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    Cracking picture, worrabart those lamps on the island?
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    True here I reckon. He’s got 4 nieces and nephews, only one ever visits him and that is about every 2 or 3 months. I hope he leaves it all to the local Cat Rescue!
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    The Goose Fair mushy peas I remember were cooked in a wide pan on a wood fired brazier type of thing - a 10 (?) gallon oil drum with holes punched in the sides. Plenty of opportunity for smoke and bits of ash to get into the peas and which most likely added to the characteristic flavour. Note: they were nothing without the mint sauce.
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    I can remember when they came round the back of the house to pick up your bin and then took it back when empty (photo from Pinterest)
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    only five years late Mick,the Goddards houses offNottingham Rd from Norfolk Rd to Cleveland Ave was called chinatown allegedly because when the rent man asked the kids where their mam was they replied ,shintin
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    Same scene when the fountain was still there.
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    Years ago I found a bloke dead at work, his wife also worked their, later when she came back to work, she came to see me on my machine & said "You live Wollaton way, don't you?" Me "Yeah" she said "You couldn't pick us up & drop me off from work could you" No mention of me finding her old man or thank you
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    Worra baht me little sis?
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    And pits close relatives against close relatives, as well as distant ones.
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    If he does find a will it will have to go to probate to prove the validity. He wouldn’t be able to claim it all for himself. You may even have a ‘mention’ for your kindnesses. If there is no will then the rules of intestacy will kick in to ensure an equitable distribution amongst the next of kin.
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    Where there's a will there's usually a relative holding their hand out..
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    Some good Nottingham footage https://www.macearchive.org/films/atv-today-29101974-nottingham-incinerator
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    Crikey, what a day it’s been so far and we’re only half way through it. For 15 years we’ve had an awkward, cantankerous, but well-educated, bachelor living opposite us. We’ve helped him out when necessary but have tended to keep him at arm’s length as we didn’t want him relying on us too much. In recent years he’s trusted me with his debit card to get cash from the ATM and do bits of shopping, with the rest of his food being delivered by The Cheese Shop in Flying Horse Arcade. This arrangement has suited me fine as I spent several years caring for my Dad and didn’t want or need to take on another old man. Last week I had to dress a wound where he’d fallen and the next day arrange a locksmith because he’d been out in a taxi and lost his key ...... nobody else has been trusted with a key and it’s like Fort Knox. In the past 2 or 3 days we’ve noticed that his lights weren’t on so yesterday tried his door. No answer and we could see his key was in the lock, inside. This morning my husband got step ladders out and managed to get into his back garden and saw him lying dead on his kitchen floor, naked! There was no way I needed to see that. I rang the Police who arrived quickly, with a Paramedic. They forced the front door open and since then Lymns have been and taken the body away. While all this was happening I rang his nephew down south (I’ve spoken to him several times before to inform him of admission to hospital etc but have never met him) He thanked me for letting him know and said he would come up later today “because he’ll need to find his uncle’s Will and other paperwork” I make no further comment!!
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    Was going to say its a Notts & Derby Traction A1 on its way back to Ripley but that was before we noticed it was a motor bus as well as a trolley. It seems to be an AEC with the usual Notts & Derby/Midland General badge in place of the AEC badge on radiator.
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    As a kid 30th of October was "Mischievious Night" long before Halloween had any prominence. Who remembers "spirit knocking" by tieing cotton to someone's door knocker hiding nearby and using the cotton to knock on the door? Of course when they opened it there was no one there. Wait a while and do it again, then again and being given away by giggling and getting the usual response "If I catch you little boggers I'll bat yer tabs" Lighting bangers until they fizzed and then dropping them in the sewer hoping they would find a pocket of methane and lift all the manhole covers in the street with a massive bang. Lifting gates off their hinges and putting them in the gardens, draping toilet paper on trees in gardens.
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    Trinity Square 1935 anybody else spot owt?
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    Re the activities in the surrounding neighbourhood, I live on a main road, with lots of traffic. It's irritating at times when I'm waiting to get out of my drive, and there's constant police / ambulance sirens passing, but that's life. I like to hear people getting on with their everyday activities. Yes, even the neighbours kids playing in the garden. Its nice early in the morning, or late at night, just to hear the world going about its business. The day I can't hear anything, is most likely because I'm in my box !
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    For a minute there I thought the smaller of the two men in the picture was John Wayne!
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    Do you live in South Africa ? as this is how they used to collect the rubbish over there. Each black was taken out o a large bin, tied then the were left for the tractor and trailer to be picked up, with the help of a young boy, whilst the tractor was moving the boy had to lift the black bag on to his shoulder then throw it onto the trailer, if any boy fell down the tractor would not stop. It just kept moving on.
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    Good to see the Magpies are currently in the last of the play off spots after a thumping 4 - 0 away win at Woking who were above them in the ladder. Their current goal difference could be a decider at the end of the season.
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    Me Dad took me to my 1st match stood in the TrentEnd 1974 lost 3-1 to Nowich City, I was well & truly hooked , he'd like this, got him on the TrentEnd wall.
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