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    More Sentimental old tat turned up today,,,an old suitcase was full of stuff i'd not seen for years,,,,lots of pictures of long departed relatives,,many of the photos over 80 years old.plus photos of my infant school (Henry Whipple) almost 70 years ago,,,May day about 1950 where i'm dancing with a girl called Ann Shelton,,,i mention her name because you never know she may read this,,and for the same reason the others are Marian Perry,,Roy Burton,,Edith Nix,,Michael Laurence,,Beryl Hughes,,Roy Whyers,,and Valerie Biddulph,,,would love any of them to recognise themselves or a relation or friend...Must try and get one of my family to put the photo's on here for me. Also turned up in the case is a Handwritten list (think by my Grandad) of all the members of the Oakleigh Lodge British Legion, Basford,,1967,,and the subs they paid. Finally there are two Premium bonds that were my Grandmothers dated 1970,,,,going to check if they are winners......lol. Anyway not exactly ''Old Tat''' but very Sentimental.....................
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    You jogged some memories there Den We used to catch two buses to get there to meet my dad at the top of Hartley road (If you remember he worked at Players) All four of us (Mum ,Dad, my sister and I )entering the fair via the top driveway to pass the pleathora of stalls selling the usual old tat, the bow and arrow, the Robin hood hat and the 8ft long balloons that you couldn,t blow up,it seemed to take forever to walk that short way with the anxiety and trepedation building up inside you. The smells are starting to permitate through my usual October cold and the scarf I am wearing, onions,peas,hot dogs and bergers to name but a few. Then the large gap into the fair proper, and the sound and light display of the two big wheels at the top of that said gap tugging on my dads sleeve and begging him to take me on the 'dive bombers', " when you are a bit bigger" he would say and bless him he took me on when I was a few years older. Then I would tug at my mum to take us on the 'Waltzer' she would always oblige ,(secretly I think she loved it too) Then it was up on to my dads shoulders as I was flagging ,only to be brought back to conciouseness by the rumble of motor bikes from the wall of death and then the smell of the old two stroke fuel burning away ,then it was inside to wait for what seemed like an age whilst they were trying to lure more people inside to observe the death defying antics of the men and their machines ,I remember one year being in there when a fellow by the name of 'Tiny Tim' went round on a push bike, honest!!!!!!! Back outside to find my mum and sister who had probably been on 'The Waltzer' again or 'Monty and Winny' those giant 'steam yachts' and on for more treats, a toffee apple maybe or some candy floss then it was back up on to my dads' shoulders for the long walk to the Mansfield road exit half asleep but still buzzing from all the smells ,sights and sounds that had been jolting my senses for the last couple of hours. A last look back over my shoulder and it was good bye Goose Fair for another year, as we proceeded down Mansfield road to catch the '39' to Carlton square and on to bed ,to dream of being a wall of death rider or perhaps one of those men who climbed on the back of your 'Dodgem' or walked around on 'The Waltzer' spinning the squeeling girls faster and faster ,until they were wetting their knickers One final thought. One year (Probably 67, the year my brother was born in mid October) my dad offered my sister and I "Ten bob apiece" not to go to the fair that year,we were more than likely feeling the pinch with a new mouth to feed on the way,and my father was the bread winner as was the case in those far off heady days. I bought a bow and arrow, and a toffee apple with mine a bit ironic I suppose but those were the days. Like I said thanks for the memory Den.A few tears in my eyes as I remembered my dad then
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