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    Sorry Trogg for all the problems you've had and are having. Despite all the problems that have come my way ( uninvited) it makes mine seem like a common headache. It very difficult when you've been used to doing everything yourself then having to force yourself to hang back. It's then that you look back and think what have I done to deserve it. I can think of loads of things that on looking back , I shouldn't have done. Sit back even for a while and have another coffee.
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    This is what you see from the top of the tower of St Mary's Church in the Lace Market The church here is the Pitcher & Piano; and the wrapped-up Castle on the left. The empty space on the right is the site of Broad Marsh bus station and car park. The purple building is the new Nottingham College; it won't be that colour when it's finished. Looking towards Sneinton, with the windmill on the right.
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    Hey Trogg - we may lose our physical ability but if we have respect from others and retain out self esteem who cares? Last week I really struggled to keep up with the rest of our fishing group in the Highlands. Thought I may need helicoptering in at one stage. Just kept falling down trying to circumnavigate a wild Loch in a gale....but I (hopefully) retained respect for trying in spite of being a bit silly taking it on. Think it's safe to say that you have a lot of respect on here
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    I've twigged it. His real name is J.R. Hartley, and he wrote a book on fly fishing, but can't find a copy anywhere!
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    All the pictures seem to have either disappeared or are blurred. Remember talking my parents into travelling via Grantham for our holidays on the South coast. I wanted to be pulled by a nice green shiny Pacific locomotive. On this occasion, St Simon glides into the platform, pleased my plan is working we board the train. Shock! Horror! Having just settled into our seats, St Simon glides past light engine having been detached from our train. Worse was about to happen: a brand new shiny diesel (D 1502) backs onto our train. "Can we get off and wait for the next one? " says I. That suggestion didn't go down too well, and we stayed on board. I realised that it would soon be goodnight to these marvellous elegant beasts, and disillusionment set in. A couple of years before, I had again eagerly awaited the arrival of one of these wonderful behemoths, only to be disappointed when the blue Deltic turned up. I must have been the only one disappointed at this development, as all the trainspotters were wild with excitement. Not I. It was like waking up Christmas morning expecting a nice shiny new bicycle, only to be confronted with a trumpet! The writing being on the wall for these dinasaurs as the rot took hold and they were allowed to deteriorate, before disappearing to that train set in the sky. I didn't need to stand on a cold platform to watch the Lincoln mail train. I sat on my bed in a warm bedroom to watch it. until the final throw of the dice, the loco was always an Eastern region one, often a named B1. Geoffrey Gibbs seemed to haul it more than most. It always seemed to be kept in fairly good condition at the time. The final days before diesels took over, black 5's had a go. As modernity took over, train spotting lost its allure. Couldn't get excited watching boxes on wheels.
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    Often wondered what bait you would use to fish for flys. must be tiny hooks and rod too. What do you do when you've caught a fly? Does one stuff it and put it in a glass case or photograph it and put it back? It's tongue in cheek, before anybody extracts the urine !
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    Beekay - Lizzie is correct. I am developing a style of fly fishing that requires a special rod and other bits and bobs. Was out on Blithfield Reservoir today doing more testing
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    Had my annual blood test for thyroid screen yesterday at 8am. The phlebotomist looked around 12 years old! I'm needlephobic, so I was expecting problems with such youth and lack of experience. Never felt a thing! Totally painless. I congratulated the 12 year old on her skill and skipped off. Not even a bruise this morning.
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    Had my flu jab today, arm’s a bit sore. I’ve accepted everything the NHS offers and never had any ill-effects from the flu jab. My bestest oldest schoolfriend, who I’ve known for 58 years, passed away last week. She never had any NHS screenings that were offered. Im not saying any of them would have saved her life but cannot understand why anyone would refuse something that can prevent serious illness.
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    Just goes to show PP, fishing should be listed among the dangerous sports. Maybe you should take up something safe, like swimming with sharks or bungy jumping.
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    Beekay - I have caught my flies, my ears, my head, hat and most other items of clothing. My boat partner caught my nostril last season - I was at his mercy like a bull to market.
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    I don't think it's quite reached that stage yet, Jill. This was a robot that answered the phone in the pharmacy. I understand they now have robots doing some forms of surgery. When I see the way my computer can mess up I don't have much confidence in that.
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    I think some people are better off not knowing what's wrong with them, it's knowing what wrong with them that kills em?
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    Wouldn't touch a flu shot with a ten foot pole. They can stick it where the sun don't shine. Everybody I knew who had one got sicker than a dog. I was offered one today when I called in to renew a prescription. It was a robot so I was not polite to it. Hope it's chips get fried.!
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    You’ll have to ask PP Barrie but I have a suspicion it’s something to do with fly-fishing, I do take note when he lets me in on his ideas ........
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    That quote really upset me, I'm coming with Phil we'll get that bleddy grass cut & I'm also a dab hand at deep digging, chin up youth X
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