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    Heard today that I have my pre recovery appointment booked for next Wednesday so it may not be too long before I have my op. I have to go to Turin the appointment is 8am.
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    I don't think I'm gerrin owd, I reckon I probably am old. I have photos of me as a kid with various of my grandparents. I'm now older than my grandparents were in those photos. That's when you know you're old.
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    I'm increasingly having that problem with a lot of demolition sites around Nottingham. Broad Marsh bus station and car park have recently gone. Not only can I remember them being built, but I can remember what was there before they were built.
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    Hi! Jackson, I thought I would like to reply with my similar fine memories of Aspley Library. With its green rubberised flooring and immaculate shelves of books to get lost in. I started in the junior section then moved on to the senior section. My earlier recollections of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn kept me happily absorbed for hours. I do remember a young girl librarian about the time you might have been in attendance and I would have liked to have the courage to have asked her out but, being of a shy disposition I regret now that I didn't have the necessary level of confidence to do so. It is very sad that the library we knew now has barred windows and a re-inforced main entrance (Google Earth). Yes, Aspley 'pictures', the shops, Mick and Olwen at Pinketts's , the snooker hall and the frothy coffee café opposite the library all bring back happy memories.
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    The ugly 1960s building standing empty for years on Alfreton Road has finally been demolished.
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    Reminded me of this Nonna:
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    I'll second that Brew. Hope all goes well Nonna. As for the itch. It's still with me all the time but slightly less intense. Got my x-Ray results. All clear. Got the bloods too. Slightly anaemic, as ever. Raised bilirubin, as ever. On the other hand my eosinophil count, whilst raised, is lower than last time. Eosinophils are a clear marker for allergic response.. but you all knew that anyway... So lowered levels is good.. moving in the right direction.
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    My mother-in-law, who worked in tailoring, always said when a bit of blue sky appeared, is there enough to make a pair of trousers?
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    Hope all goes well Nonna, wish you all the very best. Then I can bully you without feeling guilty.. B.
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    Having followed what is turning into a bit of saga I take my hat off to you for your patience. To say I'm not in the least impressed with your doctors is something of an understatement.
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    Hopefully this will put an end to your suffering nonna. Great news.
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    I hope all goes well nonna, after all this time you deserve some respite. Edit: oo oo I forgot to say .... TAKE IT EASYYYYYY
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    The worst thing is that I think I can remember it being built!
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    No, much further up towards the City centre on the RHS just above Boden St. It was attached to the original mill factory, since demolished.
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    Whatever tickles your fancy, honky Tonk !
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    Was that Jersey Kapwood's offices at one time?
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    Well I could make lots of grey trousers today (if I had the tailoring skills) but I fancy a nice blue pair!
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    Remember Good Vibrations well. run by two hippy chicks. Got a card..which was stamped..when you'd bought 12 album's you.got one free!
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    Recall another shop just down from Arcade in the Arcade. Only place I came across in Nott's that had a few bootlegs, picked up JH Experience on the Swinging Pig label there. Stocked mainly jazz & classical. Can't remember the name..
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    Plenty of ducklings and young geese around at Attenborough Nature Reserve this lunchtime, but I didn't see any cygnets unfortunately. Hoards of little black midges though !
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    Not when I drove it
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    Back to the top end of Peveril Street, where it comes out alongside the bank building at Alfreton Road....
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    This brings back a lot of memories. From Picture the Past, it's the record dept in the basement of Boots on Pelham Street, taken in January 1972. Around those times I spent a hell of a lot of money here. I'm amazed I'm not in the picture. Most of the record selection was off to the left, but you can see LPs stacked up along the wall at the back; the area on the right is books and stationery.
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