mum was alive in her last few years in the 1990s, I used to knit cardigans for her, making up my own simple fairisle patterns on part of them. I also crocheted a bedspread from oddments, as she really felt the cold in her later years. When I was at secondary school, a group of us used to do knitting during the long midday lunch breaks - I remember knitting a shocking pink one with a black pattern on the yoke, also a lime green, red and white one!! By the time they were completed, I'd gone off them... Here is a photo of the bedspread I dîd for mum... we still use it in very cold weather
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    I don't know the ins and outs of a situation like that BK but it don't seem right to me mate...
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    Free to a good home, terrier good natured but barks a lot, please contact me if you want him and I will jump over our next doors fence and get him for you!
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    Don't get much better than this.Bulwell Depot- Piccadilly.
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    I had someone knock at my door, usual speel, in area doing work nearby want new windows, by the way your fascias are a mess would you like a quote to do them? Wasn’t doing much that afternoon so thought why not. Chap came round, seemed pleasant enough and boy could he talk. Told me all about the firm, never heard of them before, explained what they would do, had videos and graphs, showed me samples of materials used, starting to get bored now. Eventually he had a look round outside of house, kept calling me outside to ask questions and point things out. Explained how much scaffolding would be needed and finally after what seemed hours came to the quote. It was over £6000, after I stopped feeling faint I said it was too high for me, he asked how much I expected I said about £1500 to £2000, so he said he would try and cut it down, he did a bit to under £6000. I said no it was too high and he launched into how well they would do it etc. etc. Still said no I would expect good plating for that figure. Eventually he went leaving me his phone number in case I changed my mind, hope he isn’t holding his breath as I won’t not at that price I had the windows at my other house changed for just a bit more than that quote by Everest who aren’t exactly cheap. Four hours if my life I will never get back!
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    Browsing they old posts I found this one, don’t know if anyone will be interested but here goes. I knit, crochet and do counted cross stitch. I enjoy crosd stitch, find it very relaxing and do it whilst listening to my podcasts. I have some of my creations framed and hung on the walls in my front room. I have a thing about dragons, collect dragon ornaments, and have 4 large cross stitch ones on my walls, they are earth, fire, water and I think the fourth is air(?). I also do animal ones as well, cats, foxes, wolves (one of my favourite animals) and also teddy bears suprisingly. I like doing the ones with the black background but find these are easier if done when the days are longer as under artificial light they can be a bit taxing on the eyes. I also crochet, at present I am doing a throw for my chair in the conservatory. I go to a craft club on Friday mornings where there is an expert crocheter(?), she does amazing things and is showing me new stitches as I only really know the basics that my Nan taught me. Wish I had let her teach me more but I was a teenager at the time and had other important things to do! Knitting comes and goes, I have times when I have a splurge with it, but then go on to other things, but like a butterfly easily distracted by something new. There is also someone who does macrame (spelling), which I have always wanted to do but there doesn’t seem to be much you can do with it once learned. So back to doing my squares for my thow.
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    This is why i bother to post photos.. Does'nt have the full effect in this one, but typifies war and post war Nottm and Long Row.
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    Nice 'Bump into' this morning,,,my oldest friend known him all my life,,,only normally see him at funerals now,,, Hes 4 years older than me but looks 10 years younger,,,mind you hes never been a 'smoker or drinker' only been married once (i introduced them) only got one child,,lived in same house all his life,,never been a fighter or done owt off 'the wall' in fact been a steady reliable chap all his life,,love the bloke.........would i swop? NO,, lol
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    An old mate of mine now long gone used to drive the Notts and Derby trolley bus He had a piece of the overhead line when they were scrapped it was solid copper about half inch thick He knew the weight per mile it was tons You always knew it was a Notts and Derby trolleybus even on foggy days they used to hiss I took him down to Bournemouth where they had one they were restoring they were hoping to run it at the Black country museum track He once told me that the fog got so bad they parked up at valley road and went to the pictures across the road When they came out the fog had cleared and they got suspended meeowed
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    Don't give up Staverton Girl..keep posting in the song association thread..& More!! I occasionally post myself..I used to be in a music forum that had a similar game..wrote some passible songs between us..after throwing them out.ala..Bowie Style!
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    This has been in my 'intended' box for a while ...thanks from Timeless moments..those blue & yellow NEP Austins dashing about....brilliant snip of our past.
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    My dad died when I was 10 and he 79, which meant he was born in 1876, right in the middle of the reign of Queen Victoria. Whilst no means a cruel father, he was certainly a strict disciplinarian, believing in the principal that children should be seen and not heard. His attitude towards women was unwavering, they were the fairer sex and placed on a pedestal. My upbringing therefor proved ideal preparation for the rigours at the Mellish but hardly for the working environment of the swinging sixties. My first job was in the Export Department of Raleigh Industries, an office full of mainly young ladies, and me the veritable fish out of the water.I have no doubt they would have been kind to me, but I was so painfully shy, I can not remember having a conversation with any of them. I must have shown some early initiative because I was given the job of sorting out the filing system and in consequence, unfettered access to all the side offices. I threw open the door of what I thought was an empty office and lying on a desk was a young lady having her boobs inked with a map of the world. Now I could not say if she was enjoying the experience or not but she certainly was making no attempt to get up. I made a speedy about turn and fled the scene. Should I have reported the matter to the Office Manager? Would that not have caused the young lady, complicit or not, a great deal of embarrassment? What a contrast to the prevailing attitudes of today!
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    When you see the quality of stonework in buildings such as this on the left...it really makes you wonder what the planners were on in the swinging 60's.Drury Hill,1949
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    A drizzly Bridlesmith Gate...1944.
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    Before Hughie's Cafe on Hunto..Robin Hood moved over the road..bus station to the right..the old chimney on Great Freeman Street in the distance.
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    I think that both of them must be referring to their better halves.
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    Good ride this morning,weather was quite nice,warm ish and clear with no wind, coming back up the cycle/footpath back to our village and lo and behold a bit of inconsiderate car parking, this one is parked just round a sharp bend in the path so couldn't spot it till the last minute,the only way to get passed it was to either go across the muddy grass or go out into the road, apart from that it was a pleasant ride This picture was taken in the village hall car park about 100 yards from the inconsiderate parker And this one is our new village hall which will be finished for the end of next month, Rog
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    I heard that the actor George Costigan of Connie fame starring Stephanie Beacham once lived there. Possibly whilst Connie was being filmed, as it was set in the East Midlands hosiery industry.
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    Still there,,my Padstow school headmaster Mr Bond lived there,,far end one i believe.............
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    I would like to thank this site for reminding me of my Raleigh Grifter..
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    More sad than anything to see members picking on each other, after all they are only words. Like other members this site helps me keep in touch with the Nottingham of a loved one's youth that we were not part of, if the comments and postings of a certain person upset you DON'T READ THEM......
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    There was HSR..Backlash..there was Gladrags too on Market Street..and another..Stage Door?..on Lincoln St
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    Double whammy..a boozer and a bus..Done the 51..but not The Craven..St.Augustines dome can be seen up the hill...had me confirmation in there.
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