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    Thought I would sit in my back garden on my new “Bistro Set” (table & 2 chairs 40 quid from B&M, really comfy chairs not bad for price) after I got back from Kai’s vet appointment and a little bit of shopping, tuna in spring water to soften Kai’s biscuits with the liquid he is on a soft diet after some dental work. (Vet assures me he will eat biscuits treated this way, he turned his nose up at scolded biscuits but they did look a bit disgusting. Time will tell.) Anyway got back and my neighbour is having some work done so all I can hear is hammering, sawing, drilling and something that sounds like a dentist drill on steroids, plus out of tune singing (including the ice cream mans chimes of boys & girls come out to play etc.) and whistling. Ended up in the front room, which is cooler anyway, curled up on settee reading my book with Kai stretched out on his cool mat In the room gently snoring after his adventure at the vets. Whilst queuing to pay for my shopping I had a woman without a mask standing so close to me she was nearly in my basket. I moved forward to get socially distanced from her whilst keeping away from the person in front of me and she moved as well. My mask was uncomfortable as it is so hot, it felt like she was standing on my back (I must admit I do have a thing about people getting in my personal space even before the virus unless invited to do so) I turned round and she smiled at me! To be quite honest I could have hit her with my basket, but I took a deep breath and asked her to move back a bit. Her response? Sorry I forgot (of course you did we have only been doing it for how many weeks?) I then heard the person behind her say “forgot your mask as well then?” At this point I was being served and left the shop. I didn’t mention the mask, although I was tempted to say something, she could have had a reason for not wearing one I suppose, although if you can’t wear a mask then surely you can wear a face shield, these don’t restrict your breathing and are more comfortable to wear than a mask (I have one ) and you can get them on line from places that make them for the general public so you aren’t taking them from the NHS. I don’t know if I am being too sensitive about this but I am trying to do what is right and get really fed up at some people’s attitude. I am not wearing a mask because I enjoy it, they are hot and not good if you have hay fever especially if your nose is running, not a pretty picture! I am wearing it to not only possibly protect me but also you in case I have the virus and show no symptoms and expect the same courtesy from you. Sorry this last bit should probably have been in the covoid19 section, don’t know if someone can move it, if so please do. It’s too hot to type it all out again
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    @Willow wilson Was it like this? We came to this caravan every year until I was 11.... loved it
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    In about 1951 we went on holiday to that region but I don't know exactly where. It was sea of caravans then. We arrived at Skeg on the train, in the rain, got a taxi to take us to the gate of a field full of caravans. We were left standing in the rain while dad went to find our rental van, which was not in that field, so we repeated the exercise at the next field. Dad came back having found our van. 'Array!' Yelled me and lickle brother. Dad's face was deadpan, and when we arrived soaked at the van it was obvious why he wornt chuffed. 'Journeys End' it was called. It had ended its own journey half a century or more before. It was an old railway carriage from the late 19th century I would now guess. It was painted black, it stood on brick pillars and the roof was graced with a row of clerestory windows end to end. The living "room" to the right included a coal fired old stove for cooking which our mam was disgusted with. A table, 4 chairs and entertainment was a box of dominoes and a ludo. The sleep arrangements were a kind of double bed sized bunk with sheets stained with iron mould (rust). Smelly Elsan in a rickety shed round the back on the edge of stinky drainage dyke. The rest of the week was good weather so me and our kid had a great time on those lovely sands, dawn till dusk. We were surrounded by proper road caravans from the 30s and 40s I would guess but the pair of us didn't really bother, i told our kid we had a special big caravan.
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    MargieH it is a Standard 12 or14 they were made beween 1945 and 1948. I think the only difference is the engine size. If i remember right the motif on top of the grill had a union jack on each side.
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    Vets know nowt about what pets will eat. This includes specialist, expensive foods such as Royal Canin and Hills. One sniff: Not touching that! Give me a tin of Gourmet! No, it gives you the squits. Alright then, I'm on hunger strike. Half an hour later. Feeling guilty now, aren't you? Give me a tin of Gourmet! No, it gives you the squits. Ok. You'll be sorry when I expire of malnutrition! Two hours later. I'm lying here with my little pink tongue hanging out. That Royal Canin rubbish is all dried up. I'm not eating it. I thought you loved me. You're always telling people how much you love me but you don't really. I used to think I had a wonderful home...but perhaps I was wrong. Oh, come on then. Have this tin of Gourmet.
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    So you went Pulman class Margie, lol.
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    You know what they say Nonna. In America, they allus have to go one better. No doubt when you get your temperatures drop, Katyjay will get an Ice Age !
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    They should make porridge.
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    We don't use a lot of flour, so it tends to be in store for a while and we throw more away than we use due to those tiny black weevils. I've cleaned everything so I'm convinced the little sods must come in on the packaging. Excellent tip about the freezer. I'll make sure we freeze the next pack before it gets into the cupboard.
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    I wouldn't bother with grommets in plastic boxes, but the metal ones do have sharp edges around the 'knock outs'. I recall reeading somewhere that the slight heating and cooling of conductors in use can cause movement, which over time can cause wear. I dunno how true that is. Also, it's supposedly a good idea to check the tightness of all terminals inside switches and sockets periodically as they can work loose for similar reasons... allegedly. I don't think I'd extend that principle to messing with connections in the Consumer unit, but then again there's usually a notice recommending periodic inspection by a qualified Sparky.
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    Freezing or sifting. Which is the lesser of two weevils?
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    Brew I only said "it's said to be an insult to the chef" I agree with you saying it's an insult to the customer expecting to like what the chef has prepared. Because although you order what you like it doesn't always please and if you complain ( which you SHOULD if something is wrong) things can always be corrected. We find that customers in general don't complain. There's a joke that goes round. A couple sitting at a table in a restaurant, wife says " these potatoes are soggy" husband says " this meat is tough" and it goes on. Waiter, " did you enjoy your meal is everything alright" customers" oh yes everything was lovely we enjoyed it" In our restaurant at Radcliffe we had a plaque made with the words" If you like what we do tell others if you don't TELL US" Salt and pepper is always available to those who want it. Same here a relative had pasta with fish and wanted some parmesan cheese on it , the waiter said you don't have cheese on fish, he insisted and the waiter insisted too so he walked out. Moral...give the customer what he wants or you lose him.
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    My grandad taught me how to "whip" ferrules. He always used spade end hooks too and whipped them on a small length of line with a loop at the end which was then joined to the main line on the reel. This length of line was always of less breaking strength than the main line so if you got snagged and had to snap the line you only lost the short piece of line and the hook. Strangely enough using this method of tying hooks I never had any line come undone at the hook.
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    Quite right and thanks to TV discovering a cheap way to fill an hours air time cookery is trying its damnedest to turn itself into an art form. It's not, it's basic chemistry for the pretentious.
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    'They'.. whoever 'They' are.. reckon that the salt you add to your food is minimal compared to the salt introduced by processors. For what it's worth.. I like a bit of salt on my food. but I eat very little 'processed' food.
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    I don't believe so but if I'm paying the piper, I call the tune. If I order steak well done I don't want some prissy chef flouncing around going...merde, zut alors, sacre bleu and all that... and insisting on cooking it the way he likes it - virtually raw with a broken egg on top. I'm 75 next month, I think by now I know my own mind..
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    That's a difficult one. Taking it a stage further, when dining out, should you be allowed access to the kitchen to supervise the cooking of your meal? I've been to restaurants, not in this country obviously, where the chef has said what specials he's got for the day and how would you like it cooked. Usually over here, the meal, labeled 'Brake Brothers' comes out of the freezer and into the microwave. I talking pub food here and not fine dining establishments where their main objective is to rip you off. We seldom eat out these days. Perhaps, if life ever returns to normal again, we'll give it another go and come away saying that we could have eaten at home for a whole week at that price!
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    nonna I think it's insulting to the customer to be so arrogant that they think you must like whatever they cook. I had a disagreement some years back at a restaurant in Keyworth. I asked for no dressings or sauces. It came covered in sauce with the cook boasting of course you'll like it. it 's provencal - I didn't.. nor did I eat it. Like the old adage, 'I knows what I likes'
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    I taught at the Beauvale School, not a million miles from Moorgreen pit, from 1970 til 1980. The PTA organised trips for parents to exciting places like the Nottingham telephone exchange, but the most memorable visit was down Moorgreen mine. It was very warm, breezy and when the lights were put out, er, dark. The manrider and the confined coal face gave a real view of a difficult and dangerous job. Respect! B.
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    Can't remember which thread it were on, so here you go, I've dumped it on here. No doubt some clever boffin will move it if need be. On the subject of Pom Bears, I've just had a delivery from Iceland (other shops are available) of two multi packs of Pom Bears and my Broadband is back online after 4weeks, so I'm a happy bunny !
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    I only use margarine along with lard for making pastry. I love butter but here we have little choice. The major part of butter is unsalted. Ugh I hear you say but I quite like it. You get used to it when you can't get any other. Lurpak has only just appearing in supermarkets in the last few years, we can get President and I think that's all. I only use butter in baking cakes and biscuits so unsalted butter is ideal. I only butter bread occasionally so I obviously use unsalted because that's all I have. Lidl sometimes has an Irish week and we can get Kerry gold but I'm not keen I'd sooner have unsalted. But each to his own.
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    I'll try and put him back on Margie. Only did it to see if I could. Now I don't know what I did. Trimmed me beard down a bit because I looked too much like Harold Shipman!
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    My gran drank six glasses of Andrew’s Liver Salts everyday. When she passed away they had to beat her liver to death with a stick!
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    Portuguese Sardines 3oz flat can 1/3 eaten in Radford, Canadian Pink Salmon 3oz can,,2/3 eaten in Bridgford Japanese 'Chatka Crab,,(only in 7oz cans) 6/6 eaten in Bulwell'' All prices subject to alteration circa 1960...........available in all Marsdens stores,,Denman st, Radford,,Boundary rd,,West Bridgford,,Market Place,,Bulwell,,
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