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    Thanks, again everyone for your kind words. I thought about 'toughing it out' (is that a current phrase?) and keeping it to myself but then I thought otherwise just, perhaps, to let on if I seemed a bit different now. It was a shock to everyone here that she had died as she showed no signs of illness at all (perhaps a little weaknes in her back legs). It was very touching to be 'told' about her demise by her friend and companion (my other dog) by her pulling at me to guide me to where the body was lying. Anyway, it's nearly week ago now and things are getting back to normal although it will never be quite the same. I won't be getting another dog. I am too old and unfit to take the responsibility of being able to give it a good, exercise-ful life.
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    Well done Ben, when are you taking the stabilisers off?
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    Those of us that have never had pets can't even imagine the hurt we go through when they leave us.In their lifetime they bring so much joy and also a few surprises. My two little ones for example, the bigger one protects the tiny one from any inquisitive noses apnea stands nearby just in case.
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    About 10 years ago, Gazza, my last remaining cat had to be put down due to liver failure. I'd previously had a biopsy done to determine his ailment, then when I noticed one evening that he was noticeably deteriorating, I had him put too sleep. I then had him cremated, and his ashes are on my bedside cabinet in a hollowed out wooden cat ornament. His collar and whiskers are buried in a flower border outside the back door. Total cost, over £1, 000. It was worth it.
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    If memory serves me correct, the bus adult bus fare was 6d. Your gran would be between fare stages 15 and 14. If you ever went to town on that bus, do you remember stopping at Melbourne road while the conductor had to use the clock in machine outside the paper shop ? I remember once as a conductor, I had to refuse a lady with a pushchair as there was no more room. She asked me to hold the nipper while she folded the chair and lobbed it over the church fence next door to that paper shop. She just said " I'll pick it up on the way back !!" True, honest. B.
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    I didn't think that I would preserve any fruit or veg this year. I love doing it but it's hard and tiring work that gives a great satisfaction during the winter months. But my SIL gave me so much fruit and veg, too much even to keep for a couple of days so it was all chopped and put into freezer for minestrone etc and puddings during the winter. Today I've made 43 Arancini now in freezer. Very satisfying two days.
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    Our 'bus to Woodthorpe was the No.10 which departed from the north side of Long Row. Originally it went along Mansfield Rd. and turned right into Thackeray's Lane at the Vale Hotel, under the blue brick railway bridge, round the island and terminated at the bottom of Buckingham Rd. to return to Nottingham. Subsequently the route was extended along Arno Vale Rd. as far as the primary school where it reversed in a side road and waited at the terminus. The destination name was marked '10 Arno Vale Estate'. This infuriated the snooty people of the area who claimed that they didn't live on an 'estate'! Their objections were ignored though!
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    The 1, 7 and 22 all left Hanley St, and had the same route until the Commodore. The 1 then turned off up Melbourne Rd, Hilcot Drive, Minver Crescent and finally Roslyn Drive. Round the island at the top of Bells Lane and parked at the top of Roslyn.
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    You've got your fond memories jonab. That's what matters most.
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    DJ360 - Emmylou Harris is a great artist. I have most of her early albums and have been lucky enough to see her live a few times,
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    Was told once by an inspector that I was running early. I showed him my watch and said that we left on time and my watch was correct. He countered with, " you don't go by real time, you go by corporation time " !!
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    "conductor had to use the clock in machine outside the paper shop" Which reminds me of the electric clocks that used to be dotted around town, mounted on grey poles, which I presume were for the benefit of the bus drivers.
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    At the moment it still is a jewellers https://goo.gl/maps/e5qN1TcUmokz6TDSA
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    I will take that as red. 30 & 62 is at least beginning to sound right in my head. For some reason or other I preferred to ride on one rather than the other. Used to sit on Grannies front gate at 97 Minver watching them go past.
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    At the top on the right you can see Drury Hill when it was still there; and on the left beyond the phone box is Church Gate before M & S extended over it.
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    Take it from me Piano man, I can assure you that the buses you caught were either 30 or 62. Originally they used to start as you said, on friar lane. The original stops were both outside what used to Brentford nylons/ Iceland can't remember which way round. 16/32,16A were the stop nearest to St.James st, 30/62 had the stop nearest to Mount street. All used to run Derby rd, Alfreton rd, Aspley lane, then at Melbourne rd., that's where they separated. Yours, 30/62 turned right up Amersham rise, left onto Minver cresc., then left up Sherborne rd., at the top turn right past the Cocked hat (now gone), the bus then turned left onto Colby rd., within sight of Bells lane island. As stated in previous post, 30 stopped at Denton green and the 62 carried on to Strelley estate. StuartC. The buses you refer to used the city stop at Pearson's for a short while, when work was being done to the area from ABC cinema up to the Parliament St island where it was closed to traffic. All the above buses eventually moved to Maid Marion Way, left side facing down. On setting off we went down to Friar lane island and back up M.M.way to Derby road etc. Gotta admit Piano man, coming from Jupiter, you would find it strange !
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    Perhaps my memory is playing tricks here as I would only have been in my early teens or more likely even younger when these bus trips stopped. I have never ridden on a number 1 as I have never been up Hilcot or Melbourne Road on a bus (I don't think). Perhaps it is just that I can remember seeing buses circumnavigating the roundabout at the top Bells Lane and being parked up on Rosslyn. I would never have gone that far on the bus anyway. Both the bus routes I have been on started on Friar Lane, went up Amersham Rise and around Minver Cresc. I have no idea where the bus went between Friar Lane and Amersham Rise. They would certainly have been AEC Regents in the later paint scheme with more cream. This is bugging me now as I need to know what I have ridden on and I have often thought about it.
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    From the bus stop opposite The Barleycorn, which I is where you caught your bus, LL, I expect you got the 7 sometimes too? That came from Bulwell market to Cinderhill then Hanley St. I remember your estate being built.
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    I used the 22 from Stockhill Lane to Hanley Street everyday. Hanley street was right next door to the EMEB. So it was almost right from my front door to work. I don't know where the 22 terminated though. I never went to the end of the route.
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    May I then suggest a walk around the Jubilee Ponds, just over the Main Street from The Waggon. The water’s warm in August and ideal for bathing.
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    No Piano man, the 16 went up aspley lane then turned down Beechdale rd. No 32 went straight to the rose on Strelley rd., with 16A using the same route but carrying on to Coventry lane and turned round at Balloon woods crossroad, ( imagine try to do that now !). Some drivers used to reverse into a little side road while others did a U turn if the crossroads were clear. Your no30 was also accompanied by the no62, which carried on up Colby rd whereas 30 stopped at Denton green and 62 went straight up to Strelley estate. I know, I was there, I was that soldier. Nb. Sure I've driven that one !
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    OTV would be 1951 or 52 registered assuming the registrations follow sequence. Ridden on 30's plenty of times too when visiting Granny on Minver Cresc. Usually caught it on Friar Lane pointing down just outside Toby's. Was the other one that went round Minver a 16? One of the two went round the roundabout at the top of Bells Lane and terminated on Rosslyn Drive.
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    We had neighbors up north, that whenever the took a dog or cat to the vet, and said pet had to be put down, they would bring deceased pet back home to bury in the garden. But first they would have the other pets see it and sniff it, then they knew it was deceased and had not just disappeared without trace.
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    Jonab so sorry to open NS and find you have lost one of your dogs. I know it's heartbreaking to lose one of your pets. Thirteen is a good age but it doesn't make it any easier whether they have reached it or superseded it. I can imagine how your other dog is feeling and she will miss her companion for quite a while. She'll need extra cuddles. My chihuahuas were born within a week of each other and they've only been apart for the week between getting the first one and the second one. When they aren't in the same room they cry and search everywhere. I think they are more sensitive than a lot of humans. Where one goes the other goes. Jonab tonight keep her beside you and keep your hand over her , I'm sure it will comfort her and you.
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    I’m convinced that my neighbour has read every book that is crammed into his house. He could pull any one of his books from a shelf and discuss it. My problem is that I’m kind to him and show interest so he jumps on that (mild) enthusiasm and brings books round for us to read and unfortunately, as I’ve previously said, they’re not subjects I’m particularly interested in so a bit heavy going.
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    Good for him. I love books. Love the smell of them. Nothing will ever replace the book...in my book!
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    CT. In my opinion, you certainly haven't been wasting your time, as many look to you as the fount of all local map knowledge and for your seemingly limitless store of photos. Over the years, you have suffered complaints (and even some persecution) but those who know you, really appreciate your being there, along with the other mods/admin. As for another aspect of 'time wasting'......Well, yes, reading and posting on forums does use up a lot of spare time but hopefully it brings back memories of the old days for many... and we wouldn't be using Nottstalgia if we didn't want that! Happy Anniversary, x
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