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    I think many more people would have died from Covid in the UK and most of the other countries if most people hadn't isolated, self distancedIn and kept their hands clean etc. In the 1300s, people would not have had access to this information, so wouldn't have taken these steps to protect themselves, also the water supply was not as accessible and clean as nowadays . In fact, all the general living conditions, especially for the poorest in society, were far inferior and plague carrying rats would have been everywhere.
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    That has happened quite often in recent months. The media give big headlines to the fact that an area/factory/pub/restaurant/etc etc has had a burst of outbreaks and everyone needs to isolate (which I don't disagree with). But then you never hear any more about those locations because the problem is sorted without any major drama, and everything goes back to normal. But the media never report that part of the story. When it's not click-bait, they lose interest.
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    Look at some of the countries that have a less well informed peasant population and see how the pandemic is raging there. It’s only because people here, in the main, are behaving sensibly that we are managing to contain the outbreak. Even here, some people are becoming sloppy and the incidences are increasing.
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    Making Tagliatelle with 30 egg yolks, so what do you do with 30 egg whites? You make meringue of course.
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    Yesterday I went to do some shopping in the local supermarket but before I went in I inserted another cd as I was fed up of hearing the same one for short local, journeys. When mum came to live here she brought with her a load of boxed cd's along with singles . She never played them here and I've never opened the box they were in. Sorting out the other day I took some of these cd's and put them into my car. The cd that started to play was Nat King Cole. Yes I know it's old and maybe not to anyone's taste on here but driving along albeit for a short distance it was extremely relaxing. My husband said listening to NKC years ago helped him to learn English as he was so easy to understand. Must sort out the rest of these cd's I know there are some classicals amongst them.
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    I have been trying to identify the location of this photograph. Featured are myself in my mother's arms and my maternal grandparents. Can anyone identify the location, please? The date is 1951 and in those days i don't think we travelled very far from Nottingham for our day-trip holidays. The trip would have been taken by train or coach.
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    We tend to think of the plague as a single event - it wasn't. It started around 561 and went on the rampage killing millions. It never really went away and came back with a vengeance 800 years later around 1350. From then on and for the next 300 years London suffered roughly every decade from outbreaks until the mid 1600's. It is still around, the last outbreak was in the late 90's in India. Hopefully Covid-19 will not have such longevity
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    We may have found ways of treating CV but the covid patients are taking up a lot of hospital bed spaces whilst others are dying from more severe but treatable ailments. The waiting lists are getting longer.
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    This 'Pandemic' is nothing compared to the one in the 1300s ''The Black Death'' (plague) when i think nearly a quarter of the Earths population was wiped out in less than ten years..........Mother Nature has a way of sorting us mere humans out....by comparism todays covid'' pales into insignificance........reckon we should sit tight while the Boffins find a cure,,,and in 2 or 3 years we will be going on holiday again like we used to,,.........No Masks....crowds of British drunks...and famous footballers,,fighting their way across Europe...and playing in front of crowds..(who do the same).......you sure you want Covid to end yet ?
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    RR may have a point. As we learn how to treat Covid death rates seem to have dropped dramatically. The problem is the reporting. In my area we are told there are 5 per 100,000 which quite frankly tells us nothing and conflicts with most other figures. UK Gov site has different figures and is confusing because they use differing time scales and quote different sources. Cases are rising but is that a result of a greater number of people tested or is there a genuine rise in infections? The more you test the more you will find. (I'm paraphrasing the Fergus Walsh report here). Since July there has been an increase in infections that haven't translated into hospitalisation. Is that due to the rise being among the younger generation who are better able to fight it? The economy is virtually on it's knees, a fact most don't want to face and the longer we leave it the worse it will get. There must come a time when acceptable risk comes into play.
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    There are many unpleasant diseases that you don’t necessarily die from but it’s preferable not to suffer it in the first place. If you don’t die it’s possible to pass it on to some susceptible person who may. Cases are increasing so some people are taking a cavalier attitude to the situation.
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    Booked online this morning, packed, Son picked us up, flew through check in & departures on my second pint of Castle Rock Session IPA, should be in Daylan in half the time & money it would have taken us to drive to Cornwall, If this is the new normal, I’m loving it.
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    I must agree. It will be with us until someone creates a vaccine. It will still be with us then. It will no more go away than German Measles, Whooping Cough, Chicken Pox etc.
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    Few years ago I attended a funeral of someone I had known for years, the 3 songs they played where all Nat King Cole which he had requested, we had discussed & played music & attended gigs over the years, I was shocked he had never mentioned his love for old Nat.
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    A handful of deaths & most probably elderly with underlying health conditions from a population of approx fifty five million, covid 19 is going to be with us for a long time, we need to live with it & move on.
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    Reminds me of my dearly beloved, she went on the John Pye site and bid on a microwave (even she doesn't know why). No idea how but she was bidding on six machines thinking they were the same and and people were outbidding her. The upshot is I finished going to collect all six she had won and all of them broken in some way. Guess who is banned from online auctions...
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    HSR, as I vaguely remember, the coin with the Wren on it was a farthing, (still in use when I were little). For our 55th anniversary, my dear sister in law sent us both special key rings. Attached were, an emerald, a 4 leafed clover and a silver sixpence dated 1965 on it, ( the year of our wedding). Still got some threepenny bits.
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    @HSR There was a small silver threepenny bit which ceased to be legal tender in 1971 when decimalisation was brought in. It was rarely seen for about 20 - 30 years before that, though, possibly because people collected them. It was the traditional coin to put in the Christmas pudding and it was often called a ‘joey’ The larger brass threepenny bit was introduced in 1937 because the tiny silver coin was considered too small. It’s a pity lessons weren’t learned when the present 5p coin was introduced - I really don’t like them!
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    I have called this collection ‘Micky’s Choice’ as the songs were requested by Micky, my wife. Here are her reasons for choosing them. “Thank you, Maurice, for covering my selection. “The first song, ‘Man of the World’ by Peter Green, and the second ‘Blues Run The Game’ by Jackson C. Frank, both have music and words I can really relate to and feel a connection with (Nick Drake a contemporary of Jackson C. Frank covered ‘Blues Run The Game’). I take comfort in knowing I am not alone in the way I see the world. “The next two songs, Neil Young’s ‘Like A Hurricane’ and Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘Sound of Silence’ had little impact on me the first time round but, revisited in later life, I love them! The latter was reintroduced to me by my son, Max. “Finally, one of my all time favourites – Jethro Tull was the first band I saw live and ‘We Used To Know’ is my favourite track on ‘Stand Up’, the first album I ever bought. The 14-year old me didn’t listen to words much, I just loved the way the music built and built. Note how similar a later song, ‘Hotel California’ by the Eagles sounds (with its chord sequence).”
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    On a very hot day, cool down & chill. Let me entertain you - Chris Farlowe (Rolling Stones), Steve Miller Band, Small Faces, Buffalo Springfield, David Bowie.
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    Lucky you! yes they prefer english money but you'll get change in turkish new lira, First thing to remember is you'll need a £10 english note for a visa (they just stamp your passport at airport) it's £10 per person, if you offer £20 you'll get no change and you can't give £20 for 2 people has to be £10 note with each passport. Next do not put any toilet paper down the bog, turks put in in their pockets and dispose of it in bins, (only joking,) you put in a bin at side of toilet and this is emptied every fortnight! (joking again, it's done daily by the cleaners) because they do not use toilet paper, waste pipes are small bore and paper blocks them, toilet paper also expensive so take some with you. There will also be no plugs in any sink so one of these "fit any" ones from likes of wilkinsons handy. Because it is 99% Islamic there is no beer or any spirits, and don't take any with you! (joking again) at least the first bit beer is about £1 and local spirits about the same! and the place (I guess Icmeler?) full of english bars (turkish owned) with cute names, The Pig and Whistle, 3 Bells, Geordie Bar, Titanic etc, stay away from the big hotel bars etc and watch your change, prices etc, You will get pestered by bar staff at almost every bar to come in, they all speak good english, don't lose your temper! (they will push it) but a polite no thank you will suffice,
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