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    I had to use my phone to get this, don't have a tablet , this is how it came up when I touched a piece;
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    BK. Wasgij puzzles have a picture on the box, usually the characters are looking surprised at something. The puzzle us the 'something'. Often the backs are showing of the box characters.
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    Hiya Carni, how's life in the fast lane? Tell you wot miduck, I'll nip on there and have a look see. I do the hard ones, with 6 pieces, they're the mindbenders, ( I'm a bit thick you see). I'll get back to you on this thread as soon as I've sorted it out. B.x
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    I'm still using the Barnsley museum puzzle link that C.T posted a while back. Lots of simple time wasters on there. Isn't Wasgij puzzles in reverse, like a mirror image so it makes it more difficult?
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    The other day another wasgij puzzle arrived along with a puzzle mat. I'm fed up of when doing the puzzle the kitchen table is always occupied and the large pastry board I use is the correct size for the puzzle but the border tends to drop off. I ordered a large mat and when I opened it , it was huge. It takes a puzzle of up to 3000 pieces but also has a deep border so now it's too big for the table. I cut a strip off the length and now although it's still too big it's easier to manage. The new wasgij is Destiny "The Toy Shop" . I think it will take me a while to do it looking at the pieces. There seem to be a million toys big, medium, small and tiny. A thousand cheeky faces and all sorts of animals. There's no clue either and when I've done these before the characters are in a similar position or have similar coloured clothes. The border is done so now tomorrow or Monday let's see how further I can go. I'm getting ready for a rainy week next week. Just going to look for the space station which is due to pass over in the next few minutes. Last night it was very clear and bright and was showing a red flashing light which I've not seen before.
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    It's a good job I'm not jealous. My husband tells me when he's been " flirting" A customer couldn't choose what she wanted to eat so asked my husband " make me dream" His answer was " I wish I could" . He also said she was extremely attractive. Both the lady in question and her husband took the joke very well and had a good laugh.
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    Your lucky Beekay after 53 years I am not even allowed to look , I dare not even think about talking to them. I must admit I do take a quick peek when she isnt about.
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    Art Deco or concept vehicle Ian? Rog
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    Nice to see old truck and bus photo's on here again Ian,keep em coming Rog
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    They would be Scammal Scarabs, railways used loads of them,there was quite a discussion about them on here some time back Rog
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    Here you are meeowed, Mechanical horse Rog
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    Good point Waddo, I don't think it;s used today with more modern additives,must have looked really wierd though when it was used Rog
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    Another RMC truck,this time a recovery vehicle,probably used for the recovery of dump trucks,wheeled loaders etc Again took from the RMC website Rog
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    Interesting theories,does the official US records tie in with the British ones,theres a lot of conspiricy stuff about or is that people just out to make money out of non proven events Rog
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    I thought Glenn Miller and his aircraft was lost in bad weather over the English channel on his way to entertain the US soldiers in France, was/is it true he was on Hitlers kidnap list? Rog
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    That last picture reminded me of this one I took a couple of years ago at East Kirkby Rog
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    And a D9 CAT towing a Onions box,used them as well for ground levelling when Ratcliffe power station was being built Rog
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    Thanks Scriv, would they later become Unimog by any chance or am I on the wrong track as it were? Rog
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    Mechanical Horse Rog
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    Think this ones an AEC Matador fuel bowser, got them heavy tread tyres on as well Rog sorry about the picture quality
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    Especially with those large tread tyres, remember the Bedford 3 tonners and Land Rovers with similar tread tyres, always got that heavy rumbling sound Rog
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    Took that picture at the Woodhall Spa 1940's weekend a couple of years ago Ian Rog
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    Only allowed to wear wellies (steel toe capped) for "wet working" now otherwise it's laced up ankle boots with steel toe caps, no rigger boots or velcro fastening footwear,trouble is if you ever got some hot stuff down your boot from gas cutting or welding you just had to let it burn through your foot until you undone your boot and took it off, where as with rigger boots or wellies you could just kick them off and maybe just scorch your socks thereby saving your foot, still them thats never done the job know best eh? Rog
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    John,I think Ray Pavier worked at the Basford site,ring any bells? Rog
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    Does any one remember The Whistle Stop under the Victoria Hotel? All done out like the inside of a railway station, at the end of the seats there were suit cases to act as arm rests and the place was a miriad of small alcoves, all with railway posters on the walls. We used to go there from peoples college on a Monday and Friday nights, packet of No6 ciggies 3-4 pints of double diamond and a bag of chips from the chipper in Trinity square and change from £3. Must have been 1968-69 Roger
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