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    Don't agree with half you say Col,,,,but hurry back....cos i agree with the other half.....
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    I certainly hope so. You keep everyone on their toes with plenty of material to think about.
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    The other side of Nonnas planter. My sister in law's gaff. In Nottingham.
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    This emotional, insecure, distressed, lefty pathetic, sensitive, deluded, fragile snowflake type bollocks is getting on my tits, man up, get a grip of life, your f*cking it up for the rest of us
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    According to https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/ the 1947 1389cc Rover is black? Black cars matter.
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    You can't call it Mansfield anymore, it's going to have to be Personfield.
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    A few weeks ago I lost a filling in one of my teeth. A lower canine or pre molar tooth before the molar teeth. Must have been root filled as it caused no pain. Due to lockdown just left it as it was not bothering me. Yesterday eating a crusty cob something must have broken as I finished up with a Needle like point on the remnants of the tooth that was piercing my tongue and very uncomfortable to say the least. Rang the dentist who did answer but only taking extreme emergencies if your lucky and this wasn’t considered one. Spent an uncomfortable night and this morning got the Dremel and a small cone shaped grinding bit and ground off the offending spike. Noise in my head was horrendous but an entirely successful operation. I’ll take bookings if your having dental issues at your own risk !
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    Don't be gone too long Col......................................Your Nottstagians Need You. x
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    I thought marriage entitled the foreign national to citizenship but if you need a visa I hope for both your sakes I come through quickly and you can be reunited.
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    I’ll leave this here. Taking photos in a public place is not illegal. The only time an offence is committed is if the photographs being taken are considered to be indecent. There is no law stating that you can't take photographs in public. This includes taking photos that include other people's children or taking photos of children directly. An offence will, however, have been committed if the photographs taken are indecent. "Public Place" is not defined in legislation. A public place is usually a place to which the public are allowed to have access freely and without payment or permission. This includes any public highway or footpath. The inside of a car is also considered as a public place, unless it is parked on private property. You may take photographs of people or objects (including buildings) whilst in a public place. With a few exceptions the owners of the property cannot prevent you from doing so and people cannot generally object to having their photographs taken https://www.blpawards.org/competition/photo-rights
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    I make no apologies to you or anyone else.
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    I remember in the mid nineties reading a magazine article (in Canada) that said that political correctness would destroy the nation. I remember thinking, that's a bit extreme. Now I think we were both wrong. It's destroying western civilization.
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    Thank you Lizzie. Did you see the post above with Nonna's view from her gates? That's both sides done now, so be looking for something else. Unless of course, I nip up and give Affergorrit's beach hut a coat of Acrylic.
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    Was Gregory Boulevard noted for sadistic dentists? I seem to remember coming round from a “gas” extraction to a sweating, bloodstained dentist called Withers. Gashed the bottom of my tongue from front to back. I was on soft boiled eggs for a week!
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    To echo Carni. Don’t be gone too long. We’re all getting on a bit and might not be here when you get back! It’s that little ray of sunshine again, BK!
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    Whether you like it or not, to take a photograph of private property from a public place is within the law. People are doing it all the time. It's your choice to choose not to do it.
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    I dislike the assumption that everybody is internet savvy, at least go to the trouble of blurring plates, door numbers etc before posting on a OPEN forum. I would never take a picture without permission in this scenario, it's selfish and a damn cheek! Lizzie, the fact that you would never apologise...I wasn't looking for one.. hint's that you might think twice in future. Not getting on my high horse or looking for a moan..just what I consider to be a sensible observation.
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    HP = Torque x RPM ÷ 5252 As you can see HP varies with engine revs.
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    I might had led a sheltered existence but I don’t know what ANY of those words mean, suppose Google will enlighten me, if I can be bothered.
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    I think back in those days HP was rated for tax purposes not BHP.
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    I’ve just been changing the oil in a 20 year old lawn tractor and noticed that it’s a 20hp v- twin. It makes you realise just how low powered some of those old cars were.
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    I suppose it depends on the size of the horse Dave, is a little horse a fractional horsepower horse..?
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    Good news MD., glad to hear things are moving, albeit slowly. Here's hoping you get the Visa ok and you'll soon be reunited. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed. Good luck mate, B 'n T.
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    I agree with the previous posters, Col. You will be missed. Come back soon.
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    Col be back soon you will be missed, hope its not another health problem, will be thinking of you.
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    Try again BK. It’s definitely a Rover. What’s more it looks like Rover! Try using ‘Instant Car Check’.
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    Worra baht Bakersfield? Will that become workpersonsfield?
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    Although Google do blur faces, vehicle registrations, house numbers, etc, wherever possible, to protect privacy.
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    There are some people who are deliberately looking to be offended it would seem.
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    I did it once on nightshift when I shattered a molar. It must have been virtually hollow and I pulled it out bit by bit with a pair of needle nose pliers. I was quite surprised that it really didn't hurt that much.
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    A processional way along London Rd is an excellent idea Ben. It's wide enough and quite straight so statues of the great and good of the city could be quite impressive
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    Still think the above would look good,,,perhaps include famous Actors and writers,,instead of all sporting people,,........what a great welcome they would be,,coming into our fair city down London road........make Nottingham a happy place.....
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    I did say I'm not on great form lately when it comes to debate. Apologies.. I don't know where I got that from.
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    William Thompson (Bendigo), was black?... As you say two wrongs don't make a right but I think the point is to raise awareness of the hypocrisy and hidden agenda of some protesters. Both Arab and native Africans indulged in the trade and had done so for centuries but I don't think anyone is suggesting it absolves participants - nor do I think the mores of the day have any relevance. They were, in their customs and practice, doing no wrong. As you say 'everybody was doing it is no defence', but at the time it was not a crime and nunc pro tunc does not apply. I for one will not apologies for crimes my ancestors committed no matter how terrible.
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    More thoughts. My 'prospective' Son in Law is black Carribean. He's a quiet, calm and quite religious chap.. in stark contrast to my daughter who is almost the polar opposite.. but I digress.. He's a hard working lad. A 'key worker' deivery driver throughout this whole Pandemic. Keeping people supplied and fed. He plays piano and makes music. He is also ex British Army and has served in Afghanistan. A significantly better record than those of Gobshites (no apology for using the term) such as Farage and Yaxley-Lennon.. who have, in typical fashion, homed in on the current debate to propagate their lies, distortions and hate.
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    I got to see old B-P before he goes into hiding. The mob will be attempting to set fire to Brownsea Island next. I don’t know how true the accusations are about B-P but frankly I don’t care, but I do know his legacy has been good for millions of young people worldwide.
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    Let’s not also forget that it was black West Africans who sold their fellow countrymen to the white slave traders.
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    I'm afraid you might find Goose Fair is cancelled due to the possible demonstrations declaring it to be 'Goosist'.....half the local population calling each other 'Duck!' hasn't helped.
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    I blame the European Paliament! It should get better when Nigel Farage is prime minister.
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