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    Don't worry letsavagoo, it happens to the best of us. Seems no matter what words you put in the search box, nowt comes up. Apparently you have to hold your mouth just so!
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    Jill, we were walking around a swap meet (mostly tat market!) this morning and there was 1 fella on his lonesome wearing saffron robes. Made me think of both you and Chulla!
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    I had the ‘pleasure’ of working at D&P as a Saturday job. It was like Grace Brothers. Frank was the old guy, the suede head was the youngster, can’t remember his name. Then there was the lady who sat in the cash booth near the front door. Boys’ dept to the left, girls’ to the right. I was forever ever packing and unpacking shirts and jumpers in their cellophane packaging when mummies wanted their little angels to try on half a dozen different ones before deciding. Lunch and and tea breaks were in the rat-infested basement. I got got sacked because the manager, Mr Marjoriebanks (pronounced Marchbanks, a bit like Capt Mainwaring/Mannering) thought I had skived to watch the FA cup on telly. I didn’t, I had a swollen ankle the size of a grapefruit. I didn’t miss it - I went to drive for Wilkinson Surgical Hoisiery instead, much more fun!
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    After a spiderless few weeks I came home tonight after a pleasant couple of hours at the local pub to find a humganeous (spelling?) monster on my living room wall. Thought it was Brock from my side store room but he has been sticking to the rules of his tenancy just coming out occasionally to say hello. This one was even bigger, perhaps his dad looking for him? With trepidation I went to get my trusty spider catching kit (minus the brush this time) and got back into the room and with horror saw it disappearing behind my sofa. No way was I going to sit on my sofa with that monster lurking behind me. So I sat in my chair (back to the window) with my boys for protection at my feet. Waited for a while but it did not emerge. Then I came up with a plan. I would put a podcast on Alexa (she is starting to do as I ask recently) and do some knitting so it will think I have forgotten about it. After about an hour I saw it come out quite brazenly as if it owned the place. In one swift movement (that any ninja would have been proud of) I jumped over my boys and got my plastic container over it on the wall. So there we were eyeball to eyeball and it just sat there glaring at me, this isn’t supposed to happen it should be scared and obligingly fall into my container not just sit there. What is it with Nottingham spiders they certainly have attitude. So I gently moved the container and it just sat there clinging to the wall, so I jiggled it about a bit and then a bit more but the flipping thing was just being uncooperative and just sat there. It was almost saying do your worst I am up for it. So I juggled it aggressively and it finally conceded and fell into the container. I held it up and looked at it but then realised it was trying to climb out so I ran through the house, I had left the lid in the kitchen, and one very unhappy spider now resides in my neighbours garden.
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    I wouldn't know about his ethics or their nationality. He's a politician. Does he even have any?
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    I thought Boris Johnson's ethic roots were Turkish. Jill is now inferring that he's Polish!
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    That was the Rolls on the cover of that Oasis album FLY. Submerged in the swimming pool at Stocks in Aldbury, Hertfordshire and with a false number plate I believe. I went there many times, not dressed as a bunny girl I hasten to add.
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    Send me £50 and I'll send you several, one is a very nice burr walnut. The others are mostly MDF from Ikea but very tasteful....
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    Nothing special about this number plate because 50 years ago I doubt many people even considered spending money on ‘special’ ones. However this Rolls Royce Corniche still has its original registration and doesn’t look bad for an old motor that was originally owned by The Who’s Keith Moon, this one didn’t end up in a swimming pool and sits mostly in our neighbour’s drive in Dorset.
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    Trent Bridge a long time ago. The main building in the centre is still there on Hound Road.
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    Ben, don't forget that famous female Aussie fast bowler...…….. Lillian Thompson
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    Ben, I was lucky enough to see Derek Randall's innings in the Centenerary test the first year we came to Oz My first pick in the team would be Larwood to give 'em a bit of chin music. Then Boycott to make them earn their wickets not give them away Just seen the England "batting coach" interviewed on TV, he still thinks England can win! After that performance I wonder why he still has a job.
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    Dave, ALL ants swarm from piss ants to carpenter ants and all in between. I think Carpenter Ants are far more destructive than termites, probably because the ants are adults and huge at side of termites, 3/8" average size to almost 1/2". Termites are just small "ants".
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    Boycott Hutton Cowdery Compton Edrich Bailey Evans Lock Laker Trueman Statham That do ya Oz.......lol Edit,,or even bit of Notts'' Simpson Hardstaff Robinson Randall Bolus Broad Meads Swann Hemmings Larwood Voce All good Notts Englishmen..........
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    I have given up on Exact Audio Copy. I used to use it to copy CD-RWs made from vinyl transfers on my Yamaha CD recorder.. as it meant I could use ordinary CDRs.. which cost nowt.. rather than the CD-R 'Music' ones which are the only ones which work in the CDR (Serial copy management.. music industry levies.. etc.) But EAC has stopped working for me, despite installing the latest version etc. Anyway. The Innuos has a fab reputation for the solidity and ease of use of its internal software etc. So, I've downloaded the Orange Squeeze app from Google Play, to an old cheap tablet. That will be the controller. I even had to google 'how to pay for an app', because I've never downloaded a 'paid' app before. Sorted it after a bit of a faff. It immediately started looking for a server to link to.. but it will have to wairt a bit. Just given my hi-fi rack a clean.. evicted a few spiders etc. So I'm about to connect everything. All this business of music servers, streamers, control apps and so on is a mystery to me, but I'm getting there. The Zen Mini has it's own DAC, which by repute is pretty good, but once up and running I'll compare it to my trusty Benchmark DAC1 via the Zen's co-ax, and optical digital outputs. If the Benchmark doesn't beat the Zen's own DAC, it can probably go on eBay. Still worth a few quid I think.
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    Cleethorpes always had a strange fascination for me,..........never holidayed there but worked there alot in my days with VG stores and the Coop...........on the one hand you could say it was miserable and very run down,...........with some miserable people,..........ie.............Fish/chip cafe on entering greeted me with 'We close in ten minutes'........another Cafe where i complained i had an Hair in my Cob'.....yes its the new girl we are training her''........Dolphin Hotel (that was) told me 'you can't stay next week Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen have booked the hotel''..........i'd stayed every week for about a year).........got threatened in the Winter Gardens on 'grab a Granny night' by some Fisherman who's Wife had been playing away,.........mistaken identity honest. Then there was the good side of the place.........made lots of friends,including an Alderman who was a very keen supporter of Grimsby Town and a Director,who took me to many matches home and away and introduced me to all and sundry including Laurie Mcnenamy...........then there was a brilliant Barber i frequented for an early morning 'Wet shave' before work,......and a great Restaurant on Cleethorpes road called the Salamander' where all the traveling Salesman and the like would meet every lunch time to exchange contacts..........and i used to do interviews at a place called the 'Ice House' a Christian meeting place,Theatre,shop and Cafe,..........where i was always made most welcome............so yes Cleethorpes/Grimsby very mixed for me........prefer Skeggy.
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