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    My brother-in-law was buried in the corner of one of his fields in Balcombe, Sussex. His coffin was a hollowed out tree trunk from their own ancient woodland, my nephew has a JCB and dug the hole but when the time came to drop him in it the hole wasn’t big enough! The digger was put into action again and there was a successful result. I didn’t go to the funeral but my husband did. He said the whole episode was like a comedy show with him and several other men struggling to keep the coffin level so the deceased didn’t fall out. Sister-in-law made the area into a proper grave with coloured stone etc. This was a few years ago and she’s since sold the farm. I’ve never thought to ask the reaction of the purchaser.
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    We rented a Skoda Octavia 2 weeks ago. We had an estate car/mini van booked, but they offered us the Skoda instead, a bit cheaper, plus enormous boot which is what we wanted the other car for, us being 4 folks with cases etc. First time with a Skoda and we've been well pleased with it, very zippy, diesel engine, great mileage etc. But it took a while to get used to one feature, which was disconcerting the first time it happened. When you stop in traffic etc, the engine cuts out, and lift your foot off the brake and the starter motor kicks in and restarts the engine. Not sure of the advantage to this, and surely owners get through starter motors? We take our friends to the airport today and trade in the car for something smaller, but have done over 2500 km in the Skoda and enjoyed it.
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    My wife being careful with money has already arranged my cremation. She is very busy saving logs ,planks in fact any old wood , behind the shed. When the time comes, I have been informed I WILL be going before her and she has earmarked a site in the garden. Me it worries me not when you have gone you've gone.
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    There's a song from 1967 by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band called "Buy for me the rain". One verse from the lyrics sums up the subject...... I cannot buy you happiness, I cannot buy you years; I cannot buy you happiness in place of all the tears. But I can buy for you a gravestone, to lay behind your head. Gravestones cheer the living, dear, they're no use to the dead.
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    Imperious Caesar, dead and turned to clay, Might stop a hole to keep the wind away. Oh, that the earth which held the world in awe Should patch the wall to expel the winter's flaw! Shakespeare puts it aptly, as usual.
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    If I ever get back to the UK, remind me to leave the Kebabs alone.
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    Agree entirely, Loppy. Too many undertakers preying on the consciences of vulnerable people at a sad time. My mother used to say we should spend time with people and take them flowers while they were here, not to their funeral. I'm of the same opinion. When I've finished with my overcoat, people can take any bits they want and chuck the rest. I plan to be otherwise engaged!
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    I'd like an older classic, just as toy for nice sunny days. Nobody likes gadgets more than l do but it would be great to drive a nice simple sportscar without all the toys. Having said that I've just taken delivery of an electric bicycle but with my arthritis I'm having difficulty in getting my leg over. Make of that what you will!
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    I was thinking I could do a deal with some kebab house on Hyson Green to take my remains?
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    I think I would find that very irritating to have it stop / start in traffic. My micra went to my husband after I had a new car . His car was getting on and he didn't want to have to buy 2 new cars. On Sunday my daughter and I went to Lidl about 1/2 hour drive away. I parked and we did the shopping . Turned on the motor and ...nothing . Tried and tried but the steering wheel was blocked. Anyone having a micra has to push the brake pedal to start with remote. It was so hot as there was no shade and we had to park in full sun. I just could not release the steering wheel so after 1/2 hr of trying I had to ring my husband. It had happened to me once before but I did manage to get it started. When my husband had travelled the greater part of between home and Lidl I managed to get the damn thing started. Relieved but so hot and frustrated and angry at not being able to move the steering wheel.
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    Had a stroll though Nottingham's beach in the square yesterday afternoon, took this photo, the VIP Playa Day Club the DJ was spinning & the place was empty. Poor Mellors!
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    Last year I was walking in Amsterdam with some Dutch friends who damn near had heart attacks when I started to cross an empty road before the pedestrian lights went green.
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    Photos of Canal Street over the past 100 years on Post website https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/local-news/gallery/51-pictures-canal-street-past-3080498
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    A phone call this evening has established that my sister-in-law still owns the area where her late husband is buried, even though she sold the rest of the farm.
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    Take a tip from the horse brigade and make yourself a mounting step, swap it for a 'step through' or so as I do with gadgets, put 'em in the garage and pretend not to notice they're there..
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    If you had a bit of you left above ground, you'd have somewhere to park your bike?
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    I believe the actor Paul Scofield was a resident of Balcombe and loved the place so much he didn't want to leave. He's buried in the churchyard, I think.
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    I don't see the problem. At least they're not going to be noisy!
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    A bit of a turn off for prospective buyer though.
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    It's called Distronic Lizzie and yes, like stop/go, it can be turned off. The lane guidance is more disconcerting first time it happens. Let the car drift over the white line and the steering pulls you back unless you indicate you are changing lanes.
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    The astronomic rise in costs of funeral services in the U.K. is under investigation by the Government. Costs have risen by double the rate of inflation over the past fourteen years. Have you ever seen a poor undertaker or a poor bookmaker? The odds are always in their favour!
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    Don't disagree with you, Phil. Funerals are more for the living than the dead. Each person must plan according to their own convictions. My own decisions are tending to revolve around place, and cost. One will tend to be dependent on the other. Won't bother me too much when the time comes. Far as I'm concerned they could dig a hole and dump me in like an old dog. Hope that doesn't offend anybody. Its just the way I feel.
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    Well the DAY started yesterday. Rain and I mean rain has been twinkling her wet feet now for 36 hrs and more to come down until 9 pm. The roads are flooding and covered in mud. The pool skimmer is now covered by the water and we're worried should it get to the state where it will overflow because theres already a river running down the road and the overflow pipes are now letting streams through. However we may have a solution if it gets to that stage, but we'll get very wet in the process. We can do a backwash or empty to waste. Both will reduce the level but in doing so we still have to lift the lid( very big and heavy) where all the controls and instruments are . The problem will be that the well where it is will also let in the rain and the water is very difficult to get out even with a separate pump. Hoping it stops or at least eases up. Thankyou Scotland. Apparently this extra heavy rain has been brought on by very cold air in Scotland meeting the very hot air here. Not my words but the weather forcasts.
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    We will just have to learn to get on with it as they do in Holland etc. Most of the cyclist you refer to would not get away with selfishness and bad behaviour over there. Likewise motorists and pedestrians would not get away with it either. I have had a 5 y/o tell me off for walking in a cycle lane in Holland! We should all 'free up' and be less selfish with out public roads and places. We may all rant on about cyclists/motorists/pedestrians and it will get us nowhere. We will learn eventually
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    You should have sat and watched the telly this afternoon instead Col
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    I know the point that was made some small Petshops were poor for pets , but it's sad that some shops that treated pets well have closed and provided a nice friendly personal service not a faceless large superstore.
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    Very interesting viewing on this thread link DaveN.
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    I wonder if it is such a bad thing there are no longer any small independent pet shops. My vague memory from younger days is that they were often the kind of place where animals were treated like any other commodity on a shelf, and just stuck in small, unsuitable cages and inappropriate conditions. Similar to old zoos where you saw lions or bears in a space the size of a garden shed.
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    Check out this website https://oldbike.eu/1915-robin-hood-girder-frame-roadster/
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    "Flobop dipop weeeed"
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    Yes I started on 1st day of term in Sept 1959. I was in Form 1F and in Schweitzer House. I travelled to Arnold from Toton, near Beeston. The girls travelled upstairs on a double decker bus with an open platform to get on and off by. Freezing in winter. Later on we travelled in a Skills coach, which was much more comfortable. Only just found this site and will tell my good friend (from school almost 60 years ago) about it. We travelled to school together. My name then was Cynthia Tuxford, and my friend's Janet Redfern. Would love to catch up with old schoolmates. Kindes regards to all. Cynthia Evans (Mrs)
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    Fleetwood Mac at least three times. Jeff Beck Band, feat. Rod Stewart and Aynsley Dunbar. Jethro Tull, Linda Lewis, Garnett Mimms, Jr. Walker and the All Stars, Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band, Long John Baldry, Pentangle, Tim Rose, Cream at Nottm Tech, Root n Jenny Jackson (We booked them into the 360 and lost a mint because nobody believed we had them...) and many many more, including the great Ray Charles. Can't remeber where that was.. Cinema just down from the Playhouse square.. Was it the Elite or the Odeon??? memory fades.. it was about 1962/3.
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    The Pirates i did see..great band..the pub rock scene spawned some great acts..Ducks Deluxe ..Kilburn and the Highroads..were great to see. Rory Gallagher took a lot of beating though.
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    Like me our late member Firbeck was a John Martyn fan..i missed this though....and Kevin Coyne.... all for £1.25p
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    Two best ever gigs - Ian Dury at Rock City 1999 & Cream in the refectory at Nottingham Regional College of Technology early 1967. Same place for Jethro Tull. Once saw Tyrannosaurus Rex as a two man band at The Albert Hall. But some of the best gigs I've been to were in recent years (2000's) - Steve Winwood at The Rescue Rooms (no upper age limit!) & again a couple of years later at the Concert Hall. Also at Rescue Rooms - Calexico, Aynsley Lister, Wilko Johnson (with John Otway as support). I was a regular at the Boat & Union Clubs in the late 60s, but much preferred Blues and Rock bands to Soul & Tamla. John Mayall, Fleetwood Mac, Savoy Brown, Chicken Shack, If, Ten Years After, Jeff Beck/Rod Stewart band. Back at Trent Poly (NRCT) Gymnasium in 1978 - Dire Straits, just before their breakthrough with Sultans of Swing. One thing I've regularly done over the years with a couple of mates is getting along to Colin Staples' Blues open-mic nights. Now at The Navigation on Wilford St, but previously at The Britannia on Huntngdon St & Running Horse at Canning Circus. The best free night's entertainment (& good beer) going in Nottingham.
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    Its all kicking off @ the bottom of my garden!
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