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    Really sorry to hear of your recent experiences Ben, you have enough to cope with without ignorant jobsworths stressing you out. Hope you have easier days from now on.
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    King Street & Queens Street 1933
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    I do tend to agree with you Nick. I’m being cautious still but not letting the worry of Covid rule my life. However, I don’t feel inclined to use public transport yet, I either drive or walk to wherever I want to go. It’s the idiots who were demonstrating all over the country a couple of weeks ago who are spoiling our release from 3 months of lockdown.
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    All tables a metre apart ready for customers who wish to eat Al Fresco
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    Oh, I’m off to Dorset then. Certainly won’t bother going to Bournemouth beach and Lulworth Cove though.
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    Apparently when dogs roll in shit it’s to mask their own smell when hunting, anyone got any deer recipes? Fortunately on the way home a bloke was jet washing his block paving, few sharp blasts owd Dexter’s sparking & good to go home.
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    I do think the statistics we're given could be simpler but at the same time unless every death is followed by a post mortem we have to rely on an individual doctors opinion and diagnosis. For someone who dies suffering both chronic heart disease and Covid which is the cause of death? Obviously both contribute but which one do you count?
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    Whenever I approached the foot bridge, my mind would switch into adventure mode. The footpaths, bridges, nooks and crannies all fascinated me. Never ventured onto the railway itself. Didn't need to, plenty of other distractions. Wildlife plentiful where ever your gaze fell. To me, crossing that bridge was my own personal wonderland. I remember the narrow gauge railway, the little diesel zipping back and forth with its little hoppers. The tunnel it went through was originally built to accommodate water drainage from the Hesgang Pastures. The next tunnel up was built for the same reason. The people farming here had built drainage ditches and these tunnels prevented flooding from affecting the railway track. The narrow gauge railway didn't appear until after WW2. I have been through this tunnel, the size of the rats fascinated me as they would give you a look of disdain, before scurrying off. I was somewhat older when I did this. Cannot remember finding any bomb parts. Looking back, I wonder how I managed to stay on this physical plane for so long. Expect there are a few others on here reflecting similar thoughts. Despite various hardships along the way, am so glad I lived through the timescale I have. Hope I'm wrong, but I worry about the young people growing up in today's messed up society. My apologies, I digress.
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    No it isn't on Huntingdon Street. Its on Mansfield Road. No 61 to be precise. It says so on the advert
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    RB 8954 at Victoria Station Hotel. The one in RR's picture above is RB 8961
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    Thanks for that Margie, now I've got an image I can't shift.
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    Just took my Daughters Jack Russell on Wollaton Park, with minutes he's rolling in sloppy wet deer poo, what's up with him?
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    They were back again at 11.56 precisely. Once again a full display. This time the cloud base had lifted. Two displays in one day and at 500’ above the house at times. Absolutely spectacular!
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    Interesting to see a majority of positive opinions about Dyson. It seems to prove the theory that people who post opinions on websites only do so when they have something to complain about. Those who are happy and have nothing to complain about don't bother telling anyone.
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    The problem in Leicester is that a lot of the ethnic families live in very close proximity. In the same room sometimes! Also there are a lot of people who don’t speak English and probably don’t understand the severity of the situation.
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    Just had a personal display at 9.35 this morning. We live directly opposite RAF Syerston and when we heard the noise we rushed to the front door to see them wizzing over our poplar trees at low level. There was a low cloud base so they performed their low-level display which was spectacular. It seemed like it was just for us! I gather they are doing a round trip over Notts and Lincs including the City Centre. I think they’re returning to Syerston at around 12 noon for another show. Just what we need to bring a bit of excitement to our dull lives!
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    Yes Lizzie that was a terrible night but quite usual for that time of year. Thinking about that night you had to park in the car park right at the other end of the road. If you had gone a little further forward you would have found a small square with parking. You wouldn't have got so cold and wet. The area there is unrecognizable now as they are redeveloping Paese Alto. It's looking very characteristic.
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    I have decided to go electric cordless wherever possible, no more extension leads that somehow manage to tangle themselves up whilst hanging on a hook. They always get caught on the slightest lump or obstruction and if you have to use more than one to get to far flung parts they are forever coming apart at the join. This does not include them tangling around your feet and being in the way of what it is you are trying to do. No more difficult to start mowers, trimmers, chainsaws etc or getting everything ready for a job and find you have no fuel or have plenty of fuel but the wrong sort, 2 stroke vs 4 stoke. Just clean it down and plug it in to the charger when finished, jobs a gud un.
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    I too am envious Nonna . It looks clean and civilised there and with the Mediterranean glass of wine culture that Blair erroneously thought he could encourage the yobs of the UK to adopt. The UK has fast become a lost society. The end of lock down has demonstrated that the lower element of society is becoming the norm for selfishness and bad behaviour.
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    My thoughts, for what they’re worth (particularly as I am a Nottingham City Council taxpayer). The way that the high street has gone in recent years we certainly don’t need a second large shopping mall in Nottingham, in my opinion we never did need two ...... I used to park in the Broadmarsh multi-storey quite often but can’t ever remember purchasing anything as I walked through to M&S and other shops that side of town. A ‘green space’ is an attractive suggestion but I do think it would attract a certain element who would likely spend the day hanging around dropping their beer cans, fag packets and takeaway wrappers. Just the other day, on Mansfield Road where York House used to be, there was a large pile of nitrous oxide canisters left in the gutter. Can you imagine what a park in the middle of the city would look like at the end of the day! We taxpayers may be asked our opinion about the future use of the area but judging by the way the City Council bulldozed their ideas through when wrecking the Old Market Square and redesigning it to accommodate The Beach, the Christmas Market, the Wheel etc. I doubt our opinions will make a jot of difference.
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    I used to walk the footpath you mention D A with my dad as a child. Down to where the railway went over the Trent. Those bridges were pretty low and under a couple of them were what appered to be WW 2 bomb parts, fins etc We never went near'em. I don't know how they got there. The bridge over the Trent always scared me for some unknown reason. Guys had a rope under there and used to swing out and drop in the river. Not my idea of fun. If you didn't drown you'd probably die from pollution. There was also a narrow railway for gravel. It disappeared into a tunnel under the railway tracks above. That looked pretty scary too. I think a stream flowed through it too.
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    My armed guard when I go to Eastbourne.
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    I include places like The Yemen, Brazil and Mexico in my experience of armed guards - it's not just the really undeveloped parts of the world. Many depend heavily on tourism. Mexico, for example, would suffer badly economically if tourism were banned or discouraged.
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    Crikey .... you be careful Compo I can see all the inmates in HMP Barlinnie rattling their metal cups on the bars while chanting "COMPO COMPO COMPO" when they bring you out solitary confinement for you daily shower, don't pick up the soap youth, it could be painful!
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    Armed guards are often more about peace of mind for the tourists and spreading the income from tourism around, than for real danger. Getting to some of the last unspoilt areas of the world is well worth it.
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    Facebook probably think you’re posting pornographic racist content, a double whammy these days!
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