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    Some fantastic news here in South Australia. Seven days straight with no new cases of Covid 19 reported. We have had a total of 438 cases, unfortunately we have had 4 deaths and our condolences go to those that have lost loved ones. There are only fourteen active cases in the state with one person in ICU. Our thanks go to all the medical staff that have helped us thus far. The medical/scientific advisors that have set the guidelines that we have been living under. The government for acting swiftly on locking down the state and very importantly the people of South Australia who for the most part have abided by the rules and regulations. There is light at the end of the tunnel, I just hope that they are sensible and do not relax the restrictions too soon.
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    In my early teens I regularly went to a barber in the front room of a terrace house on Vernon rd opposite the car place, between Nottingham rd and Church st. Not glamorous, did a good job. I always had a 50s flat top cut. Thinking about it reminds me of Jerry Keller's song 'here comes summer' and long summer evenings with mates on pedal track bikes riding round Melbourne park: - baseball boots, denims, white shirt, flatop cut and obligatory ray ban aviators, ( or something looking close). Those 'track bikes' of the late 50s, cow-horn handlebars and 26 tooth rear sprocket, loved that 30 year old 3rd hand me down bike.
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    Just drove for first time in 5 weeks,,only one junction of M1,,,Had good reason,,,very strange,, Motorway like 30 years ago and on roads leading to it just seemed surreal,,,like being in a strange movie,,,and everyone seemed to be staring at me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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    The building where the Dog & Rough was is still there and Is now “Whittards of Chelsea”, which sells specialist tea.
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    I’ll have a pint of what ‘e’s ‘ad!
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    Lizzie, a year or so ago, I did correspond with Mel for a while as I knew him when he was a little lad coming to the classes in Woodthorpe with his mum, who was playing the piano for us. He once walked me part of the way home when he was about 9 or 10 .... I was a very young teenager then. I believe his older brother, John, has died. .
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    Ben, I also went to Osborne's and the Criterion Boowul. Also to the horrible bloke along from Criterion towards market on same side. Had a proper old style Barber's pole outside. Croome's near the crossing too. Went once to the one in the row of shops opposite Laxton Ave. on Highbury Rd. Very iffy bloke.. Never went there again... What was the one in Trinity Walk.. Pepper's?
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    Made a start on painting me milk churn. Just finished the lid and now started on the body. Lizzie,if you're watching this is the bag o rust.
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    I was Landlord at the Thurland Hall, the time when the Flying Horse closed. One of my customers was a prominent Councillor - head of the Planning Committee, long dead now, Bless him. He told me in confidence that "large thick brown envelopes had changed hands amongst the Council from the property developers".- ALLEGEDLY. Then the Flying Horse became the White Elephant of Nottingham, It's picked up a bit now, but the old Flying Horse was very profitable - the Manager used to drink in the Thurland, and he said it was taking over a million a month, way back then c.1987. He was baffled as to why it was sold. There was a circuit then at lunchtime. Start at the Bodega, then the Thurland, Corn Exchange, Lion, Corner Pin, Coach & Horses, Blue Bell, Turf Tavern, down to Flying Horse, Dog & Bear, Fountain, then collapse. There was a big crowd of businessmen in that clique, who used to all drink together and/or meet along the circuit and also some would drop out along the way. Happy Days.
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