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    A special day. I, amongst others, stood in silence for two minutes today. I recall my mother speaking about the war, when she was living at Hedsor Grove, which I recall from my childhood. She did recall a bombing raid and she went to a shelter with a cushion on her head. She fondly recalled the VE celebrations. My grandfather was a miner so did not go to war. Babbington pit as I recall. There was a street party in Hedsor Grove. My mother would have been 11 years old. She did recall that she was one of the older girls at the street party. It intrigues me that she was making bunting many days before the VE day party, and that the cakes were baked some time before, which indicates that the VE Day celebrations were not a surprise. I would love to see any photos from that party. She did recall that my grandfather went to the Green and got very drunk. His local was the Radford Arms, and towards the end of his life I took him there and picked him up later. Often in a state. I did adore him. I still have a photo of him between two mountainous NCOs at my passing out parade at Sandhurst, My mother loved John West tinned salmon, and often said that it was VE day when she first tasted it, and adored it ever since. My father did not recall any parties in Birkin Avenue at all. Many of us may have heard stories of that day from parents or grandparents, now is the time so tell those stories.
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    Exactly. Social Media (I hate the term but I'll use it) is full of armchair experts who are telling us how the authorities got it wrong. If everyone had followed the advice now coming from those experts, none of this would have happened. They know - and apparently always knew - what no-one else could see either then or now. Never in the field of human conflict have so many been wise after the event.
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    Nottingham Old Market Square VE Day 1945. My Mum (arrowed) and her younger brother, celebrating.
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    Oz the point of my post was mainly to demonstrate that making judgements of complex situations purely by numbers can lead, or mislead, to inaccurate conclusions. Not even our opposition parties are drawing parallels based solely on the addition of spurious numbers. The UK government (of both flavours), thought we were prepared for an eventuality such as Covid through a contingency plan (the 2006 influenza pandemic plan). We had the infrastructure and necessary supplies with a scheme formulated by the NHS - It didn't work. I don't blame Labour nor do I blame Tories for the fact it has not worked as expected. It was a plan made for an unknown by people with no experience or knowledge of just what a pandemic means. The 1918 flu, SARS, H1N1 and Ebola were all different in many ways. Globally no government in the world was fully prepared. Whether we have been poorly served is moot but I cannot recall any body of opinion, scientific, political or public crying out for action before we went to lock down. There were no demands to close shops, no demands to stay indoors, no demands for a ban on unnecessary travel... I should also point out we declared lockdown on the same day as Australia and 2 days before New Zealand. The numbers of people coming to the UK at the moment is tiny. The Sun screams 15000 a day are flooding in, why are they allowed and why aren't they tested. The BBC on the other hand reports that Heathrow is one of the worlds major hubs and the majority of passengers arriving are in transit. People on their way elsewhere or Brits coming home and that flights have dropped from 600 to less than 60 a day. I know which I give more credence to. The majority of planes we see are cargo. I posted awhile back that hindsight and 20:20 vision would generate criticism of what should have been done and wasn't. It's coming to pass somewhat sooner than I predicted.
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    Nice photo RR and Yes I was there, quite early so when we saw the hugs & kisses the 'uniforms' were getting we dashed home to put our Army Cadet uniforms on and enjoyed the rewards! It was all very sociable and I don't recollect any drunkenness, probably due to the shortage of beer with lots of pubs closing mid evening. Back then there were two flag poles in front of the lions this Canadian Pilot officer climbed the right hand one and sat on the 'button' to a tremendous cheer and then climbed the council house wall onto the balcony to shake hands with the Lord Mayor to another cheer.Anybody Good at jitterbugging would soon clear a hole in the crowd otherwise it was singing the war time songs and rocking along to them until someone started another 'Conga' line around the square. On the saturday Uncle Fred Frost organised the street party ably supported by the Brand St Mums, as usual Bitterlings messroom was readily available for social functions.
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    If the man with deep pockets 'aint moaning - why are you?
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    My father was in Brussels on that night, he told me it was the most incredible thing he would ever witness. All the lights were back on, plus searchlights, neon lights, fireworks , music, dancing , bonfires and wild parties. I got the impression he enjoyed it !
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    In the 80s and early 90s, Anne used to be on Central News (ITV) but is now on BBC Local News - and has been for several years. She still lives locally.
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    Congratulations to Boris Johnson on becoming a father for the sixth time. Of course these figures only apply to babies born in hospital.
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    The link is little more than a bald tabulation and actually tells us very little. There are many more factors to consider, as OldPhil points out, different countries use different methodologies when collating the data. Italian authorities (the Civil Protection Agency) had said that the true death toll in the country may be 10 times higher due to the way the figures are codified. The Italians (CPA), reported region by region and did not necessarily use the same measures across the country - we do. The German system is different again so again I say simply comparing numbers serves little purpose. Germany seems on the face of it to have best response in the world but as with most things the devil is in the detail. Getting to the truth is not always straightforward. German reaction was in fact much slower than the rest of Europe, they were more than a week late with going into lockdown so there must be other factors in play to account for their apparent low Covid mortality. Conclusive of what? Adelaide has a population density of 400 per sq kilometer. The figure for Nottingham. is over 4000! person to person contact is bound to be higher. As I keep saying figures alone don't tell the whole story and we really should not join the blame culture conspiracy theorists who simply seek to criticise and will no doubt demand compensation one day. It will be more useful to look at the situation holistically, look for positives and find the best solution.
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    I think the new Banksy is in the foyer of Southampton General Hospital https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/52561722
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    nonnaB, this virus is said to exclusively attack humans. As Trump appears to ignore all advice regarding all precautionary measures and protective gear, that might indicate that he is not of this planet.
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    One good thing is that governments should be better prepared for the next pandemic - there will be no excuse then for not having everything in place.
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    The reality may well turn out to be the different ways different countries record the deaths. Sadly, the real global death toll from this nasty little bug could be much higher than our current records show, especially in countries where the bureaucracy needed to accurately identify and record the deaths is patchy at best, and, at worst, politically suppressed. Rode round the Jubilee campus in wollaton yesterday morning. Several of the blocks - Aerospace Technology, Innovation Centre, GSK Carbon Neutral Laboratories and Romax - All of them working to find solutions to the situation. Keep taking care Phil
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    Yes Brew hindsight is a wonderful thing, however, at some point in time there should surely be an inquiry into why the UK has been hit harder than many other countries in Europe. In closing look at the data on this site and ask the obvious questions https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en/cases-2019-ncov-eueea Particularly the data related to Germany, what did they do differently?
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    Cheers for the mention PP. Beekay will enjoy seeing it ! Hurry up and get the nails in. Bugger the chickens, I'm looking forward to B+B in it.
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    Work in progress. Got the flowers etc to go on now. In the middle is Wollaton Hall, "that's in Nottingham"! Bit different from the post above.
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    Churchill was our hero during the War years,,,and deservedly so.....but he was soon cast aside by the working man once the War was over,,,,Coming from a very Socialist background...council estate lad.....Grandad a Union leader for 30 years......i remember following a Labour loudspeaker Van with dozens of other lads chanting for the labour candidate in the 1950 or 51 general election along Leybourne drive Bestwood estate and we were passing a house with Pictures of Churchill in the window........and we all started Booing,,,,i was 5 or 6 and it was the first time i became aware of Politics....
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    Just finished this one.
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