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  1. Moor Lane is the antiquarian name of the road that is now Station Road/Victoria Road. In 1846 the Midland Railway opened the Nottingham Lincoln line dissecting this road. Thus becoming Station Lane North of the railway. I presume this was down to the locals referring to recognise it leading to the railway station. In 1871, Netherfield didn't exist as a place in its own right, being classed as part of Carlton. This explains why Moor Lane is listed as the road in question. In 1871 few houses existed South of the railway. There was a row of terraced houses on the right hand side leading from the
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  2. Like you denshaw, when I went to Roland green, we always knew it as 'George's ' pond. The field on the other side of the road was where the pit ponies stayed!, When they came out of the pit.
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