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    I am too busy living my on life to concern myself with someone else who I have never met. He doesn't make comments on mine why should I or anyone else comment on his. What he does if it is legal its up to him.
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    I really don't give a damn but I'm curious as to why they think we need to know. Is it trendy to display all this angst? all this crap about how tortured they were until they announced to the world "I'm queer, out and proud" (their terminology not mine before anyone calls me homophobic). Who gives a sh**! Why not just get on with living like the rest of us and keep their private life just that - private.
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    I can't see why this has to occupy so many column inches. I've only seen him a couple of times but, like philmayfield, I too thought it was obvious. People who are so interested in other people's sexuality need something more constructive to occupy their time. However, it's becoming so commonplace these days, I'm beginning to wonder if it's something in the water?
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    I find 2 things particularly irritating about this. 1. Oh how brave of him! No it’s not. Soldiers facing hostilities are brave. This is not brave. It seems it was pretty much an open secret for those who knew him. 2. If he’d been cheating with a woman the headlines would be love rat cheats on loving wife of 20 years etc. Not how brave, we’re with you Philip. How he chooses to live his life is his business. If it doesn’t impact on me or my family I don’t care nor do I need to know.
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    Thanks for your support folks. The show was indoors fortunately but closed a bit earlier than planned - a lot of exhibitors had a long way to travel. As DJ said expensive items tend not to sell at exhibitions and I didn't sell anything. But it was a success! I have been invited to fish with many angler who are keen to see my technique. One of them fishes for England. I have also been invited to give a talk at a big angling association jamboree. So my new technique is creating some quality interest. Off for a pint or three now
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    I think they were probably on to him with a sleazy story so he came out before it became any worse.
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    It is a busy junction Lizzie I can't imagen ever wanting to live there but I might have bumped into you a few times in the early 70s
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    Philip Schofield has come out as grey. I thought that was bleedin’ obvious.
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    On the front they're reverting to the earlier look before those entrances were added a few years ago. The extension appears to be verticlal wooden planking, or may be recyled material
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    You'll cop it, our Ben. Radford Red will be gunning for you!
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    Attached is a Photo I have found of the crashed Canberra bomber on the rail lines at Bulwell Common Station . Sorry if is too large and side ways still not worked out to change photos. I
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    First time I've seen the plans, at least they're keeping the main building which has a bit of character, wouldn't like to have one of those multi-storey Lego types which seem to be the norm.
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    That reminds me of Woodthorpe Park back in the 50’s. It was a much steeper slope though, down towards the old Sherwood station. Another favourite was Breckhill fields. It was on the left as you went up the hill and the slalom course was round the thorn bushes towards Melbury Red. All built on now of course.
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    Effeminate men coming out of the closet has become an almost everyday event and only confirms what we already knew. Nowadays there are so many about in all aspects of work and life that the only thing that surprises me is that Leapfrog is not one of the Olympic Games.
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    ........but was it really stuffed?
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    The pub's got planning for 11 appartments in the Pub (plus small extn) then 3 houses in the car park and 2 more facing onto the road at the side/ back of the car park. Birdseye from the rear taken from City planning portal;
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    Phyllis Schofield is almost unknown here but these (hopeful) headline grabbers are commonplace worldwide. Often the sign of a flagging career - make some revolutionary announcement that will rouse the sympathies of the feeble minded - which it seems to have done - in the expectation of new contracts of employment.
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    A bit more information re BERRIDGE SENIOR BOYS 1. BRIGGS William Dawson. Born 26.11.1906 Little Bytham, Lincolnshire. Son of Joseph Briggs, a railway labourer and his wife, Elizabeth. He had an older brother, Benjamin A Briggs. Married Annie Kirk in 1934. Two children. By 1939, residing at 150 Western Boulevard, Nottingham with his wife and two children. Working as an assistant schoolmaster. Died on 14.06.1984 in Nottingham. Head of Berridge Senior Boys from 1957 to closure 2. SKILBECK Robert William born 01.09.1902 in Hunmanby, near Bridlington, Yorkshire to Francis William SKILBECK, an assistant woodsman and his wife, Harriet. Younger sibling, Ada SKILBECK. Married Florence Whitehead in 1925 in Wetherby. One child. Died in 1980 in North Yorkshire. Head of Berridge Senior Boys from 1950 to 1952 3. HENTON Stanley William Pierrepont born 07.07.1906 in Kelham, Nottinghamshire to William Henry Henton, an assistant schoolmaster and his wife, Annie. In 1911, the family lived at 2 Midland Terrace, Newark. Married Madeleine G Hiscock in 1932 in Newark. One child, died as a baby. In 1939, Stanley Henton resided at 8 Eton Grove, Wollaton, Nottingham with his wife. He was employed as an assistant schoolmaster and was also a special constable. By August of 1940, Henton was a probationary Pilot Officer in the RAF. He died on 02.09.1978 in Nottingham. Head of Berridge Senior Boys from 1952 to 1957.
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    RR The Trent End looks much different to my last visit to the City Ground in 1975 Three memories that stand out of my attendance in the old East stand opposite the 18 yard line at the Trent End are as follows 6th April 1967 Ian Storey Moore's hat trick against Everton in the 6th round of the FA Cup. I remember Labone clogging Zigger Zagger and I still reckon that Greaves goal in the semi was a mis-hit. Ian Storey Moore is now 75????? 28 October 1967 Record crowd of just shy of 50,000 vs Manchester United 24th August 1968 The fire in the main stand when playing Leeds from my vantage point in the East stand the fire did not look too serious and I was amazed when I saw the footage of the rear of the stand on the news later that evening. Unfortunately I could not afford to go back to see the Reds during Cloughie's glory years. Still reckon that team of 67-68 was the best and most complete team the Reds ever turned out. Still hoping to get back for one last visit. If they get promotion I will try like hell to do it in memory of a mate I used to go to all the games with who died late last year
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    On the trail of former head teachers at Berridge, I have identified David William GRIFFITHS (1895-1977) who was head of Berridge Juniors from 1956 to 1961 which was during my sister's time there. Of interest to Peveril Peril, may be these two gentlemen: Robert William SKILBECK born 01 September 1902 in Bridlington, Yorkshire. Died in March 1980 in North Yorkshire. Head of Berridge Senior Boys from 1950 to 1952. Stanley William Pierrepont HENTON born 07 July 1906. Died on 02 September 1978 in Nottingham. In 1940, he was on probation as a Pilot Officer in the RAF, having joined the Volunteer Reserve. Head teacher of Berridge Senior Boys from 1952 to 1956 I have further research yet to carry out on all three.
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    We are definitely testing our new roof out today. Tis blowing a gale. the noise coming down our chimney reminds me of my childhood listening for ghosts in Mappleh Tunnel...Woooooo! The house whose garden adjoins the bottom of ours has lost one tile, so far. I can't find any sympathy in my heart seeing as it is their bl00dy dog that wakes me most nights. PS. I wouldn't like it to have landed on the poor animal though, it has enough to put up with.
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    What a night, what a win, what a team, from my seat.
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