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    Once came back from Italy and couldn't hear a thing. I feared a perforated eardrum so went to see the doc. He said, after almost twisting my head off trying to look inside my ears with an auriscope, that my ear canals were at such a steep angle, he couldn't see a thing! Years before that, after a hearing test, I was told I could hear sounds which were more likely to be heard by dogs!! Things righted themselves in time and my hearing is still very acute...but on principle, I never listen to what any bloke has to say! WOOF!!!
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    Here's a bit of video from the 60s, Marylebone to Victoria. Forward it to 21:20, approaching Weekday Cross. Then on to Bulwell, Hucknall etc.
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    Drinking wine with the ladies darts team in the bath while contemplating riding a hoss. Ben you never cease to amaze me.
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    And do you curl up in front of the fire?
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    WOOF! indeed. My two always seem to be hearing things I can't. Do you bark too?
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    Helping mum put up the trimmings (having to put them back up after the budgie had a fight with them) and the ancient Christmas tree. Getting up at dawn to open presents, eating turkey for what seemed like weeks, my mums Christmas pudding, mince pies and Christmas cake. Playing board games and cards and the “big” film on tv. Being stuffed with chocolate from selection boxes and malteser boxes. Happy memories.
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    BK, there's no easy response to that...... it must be a particularly difficult time of year for you xx
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    Christmas was a magical 24 hours in my childhood. The magic disappears as you grow up. That cannot be prevented. The people who made it magical also disappear. That cannot be prevented either. Christmas is no longer a special 24 hours. It's been ruined, over- commercialised, Over-hyped and destroyed. I no longer take any notice of it...but I have my memories. Christmas is, at heart, a religious festival but you would have to look very closely to see that now.
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    The ladies pierced your heart with their arrows, eh? Wine in the bath? Hope it wasn't carbolic soap...ruins the bouquet Flying has always posed problems for me because of my ears. It ranges from extremely uncomfortable to excruciating. I go deaf driving over the North York Moors!
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    Loved my first time flying,,,Luton to Palma,,Dec 1971,,,my mates wife had to drop out due to illness,,,so for £40 had a long weekend in Majorja with a ladies Dart team from Arnold,,, Also first time i rode a horse and drank wine in the Bath......
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    When my eldest boy was about 3 years of age we were waiting for him to fall asleep it was Christmas Eve and we had to get Santa's presents in his room. We had brought some toy with bells on it (can't remember what the toy was) any way thinking that he was asleep we started going up stairs, the bells were making the bell sound, mummy, mummy my boy shouted, I went into his room " whats up "I ask, "I have just heard the bells on Santa's sledge he must be on his way "said my son. I still thinks to this day Santa was on his way. I won't tell him will you?
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    Sitting with my brother on the floor in front of the black and white tv, watching Billy Smart’s Circus, sitting room lights off and just the glow of the fire, Mum and Dad fast asleep in their armchairs.
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    Flying and very painful ears must be a JILL thing my wifes name is JILL has the same problem takes a few days to get rid of it the doctor says its because she has small ear passages thats probably why she never listens to me.
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    A pagan festival ‘stolen’ by the Christians!
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    Got one over on the Dalai Chulla there, KJ!
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    Never really been a Wine drinker.........but that day after horse riding'' i had two very large blisters,,,so took the wine in the bath with me,,,it eased my pain a little,,and later even the slow dancing was painful..........
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    LizzieM, Would that have been with Court Line or Clarksons Travel with their pink, purple, lime green and other weird coloured BAC 111"s?
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    A friend of mine in Peterborough put it in a nutshell, when he said " How many summer holidays have I left"?
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    A return visit has been suggested, PP. In answer to your question, yes I am in touch with Trevor but I don't think he is the same chap you knew. Trevor Davys was born in 1945 which would put him several years behind you at Berridge, although he did attend there. I am going to ask him if he would be interested, along with a couple of other people. Letsavagoo is on board, as is Jane who came with me last time. As we were so well behaved and polite, weren't given any lines and no one was caned or slippered, an open invitation was extended to visit again. After the Christmas break, I will contact Simon and sort out some potential dates in the spring. If anyone would like to join us, put your hands up!
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    When I first read the title to this thread, I guessed it would be something to do with Black Friday and special deals from Currys.
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    Nostalgia-----Nottstalgia. Doesn't exactly do what it says on the tin What about a section only for Nottinghamshire history and interests? Rog
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    #151 Indeed! As children, my sister and I were given strict instructions not to wake our parents on Christmas morning before 8 o'clock and we were assured that Santa Claus would leave one present each on the landing that we were quite welcome to open at any time before 8 o'clock in the morning. Of course, we were always scrabbling around to see what Santa had left by about 5 a.m. and we would always find two books wrapped in Christmas paper on the landing with our names on which we took back into our bedroom, unwrapped and then read until it was time to get up. These were sometimes annuals such as a Rupert Bear annual or Bunty, the girls' comic and sometimes they were novels. Either way, they kept us both quiet and ensured that our parents got a bit of shut eye! After breakfast, we would be allowed to open the rest of our presents and at the bottom of the pillow case there was always a set of stationery for each of us and before Christmas lunch, we sat down at the table and wrote thank you letters to all those people who had been kind enough to send us a present. Happy memories!
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    Hi Mickey Dolenz owned Winthorpe House, not Winthorpe Hall. I visited the gardens as part of the National Gardens Scheme and his children (who looked like miniature versions of him!) were taking the entrance fee. His wife ran her business there, growing and drying flowers. The house looked beautiful although the paying public only got to see the exterior of course. I think not very long after, he split up with his wife (she sold her story to Hello or OK, which painted a less than flattering picture of him) and the house was sold. I too loved (and still love) The Monkees, having seen repeats of their TV show during my childhood. They produced some really good music (even though they weren't allowed to play on their early tracks). Jayne
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