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    Aren't the trucks very well then ? I see one is already in recovery.
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    Don’t book a holiday to Egypt til you’re sorted DJ
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    Beat this one. We are having dinner in an up market hotel in Tropical north Queensland, (Port Douglas) being served by the waiter who I guessed was from the Midlands. I asked where he was from & he said "England" so I assume he thought I was Australian. I told him that I knew which Country but where exactly in England. He said "Guess" so I said either Nottingham or Leicester. He couldn"t believe it & said that he was from Nottingham. Next question; Where in Nottingham? He said "St Ann's" So I said" what Street." He told me he was from St Ann'swell Road which I'm not really familiar with but joking I said "which Number!" By now he's so shocked that he sits down! Then I informed him that I was originally from Bilborough which was even more amazing as he went to Bilborough College. The crowd around the table could not believe this conversation & that I could pick an accent from the other side of the world. We talked about the Palais & the Loccarno which of course he did not know on account of his age but said that his Mother had talked about those places. So I said "just think...I may have known your Mother!" My wife (smart arse) them pipped up "No! No! You might have known his grandmother!" Very funny my wife!
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    Soon after starting school at William Crane a trip was arranged to take a pleasure flight in a Dakota operated by Derby Aviation. It was only to Skegness and back but it was our first flying experience and I’ve just found a report I wrote for the school magazine. It was dated 7th April 1960 and the aircraft reg. was G-AMSW. I just researched this aircraft on the internet and was astonished to learn the same aircraft crashed on a mountain at Canigou, France on 7th October 1961 killing all 34 on board. In this 75th DDay anniversary year I discovered the same aircraft was produced in 1944 so probably operated in the landings by the USAAF and many were lost in the conflict. General Eisenhower was quoted as saying the C47 (Dakota) was second only to the atomic bomb in ending WW2.
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    I had given up growing tomatoes and any veg , as by the time they have matured , the price of them in the shops is usually pennies. Plus the fact the constant watering and care of them if you go away for a week . However for Christmas , my son gave me a tomato growing kit . Tiny pots , compost and 6 varieties of tomatoes . A couple are ordinary looking tom's but in addition some coloured varieties, yellow ones , green ones and black ones ! I didn't think they'd do much but sod's law , all the seeds "took" and I've ended up with 18 plants . I can get about 6 in the greenhouse and made a lean-to frame for another 6 in gro bags , against a sunny wall . If I can't give the rest away I guess they will have to be potted up and spread round the garden , though I've never had much luck with outdoor tom's in the past.
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    I couldn't work out exactly how many babies there are.
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    I remember Derby Airways back in the early 60's. They operated Dakotas out of a grass airfield at Burnaston. My father sometimes used to send me there (I had just passed my driving test) to put parcels on the plane to Dublin. I could park right next to the aeroplane, weight the parcels on a scale and pass them up to the pilot. Couldn't do that now!
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    Welcome Rachael B. Here's a couple of things for you to look at. There's already a thread about another nursery in Mapperley https://nottstalgia.com/forums/topic/13593-robinsons-rose-nursery-westdale-lane-carlton/? And the one you are interested in is marked on maps in the 1950s. (including a 'Ruin').
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    I gave up growing tomatoes about 20 yrs ago when we came to live here.We had quite a bit of land so I planted tomatoes ( wanted something simple !!) I planted 130 different types of tomatoes. It was hard work and I'd never done much gardening before. However we had a great crop and I preserved most of them apart from the beef tomatoes which we ate. The following year I thought no way am I planting the same amount again. They need constant attention and its too hot to be faffing with them in the summer, but it is nice to pick a tomato and eat it while its warm. So the following year I planted 60 , still the same work but on a "smaller" scale. This time instead of preserving all the tomatoes I made tomato ketchup and it last ages. A lot of tomatoes the smaller ones went into the freezer to be used later on in the year. It is very satisfying but never again. We have an orchard at the back of the house but now I don't go up there, its all uphill and as my son and his family live on the floor above he has better access than we do so he sees to all the trees. This year we've had loads of cherries. This morning by 8.30 ( uk 7.30) I had made 19 jars of cherry jam. Just starting to make some raisin bread, whilst getting something out of the freezer I came across a bag of orange peel so now that is cooking to crystalise it. I know I'm going to regret this tonight when I've finished everything.
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    Whats not to love about the whole composition? Can`t imagine these ladies effing and blinding, unlike their current counterparts, who can`t construct a sentence without resorting to expletives.Don`t they realise how unattractive the swearing makes them.
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    Arthur and Elizabeth's (A and E) on Aspley Lane is a nice one, in my opinion.
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    Never mind the stunt Ian, what ever happened to bevvies of beautiful, fashion conscious ladies such as these. Really made me yearn for those long gone days. Not a pair of "holed" jeans in sight thank God.
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    Seeing the Tonka psots reminded me of the TV advert: "Tonka! Real tough toys, for real tough boys!" I don't suppose they are allowed to say things like that any more.
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    Can't find anything specific about a nursery on Haywood Road other than that it is mentioned in Electoral Roles in the 1930s as being owned by a James John Arnold Doubleday (born c1874 , son of John &Ann Doubleday) whose address was given as 14 Corby Road. He married an Ada Arnold in W Bridgford in 1896. They had a son , also called James born 1897 but unfortunately he died in France in WW1. That's all so far .
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    Hi I'm a newbie. I live in Porchester Gardens and am researching the history of the plant nursery run by the Doubleday family on Haywood Road. After a community campaign this parcel of land will soon become our local park! Mr Doubleday was very wealthy at the time of his death but had no heirs so left properties across Nottingham and possessions to friends and donated the Haywood Road land to local church and charities. I believe in the 40s and 50s there were still a couple of plant nurseries in this area (I vaguely remember seeing an advert in a pamphlet for Mapperley Top a year or so ago)? If anyone has more info, memories, photos maps or adverts it would be wonderful to hear. Thankyou
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    Wow! Never knew Arcade Records was there! always West End Arcade for me..I do recall a record shop there in the early 90's. Can't recall the name, bought an Album by that Jay Kay fronted band for an ex, not a fan, ain't going to try a spell that!! Remember a little further up a shop selling men's hat's, seemed very old fashioned for Circa '81. Also a chippie..narrow counter to the right of the door.
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    Weirdly one of the the first words that came to mind when I first saw the photo was innocence.
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    I hope to see your findings one day Rachael. I live locally and helped campaign to preserve the community centre.
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    That’s a coincidence I also lived in Cottenham.
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    Bit late to the party here (story of my life) but I remember the Stevensons. They were our next door neighbours on Radford Bridge Road in the early-mid 60s. Thanks for posting these threads. Great to read about all the places we roamed about in as kids....
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    Partly, no protection when you hit a M'way bridge !!
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    The car too small....or you too small for it ?
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    I searched the news archives for this Haywood Road nursery and nothing came up but I did see mention of another nursery I'd never heard of before in the vicinity . In the early 1940s there were a few adverts for Vryenhoef's Nursery on Mapperley Plains . Cornelius Vryenhoef , a Dutchman appeared to have worked for Thos. Robinson prior to the 1920s before setting up on his own . This is one of his adverts : OVAL-LEAF Privet, 2 1/2ft , 10/- per 100 ; £4/10/- per 1,000. — C. Vryenhoef, Mapperley Plains. 21 February 1941 - Nottingham Evening Post
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    I've had all the excitement I shall ever need!
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    Col, I've been for a chest X-ray this morning same as you, but I'm not itching.... only coughing
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    Italian drivers! I was once a passenger in a Maserati in Italy that was stopped for speeding. The car had Swiss plates and the driver showed his New Jersey driver's licence. The policeman just shrugged and waved us on!
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    Listen to what Mummy says. No, seriously, I hope you get sorted Colin, I have had allergic reactions and the itching is beyond terrible. Can only sympathize.
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    One of the best cars I had was a Suburu station wagon, made in Japan, little under powered, but couldn't fault it on anything else. This side of the pond we are seeing more and more "sewing machines on wheels" I often wonder how you can cram four people safely into such small cars. I'd be scared to go on the highways at side of 80,000lb semi trailers. I drive a full sized pickup and much prefer the comfort and safety of those brutes.
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    Just checking it out. It doesn't get very good reviews in the motoring press - 6/10, 3/5 - that sort of thing. Not a keen driver's car, just a means of getting from A to B without too much excitement!
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    Couldn't agree more. Jap cars for reliability any day.
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    I just associate Nissan Micra's and the Honda Jazz with the elderly. I suppose I've just got to accept that I'm in that bracket now!
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    This is all really wonderful. So interesting to see the map, I wonder if the 'ruin' was one of the Victorian sheds that still survive in a few gardens. St Anne's allotments have had lottery funding to restore some. Great to know there were still some nurseries clinging on as remnants of the 800 allotment gardens of the freehold estate. T Thankyou
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    Yes I know Brew, but doing nothing or little I get so fed up and bored. Anyway I'll send you a cuppa tea an' a slice o' cake as Aunt Sally used to say ( I love Worzel Gummidge) PS I have rested a bit in between.
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    For the first time in many years I've not grown any vegetables. I've let the veg garden grass over and the greenhouses are empty. It's just too much hassle when you can buy the stuff cheaply in the shops at the time when you have a glut. There is a certain pride in growing your own stuff and the flavour is so much better but quite honestly I've got enough to do with keeping on top of the hedge and grass cutting. Age is catching up with me. It's time to buy that Nissan Micra I've always wanted!
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    Welcome Rachael. I'm certain someone will be along with some answers soon, as this is a very popular area of discussion here.
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    Just been reminded of Tonka toys... one of our sons received a big yellow digger when he won a competition in the Dandy or Beano, I think it was. He was only about 7 or 8. They were very well made.
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    So are many of us but we can just put the irritants on ‘ignore’. They still clog the site up with their incessant postings but you don’t have to read them. Ignore them and they might go away!
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    Loppy is ok, he pm'd me, but disillusioned with the situation here.
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    Loppylugs,where is he? not heard from him for some time, I know he did have a bit of ill health but thought he was doing ok, hope he's alright, miss his posts Rog
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    Slightly different version...
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    It can't match the crime KJ because the bleeding heart liberals did away with the death penalty some time ago. Sorry if that sounds political it isn't meant to be.
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