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    Brings back memories..A buddy of mine in the cycling club had parents who owned a chip shop in Netherfield. They had a rumbler. It was our job to run 'em through, then cut out any eyes or bad bits. Then we'd run them through a chip cutter into a barrel of stuff called 'Drywhite'. I guess that stopped them from browning. No pay, but all the chips and batter bits we could eat. 'Appy daze.
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    We do Margie. Very ettikety in our house. In fact Granddaughter made us a 'Coffee Cake' today, to welcome us back from our hols and we had to use our little cake forks with one fat prong and one two fin uns, because the cake was so moist it just fell apart.
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    At the next meet-up, I'll be watching how-and-what people eat with a new degree of interest.
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    Not if she knows what it originally indicated....that one was a courtesan!
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    That's exactly how things were in dads chippie ! I've spent hours of my childhood helping by putting spuds in the cement mixer looking thing that removed the skins. Speck them manually, by removing the 'eyes', then tipping them into the automatic chipper ! Happy days.
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    Somebody's picked them within less than two hours.
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    Garth! Now there's a blast from the past!
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    On the subject of Clays, and what they may have sold.......the top photo is Radford Road and the lower photo is Denman Street.
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    I get up very early every morning, way before breakfast time, and what I wouldn't give for a British biccy with my cup of coffee. Just a plain old biscuit, no frills, no chocolate chips, not overly sweet, just a plain biscuit. Malted Milk, Digestive, Nice, etc. Something just to tide me over for a few hours. No such thing here, the biscuit (not cookie. Disappointed to see them called such over there now) aisle is huge here, but nothing worth buying. What's your favourite? Do you dunk?
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    Just the once for me too. ‘O’ Level year, one of the boys had an empty house as his parents were away. It was Games afternoon so thought we’d get away with being AWOL, although I told school I had a dental appointment because, believe it or not I was never known to miss Games... ever. The problem was that too many of us 16 year old boys and girls were missing on that afternoon and we got sussed. All hauled in front of the Head next day and given letters to take home to our parents. I was really worried, sat in my bedroom for hours trying to forge my Dad’s signature and in the end confessed to Mum who sorted it and signed the letter to take back to school. It was fun (and innocent) and we still laugh about it as I still see some of those schoolfriends, 53 years later.
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    Cruel AND greedy !
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    Just watched some boxing a good fight on 5 spike,,english title eliminator from Bolton, super middleweight, between two Lancashire lads,,Ellison and Schofield,, Ellison won on points,, Before that there was a womans fight,,to be honest to me boxing and women dont seem right,,but must admit,,like the women football and cricketers they showed great skills,,
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    Cake don't stay on the plate long enough to warrant a fork.
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    I never peel potatoes either. I steam new potatoes with skins on and jacket potatoes, brushed with olive oil are slow cooked on the multi fuel stove top in winter. Rarely eat chips or mashed potatoes.
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    Brew, That's you crossed off my dinner party list, then..
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    Was dreaming last night I'd been caught playing nick (truant) & was about to be caned: I woke up & slowly remembered I am a fully grown up adult (wife disagrees with me claiming to be grown up though) & no one will ever cane me again. It seemed so real, can't remember which teacher was going to dish out the beats though, hope it wasn't Marciniak as it would have really hurt if he did it, lol...
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    Talking of Kiwis, the last hospital my son was in, he had a NZ nurse. She used to say " Come along Mr Keeng it's to get you back inta bid".
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    Gerr aht onit, yer only sayin that 'cos it's true...
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    NO I don't - I only drink from a mug and I either hold it properly by the handle ( no crooked finger) or hold my whole hand round it. Common as muck, me!
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    I thought of it first! Should have patented the idea!
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    You're lucky it didn't all end up in your lap Jill. There's currently a product called Toffee Waffles which you place over your cup, and the heat melts it, and then you eat it. I've seen them in Tesco's and Lidls. Yumminess ecstasy.
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    I had a disgusting, but fun, habit as a child of placing a digestive biscuit flat in the rim of my coffee cup and drinking my coffee through the gap left by the biscuit. Eventually, of course, the coffee soaked into the biscuit and it collapsed in a soggy mess at the bottom of the cup. I then ate it with a spoon. This exercise usually merited a telling off from my mother!
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    Shortbreads ! Dunkilicious in the extreme !
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    Just remembered, the cement mixer thingy was called a rumbler. It was rough inside, and just rubbed the surface of the skin off.
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    Started making my own biscuits when I retired. Have tried versions of all my favourites, mostly anything with chocolate in or on them. Family and friends all come round more often now!
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    Butter Crunch, Malted Milk and half covered chocolate digestives.
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    I remember going for breakfast when our ship was docked and unloading containers in Aukland, the waitress said how would you like your "iggs".
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    Don't forget that quite a few people who post on Nottstalgia aren't in the UK - they're on the other side of the world, so it's the middle of their day and you won't be keeping them awake.
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    DJ, you have reminded me, with the above, about the New Zealand accent. When we were there, they were having a heatwave. We would put on the Morning Show on the telly while we got ready. The 2 hosts, a man and a woman would have a little banter. In N.Z. the letter e is pronounced i. So the woman asks the fella, 'are you going to sit on your dick this evening with a cold beyah? No, says he, I'm still working on it, it's not finished yet. We couldn't stop laughing. Next day, she asked if he got it finished? No says he, I'm still hammering nails in my dick. They were completely serious, it all sounded normal to them.
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    My handwriting has always been appalling and is now becoming painful to execute . However, when I try to communicate my exquisite erudition and unparallelled prose via the alternate medium of the internet, I'm apt to find myself in receipt of criticism that my offerings are excessively verbose. One simply cannot win!
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    Caught red-handed, Brew - or at least green or sapphire handed in my case.
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    I have several fountain pens, one of them in excess of 100 years old. It still works well but doesn't take cartridges! I use the pens for writing cards, birthdays, etc. My hand writing is awful, so far quicker to type.
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    He's still in the Daily Mirror Compo.
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    The two bottles I have, both Parkers, have not been opened for awhile, you need a grip like Garth to do it...
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    On the subject of writing; I still use the contents of this packet occasionally. 50+yrs old and still works!
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    Nearly joined you Gem,,,but had to get back to sleep,,,i was selling ''Mary Baker'' cake mixes to shops in Dorset,,,,talk about crazy dreams,,,
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    Here's a good one, with a blown up snip out of it; New Moorbridge plus by the looks of it, the old bridge mid demolition in 1950, note arch still there and stubs of pillars between tracks. Looks like there are men on the track clearing up.
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    Nothing definitive on this, but I don't recall ever seeing anything as big as a 9F on the Leen Valley line between Arnold Road and the junction with the 'Bestwood Park Branch'. That Junction was just beyond the long dismantled overbridge which stood at the bottom of Hucknall Rd just before the junction with Bestwood Road. 9Fs would indeed run down off the Great Central, before Bulwell Viaduct, and along the 'Bestwood Park Branch' towards Bestwood Colliery. I mostly recall older types of locos such as '04's on the Arnold Rd. to Bestwood Rd. stretch. Through the 50s and I think into the early 1960s, Rigley's had many railway wagons stored in sidings on the area now covered by the housing development where Stuart lives. At that time I think they were mostly there for repair. I don't recall ever seeing a passenger coach running along that stretch.. even for cutting up, but it needs to be remembered that the stretch from Rigley's down to Moorbridge area was both further way from my 'stomping ground', and als much more obcured by trees.. so who knows? P.S. Just seen Kev's pic. Top left corner shows the 'Bestwood Park Branch' runnig across the overbridge, taking traffic to and from the Great Central and Bestwood Colliery and beyond. Yes, I believe that is Forest Farm. Roughley half way between the chimney at Rigley's, and Hucknall Rd, you can just about make out the 'parapets' on the little bridge over 'Lover's Lane'. This was an access under the Leen Valley line into the farmland, but also continued ( and still does) as a footpath over Bulwell Common, faintly visible to the left. It is now more or less 'Top Valley Way'. Bulwell Common Golf Club is visible opposite Rigley's. Below Rigley's set of 5 or so 'pitch roofed' workshops, are sidings full of wagons in storage. When I was kid those sidings extended much further east... more or less to the first hedgerow which ran vertically to the right of the sidings as viewed. Just below the sidings, tucked in the corner, is a large Oak tree. That was our 'swing tree'. It's not too clear from the pic but the tree was now being overshadowed by an embankment down from the sidings, but also from the railway line. We would take the rope up to the top of the banking and then swing out very high over the field. I still have the scars.. Lower still you can see the curving shadow on the right side of the Leen Valley line embankment, showing that the field there was a hollow. until filled in by waste disposal in the 60s and built on later. Next left to right hedgerow down is the line of what is now Southglade Road, with the level crossing over the line which was used by farmer Jarve Goddard. There was also a small railway house there.. but not very visible on the pic. To the left across Hucknall Road, the area enclosed by a square of hedges later became Nottingham Commercial Vehicles..(NCV), and later still a failed build for Aldi, or LIDL or someone. Lastly, the road branching off to the left is Kersall Drive, where you can just make out the Great Central main line and its cutting.
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    Hucknall Road going north on the left. Rigleys wagon works is the group of buildings in the centre; the place just above was apparently Forest Farm.
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    I'm like Brew CT, I still use inks and a fountain pen. Trouble is no bugger wants to write to me. It's all, "I'll text ya, or I'll email ya". The art of writing seems to be dying.
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    I still have and use them regularly CT. There are two flavours in my desk drawer Black and Blue, there may even be a couple of red ones somewhere in there
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    Anyone know any of the people in this old 1959 Pathé clip? We’re trying to track them down for an amazing event in Sneinton this autumn! https://youtu.be/RbORetSEesA
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