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    One of the growth industries since the whole CV thing started has been the increase in the number of armchair experts. They know everything - and criticise it - after it's happened. If they were in a position of power they wouldn't know where to start.
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    That brought back memories for me because my grandad - who lived in Radford and worked at Players - had a thing about Italian opera. They never had a television set but did have a record player, and one of my memories of visiting them is hearing my grandad play records (including 78s). At the time I didn't really understand what I was hearing (and I didn't particularly like it) but in retrospect I now know it was Italian opera. I'm still not very fond of it, but whenever I hear it, it brings back memories of visiting that house in the 1960s.
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    Could've been Hopewells.
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    It was Harris Carpets.
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    And there's the clue SG, you don't know, I don't know and nor does anyone else. As Col says it's new, unprecedented and without clear guidlines that actually work we appear to be floundering, unfortunately it's not only us. Sure we can blame mistakes, call the authorities incompetent but are they really? France with a similar sized population has three times our daily infections so are they three times more incompetent? Things could have been done differently true enough but as we have said before on this forum, hindsight is a wonderful thing that gives us 20:20 vision. The testing program is not running as smootly as one would hope yet we test more than any other EU country. But we're Brits and never happier than when we have something to moan about - nothing is ever quite good enough. The fact we may be the ones causing the problem by booking tests without good reason and purely out of blind panic seems to escape our notice. I wonder if we, or anyone else, would have had lock down at all if China had not closed down Wuhan and given us a lead. Who would have even thought of closing down an entire country?
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    To be honest the UK has lurched from crisis to another during the pandemic starting with PPE for health workers, too late lockdown, not testing enough at first as we didn’t have tests, letting people from abroad come back and not make them isolate (they were just politely asked to do it) and seed the virus all over the country, track and trace which is woefully inadequate and seems to be getting worse. The list goes on and on. The testing situation is the latest in a long list of abysmal failures of seemingly inept politicians who seem to be completely out of their depth or are totally incompetent. (I would point out I am not at all politically minded so have no axe to grind with any political party.) It would seem now all the gains we made having a lockdown have now been thrown away, (personally I think an extra 2 weeks lockdown might have helped, the number of infections still seemed rather high when it was lifted but what do I know) starting with the Dominic thingy debacle (spelling?). Having badgered people to stop home working and go back to the office etc. It now looks like they might be encouraging home working again, curfews are being bandied about by the newspapers/tv along with some things being shut down again or even a 2 week lockdown being bandied about today. I can see panic buying rearing it’s head again. The schools going back has been a complete shambles with cases starting to take off in them. I understand they needed to be reopened but surely rotas would have been better than having all kids there all the time? I am really concerned about my relative that works in this environment having to deal with the shambolic guidelines. I just despair at times when I see politicians on tv, waffling, fudging, defending the indefensible, manipulating figures etc. What the answer is I don’t know but I think the next few months are going to be really tough. Someone needs to get a grip, take control and sort this mess out.
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