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    With apologies if this has been posted before, just pinched it off FB
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    One thing about you, Ben, is that every pub you go into...in fact every nook and cranny you visit... holds the memory of one of your old flames. I marvel at your capacity to remember their names and addresses! Damned if I can remember most of mine. Mind you, they were eminently forgettable!
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    Not quite true red, she is married to my brother rickshaw who invented a form of transport.
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    Don't ever change, our Ben!
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    Nice funeral,,if there is such a thing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,got a mention about nearly drowning together in 67........Did'nt expect to meet so many people i knew years ago was really nice catching up,,,,,,had a nice moment with Jims widow,,,i asked ''when am i taking you out then?''''.......she laughed and think she knew i would be the first to ask''.....bless her....lol
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    That would be nice jill,,he was a character.looking forward to seeing his wife they were together over 50 years, With being early ive come in the Rushley pub,,over 50 years since last came in,,was courting a girl called Christine Mather from Hibbert road Mansfield,,lovely girl,,asked the barmaid if she still comes in? She didnt know. Tut,,
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    Took my wife to Mallorca for our 25th silver anniversary...Has it will be our emerald, 55yrs this year, I think I'll fetch her back.
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    He's more determined than a Beagle on a rabbit trail.
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    At assembly, held in the afternoon on the last day of the academic year at The Manning, we always sang the hymn God Be With You Til We Meet Again. On the day I left, I changed the words to God Forbid We Ever Meet Again and, to ensure everyone heard me, I sang the descant instead of the melody. Staff looking daggers at me but...THERE WAS NOTHING THEY COULD DO ABOUT IT. I was straight out of the door when assembly ended. . Had to rush home and throw my uniform in the bin!
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    Sitting in the gods wasn't too bad once the lights were out and attention was focused on the stage but with all the house lights on, it seemed pretty perilous to look down!
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    Better to be too early rather than an hour too late, Ben. A sad occasion but sounds like he had an interesting life...not unlike yourself. Not goodbye but au revoir, perhaps. One day, there's a chance the two of you may be causing mayhem elsewhere!
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    Wife be home soon,,not seen her since last year,,,,we often have a break from each other,,,think its good for each other,,,she don't come back nowadays with as many love bites as years ago........
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    ...and my grandparents lived just a few doors down from that house and I would've been visiting them with my parents during your early days. And now technology links these things together many years later.
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    Remember the theory that a monkey with a typewriter could eventually write all the works of Shakespeare ? The monkey would achieve that result faster than it would compile a list of Ben's adventures.
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    I knew that Newark is an anagram of Polititian.
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