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  1. Took earlier today, pretty close?
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  2. Litter, well, to use the modern vernacular it does my 'ead in. How can people be so selfish and uncaring about their surroundings? When I were a lad sure there was litter but It seems to be getting worse these days and it isn't just the youngsters. I grew up in the 50s and 60s and back then my mum and dad's generation were much more caring. I guess they were just happy to have made in through WWII. They taught me that littering was almost as bad as vandalism. The Keep Britain Tidy campaign along with a £50 fine if you were caught littering was quite effecti
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  3. Sorry it's not Nottingham, Ain't it great? by the artist Allen Tortice http://www.gunnsgallery.co.uk/artists/15/allen-tortice
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  4. I was at Whitegate from about 79-81. The deputy head was a Mr Williams. Got a bit of a shock when I was looking at my (much older) brother's class photo taken at Berridge to see Mr Williams stood on the end - he had been my brother's class teacher at Berridge about 10 years before.
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  5. This is why they sell shrink sleeving in various diameters.
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  6. Stand up stand up for Jesus my dads aunt played this on the piano we had a sing song on Sundays in her front room along with other hymns another one she played was All things bright and beautiful the front room was full of family and friends way back in the 50s.
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  7. Like it or not I'm going to carry on with this tale. who knows, it may ring a few bells!! Into the big wide world then in 1965, armed with a qualification in music no less - time to jump onto the musical bandwagon, alas, no demand for a recorder virtuoso, time to change tack. Decided to spend my life savings (£30) on a drumset, there was going to be no peace in our house! Along with some friends from Gedling school, The Audenboguls were formed. Unfortunately none of us could play any instruments but at least I managed to apply the 'letraset'! After ma
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