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    70 a milestone? More like a millstone.
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    Thanks all , three score years and ten ....now I do feel old ! (Typing this on my NEW birthday gift wizzy phone )
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    Hi Heather, I was your housemother ( Miss Joanne) from 1979-80 All the children at Ramsdale totally touched my heart and even to this day I still wonder what became of you all. Everyone I cared for were very special to me, but can’t deny over the years I still think of you. I’m not sure if you’ll remember but one weekend you couldn’t go home and had nowhere to go. I took you home with me!! Today this would never be allowed but back in the 70’s it was ok. I also took my whole group I cared for to my home for a special tea party in an attempt to give you all some happy moments. I can remember taking you all blackberry picking in the grounds and going for evening walks. So it wasn’t all bad, but I’m sure as a young child it must have felt awful. I have a few photos of our time in the school buried somewhere in my loft along with my own family memories. The abuse many of you suffered from your home lives/ relatives still haunts me today and I do still talk about it. I hope as an adult you have found some happiness and I can assure you myself and the other house mothers had some battles with Miss Alton when we saw or heard anything we didn’t approve of. I hope my words can give you some comfort and that you now know you were cared about. Jo ( Miss Joanne )
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    I'm totally disgusted after watching the live debate in Parliament. We face one of the most important decisions the people have faced since the end of the war and what does Parliament do? Not a lot. There are two thirds of the members missing, they can't even be arsed to attend never mind speak in the debate. This is not criticising any one party or opening the leave /remain vote. I see my MP is missing so I feel a note coming on asking why..
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    I refrain from making overt political comment on the Forum, but have to say that this rabble is beyond contempt!
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    Good find Ian - an excellent example of what this Forum is all about.
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    Thanks to Paul Turton for putting this Then & Now together.
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    Happy Birthday DAVIDW Have A Great Day Thank you for all your help with my Family Tree.
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    Happy Birthday David, have a fantastic day celebrating this special milestone
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    Is it connected to the incinerator at East Croft? (not physically connected although I don't know but maybe same purpose) Rog
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    Whey hey, Wizzy Phone You say. I've seen them things. Too quick for me Miduck. No one will let me touch their wizzy phones, even to look at photos, they hold it near me, but wont let me touch. Enjoy your prezzie.
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    Associated Heat Sevices Rog, could be part of the district heating scheme ?
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    When I started at Plessey in August 62, the managing director at the time, had began his career when it was Ericsson's as a machine cleaner. Impossible today, as you probably need an NVQ even to pull the toilet chain !
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    Tom Watsons fishing tackle shop was just up the road from there Ian, was that building with the chimney anything to do with heating for the Boots buildings? Rog
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    Why hang your head in shame Brew, if there's sommat on your mind spit it out,don't matter if folk don't agree at least you got it off your chest Rog
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    I had a phone call from London when boss man was at M & S. "Socram, can we reduce the labour cost of a dozen pack of men's underpants, by £2.00?" "I doubt it Norm. The current labour cost is less than £2.00 anyway." Classic case of a) management not exactly understanding the actual cost of manufacture b) the start of M & S totally screwing British manufacturers. Having been involved in the industry now for over 40 years, with a very wide client base, I have yet to come across any company that was anywhere near as efficient as Marathon was, in terms of labour productivity. The guideline target for costings at wholesale is Direct Labour 20%, raw materials (including packaging) 35%. The very fact that over 30,000 in the trade lost their jobs in the Nottingham area alone in just one year, was generally down to M & S pulling the plug. When I see that over recent years that their clothing sales have crashed, I laugh. They never were a fashion house but were brilliant at top quality basics and when you look at the way men's fashion virtually hasn't changed since then, they should have just carried on doing what they were good at. Basics. They also needed their suppliers to make a profit to invest in the new technology, which would ultimately have reduced the labour costs anyway, but they were greedy.
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    Leenside Police Headquarters..Dealt with Narrowmarsh and surrounds.
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    The former Isandula Station on Radford Rd.Basford...
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    You're quite right Ian and TBI. A flagrant disregard for the rules. The Queen of Hearts knew what to do with recalcitrant miscreants, she should be PM! and vituperative outbursts have no place here, I hang my head in shame, mea culpa..
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    Me Mam once said, " Don't matter who ya vote for, the bloody government allus gets in !"....
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    My first job in my new career as a Work Study Engineer (Time & Motion to some of you...) was at Marathon Knitwear. Our tutor was ex Meridian and our college visits were invariably to clothing factories, so I was happy to get the job at Marathon. Loved working there for all sorts of reasons. Five minutes after being promoted, was made redundant, along with 900 others, early 1980. On then to Richard Stumps in Haydn Rd (Sherwood end) and was eventually Production Manager of the basement, pre-assembly department. However, the writing was already on the wall for the local trade, despite its efficiency. Accepted a Management Services job in NZ but as in the UK, most companies (though only half as efficient as the Brits anyway) gave in and shifted production off shore. Sad - "Bly Blitish" ain't so easy, so if Brexit goes through, could the UK industry rise again or has too much expertise now been lost for good?
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    Saturday early afternoon, into town, before heading home again to watch Grandstand, in the hope that there was some motorsport on. Becrofts (?) GeeDee Pearsons or Pearson Bros (?) plus Nequests and the shop that had some cheaper records on Clumber St Every Saturday, to check out any new Airfix kits, ex demo Wrenn 1/52 slot cars (hoping Dad hadn't been there first...) and anything else that took my fancy. Called in at GeeDees when last in Nottingham in September, but didn't buy anything. Most car stuff now seems to be sold as ready made up and there are very few decent kits that appeal. Die casts have gone through the roof in price. My last few die -cast purchases have been locally on line and prices were good as I think that the seller was also winding down his business. Mainly Nottingham buses and trolley buses. The other problem these days is that all prices are no longer pocket money purchases. Average price of models shown in one of my UK monthly car magazines was about £100.
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    It's the Mount Zion Millennial Church. The building is listed. From cinematreasures.org.
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    That's the thing though, when your younger you only need a six pack, but when we get older we need more, so hence the barrel !!.
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    Thankyou ..its important..that these for me at anycase) not be forgotten ..for the sake of children... And social history ..only by not sweeping it under the carpet can we learn.. I realise heather your experience was happy ..mine however was not ..i realise also ms alton acted as thought she was correct ..i realise the house mothers were understaffed .. I craved my mother as i wrote it took me years to forgive. Her and my father ..and the sytem ..however to my mothers defence...she also was bought up in full care ...if only someone had taken time to break the cycle .. Thankfully with my own i have . as yiu can imagine just to find ...it not documented is a great injustice to theses girls from under privalage back grounds .. And shear abused backgrounds. But only on the pain of of broken backs and hearts ...can we ensure ...all our vulnerable are loved and cared for .god bless all of u..for excepting this from a girl who thought no one would .hear ty x
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