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    Moor Lane is the antiquarian name of the road that is now Station Road/Victoria Road. In 1846 the Midland Railway opened the Nottingham Lincoln line dissecting this road. Thus becoming Station Lane North of the railway. I presume this was down to the locals referring to recognise it leading to the railway station. In 1871, Netherfield didn't exist as a place in its own right, being classed as part of Carlton. This explains why Moor Lane is listed as the road in question. In 1871 few houses existed South of the railway. There was a row of terraced houses on the right hand side leading from the station. its quite likely this is the row of houses in question as this part of the road was quite likely to have retained its original name. The name seemed to swap to Netherfield Lane in the mid 1870's when Colwick locomotive sheds and sidings were being built. By 1881 the name had become official. It became Victoria Road in 1889 on the queens jubilee. Not sure when Station Lane became Station Road, probably when it became built on. I don't know if it's still there but in the 1990's a Netherfield Lane name board was still attached to the shop facing Meadow Road. 100 years since it had been called by that name. Regarding Conway Road, it was a lane, but I'm not sure if was actually a public right of way at that time. Turning onto Conway Road from Station Road, as you pass Conway Avenue, the road narrows. On the left is an old chapel, where a waterway ran alongside. There was a bridge over the water and I'm sure there was a gate across the road at this point. I could be wrong. My brain cells sometimes travel in a parallel universe to the rest of me. All the above is from memory, I hope I don't mislead anyone.
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    Like you denshaw, when I went to Roland green, we always knew it as 'George's ' pond. The field on the other side of the road was where the pit ponies stayed!, When they came out of the pit.
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