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    Just nipped in Co-op, still in uniform on way home from work, to pick a few bits up, came to about 15 quid, this bloke lent over & said “Ill get that your doing a fantastic job & tapped his card”
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    He must be in love BK. Singing his happy little heart out. It's that time of year. Yahoo
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    Took Kai out for our morning constitutional this morning. Decided to go to the woods, haven’t been there since we lost Wolf just before Christmas. There were a lot of walkers, people on bikes and walking dogs. Also a lot on horses, does this count as exercise? As The Engineer said some don’t understand the 6’ rule so we ended going up banks and into fields to avoid some. Started to get a bit tiresome after a while. Finally got to the woods, the bluebells are starting to come through and it was full of birdsong, hard to believe what is happening outside of it. It was a bit emotional on the meadow, I chased a Kai round a bit and then sat on the bench whilst he had a sniff around. I could see Wolf running round the meadow, he did love being there chasing around, must admit I shed a tear or two, we still miss him. But all in all it was a good walk, nice to have a bit of normality for an hour or two before coming back to all this mess.
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    Yesterday my daughter ordered some fruit and other things to be delivered from a local shop. The delivery man phoned to say he was on his way and she asked how much, to have the money ready. The reply made her gasp a bit. She had ordered some fruit, flour, avocados etc. Normally wouldn't have come to more than €15 but he told her € 60+ . She thought whoops delivery charge is high. But when the order came and she checked it , what she had ordered was 3 oranges, 4 apples and so on. What the shop keeper had understood was in KG so she ended up with 4 kg of apples etc. She did tell him but she said leave it because we'll get through them. I can't get SR flour so she ordered me kg3 of plain flour plus the vanilla baking powder. When I saw it I had to laugh because instead of receiving the amount I wanted there were 2 great big packs with a free pkt of icing sugar, making 14 pkts altogether. We had a smoothie this morning with some of the apples and carrots with a large piece of ginger. BTW delivery was free.
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    You might be out of luck carni with that wish, listening to the weather report for UK, looks like it will be a pretty good weekend!!. Lets hope that people use a bit of common sense, although in my experience, sense doesn't seem to be very common.
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    Just come out me front door to be greeted with these. Suprise, suprise. The scent is superb.
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    Can't walk mine now after that rotten stroke. Right leg is gammy. Just take 'em in the yard and they go like rockets. I get my exercise just watching them.
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    I agree and have made exactly the same point at least twice. No disrespect to our doggy members but neither is dog walking an essential exercise. Despite this, as someone has noted, the number using dogs as an excuse for being out and about seems to be growing. I think there must a 'rent a dog' service somewhere.
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    Think I'll take me ankle tag off and go and listen to him.
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    Changing the subject slightly. But as it's 'what made your day's, just thought I'd mention, it's 8.00pm and right outside my window is a blackbird sitting in the hedge, he's singing his head off and it really is wonderful listening to him and quite uplifting. Just wish he'd tone it down a bit now so I can finish watching Casualty. Bugger, his pal's just arrived.
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    that type of scum need tying to a tree and spraying with corvid 19
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    @radfordred. You ARE doing a fantastic job. You deserve the praise.... One of our sons who is currently doing grocery deliveries for Sainsbury's was delivering to a village in Oxfordshire last Thursday and it was 8pm when he drove in. He said everyone was clapping for the NHS etc and when he passed them, everyone was clapping and waving at him too. Brought a tear to my eye when he told me.... I do worry about him, though, as he says that some of the people who he delivers to are old and vulnerable and can't carry their shopping in themselves, so he has to do it. Many don't understand about social distancing and keep coming too close to him as well. Also, he says that when he and the other drivers are loading up their vans, it's nearly impossible to keep a safe distance away from each other.?
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    I need to get out and escape from the wife.
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    Yesterday we bought our brother in law his usual birthday present of 'Jack Daniels'. only this time I told him it's not to drink but to pour over his hands instead. I wont tell you his reply.........................
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    I never thought I would wish for rain at a holiday time, but now I wish for torrential rain for at least two weeks. I'm pretty sure it would keep people at home. So come on rain clouds, we need help. x
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    Nonna you could count sheep to take your mind off this wicked virus hope it is getting better in Italy we have not reached the peak in Canada yet everywhere is closed down except essential services in Saskatchewan as of now there are 220 cases with 3 deaths. Take care our thoughts are with you all Ian and Jill Canada.
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    Just sent my granddaughter in law next door a long range hug as she was getting in her car to go to work. Her work? Well, she is a florist at John Woods - well she was. She has been transferred to the funeral service. (Co-op). After 3 days she has learnt a lot about life and death that a normal job would not teach you. Having to deal with relatives of the deceased and yesterday a 3 month old baby. I am so proud of her.
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    Mary I'm sure your friend would not want everyone looking at her FB page. But hope she does find some way of getting to work as like here nursing staff at this moment in time are precious. Keep safe and at home. It WILL get better.
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    Hope you find Rory RR. I bet that lad will remember the kindness for the rest of his life. Got my fingers crossed here.
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    Gave the garage a clear out yesterday, left my Son's well used, but life in it yet skateboard out the front "yours if you want it" note attached, within an hour it was gone, got this pushed through the letterbox last night, Rory you've done me x
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    No more than it was before. Recent video here;
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